I’m pleased to announce that car boot season is now in full swing in Sheffield, and I went to my first one of the year yesterday.
Lastly, some linens, which reminded me of both a Spring day and the talented Jenny of The Custards. And here they are, resplendent and clean on the washing line, after I’d done my own Mrs. Hopefully I should be able to finish decorating my glass topped desk with these saucers, and will show you the results. I’m hoping to get the chance to revisit my childhood and read one or two over the Christmas holidays!

All images and text are the property of Anna Burnell, Please do not use without permission. It took an hour to get in (my poor knee hurts today from all that clutch control in loooong queues!), but myself and Beatrix certainly enjoyed getting back into searching for vintage treasures, haggling and chatting to the stallholders once again.
I have never read The Magic Faraway Tree, and it was one of the books read by another group of the Pretty Nostalgic Vintage Book Club while we were reading The Wind in the Willows in Sheffield, so I’m very pleased to have a copy in my collection at last. The first has gorgeous illustrations and makes a wonderful introduction to the story for young readers, and the second replaces a copy I had as a child, and which my now-forgiven mother gave away with a great deal other of my children’s books when I was away at university. I have never owned these two Beatrix Potter Ladybirds before but I think I have read them, so can only assume I borrowed them from the library when very small.

This is my very favourite of the Mrs Tiggywinkle illustrations, because she looks so cheeky! The photo illustrations are nothing like Potter’s drawings but are still rather lovely. I know I had another Ladybird Disney book, and it was blue, but I can’t remember what it was.

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