The Yamaha MG166CX-USB 16-channel live mixing console will give you the capacity, control, and performance you need to get great live mixing results. Lightweight and portableThe Yamaha design team went to extraordinary lengths in the MG series, including in-depth material and structural analysis, to bring you maximum manageability and maximum performance in the same packages.
Versatile connections, handy placementTop-mounted input and output connectors make setting up and re-patching your system quick and easy. Channel compressorsThis advanced feature can be a tremendous advantage in achieving great vocal sound, as well as to refine the sound of bass, guitar, and other sources.
Top-notch mic preamps with switchable phantom powerMicrophone preamplifiers are critical in any mixer, and a performance bottleneck in many. 3-band Channel EQ, highpass filters, great effectsBuilding a truly useful, musical-sounding channel equalizer is no easy task, but Yamaha has decades of experience in building pro consoles to draw on. Yamaha MG166CX-USB 16-channel live mixer gives you a lightweight, affordable, great-sounding package!
Sweetwater's friendly Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. A solid mixer with an incredible number of features and channels for the price but not all the features are fully fledged enough to be useful. Sweetwater's Flexible Payment Plan is a convenient, interest-free way to buy gear now and stretch your purchase across three budget-friendly payments. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Via two switches on the back panel you first select whether you're operating your system in stereo 2-way, 3-way or mono 4-way. The MG166CX-USB is remarkably compact and lightweight, but no compromises have been made in terms of features, performance, or durability. The result is that you can easily pop the smallest models into your briefcase or shoulder bag and take with you anywhere. The new MG mixers give you Yamaha's innovative one-knob compression feature on several of the mono input channels. That's why pros often spend thousands of dollars on just a single channel of microphone pre-amplification. You reap the benefits in the MG series mixers: all mono channels feature 3-band equalizers with LOW, MID, and HIGH controls.

It's amazingly quite with a lot of nice features like lighted channel on switches, six channel compression, and parametric mid-range eq, but it is not built as rugged as a Mackie.
The effects are alright, the compressors are sort of useful but obviously can't be manipulated much since they're only a single knob and finally the USB is misleading. Simply choose the "3 Easy Payments" option in your cart, and we'll divide your purchase amount into three convenient payments, billed to your current MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card.
Another back panel switch also selects whether or not you want to mono sum the LF (subwoofer) out.
Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products. You get premium preamps, top-mounted inputs and outputs for easy patching and re-patching, impressive built-in single-knob compression, and EQ that's practical as well as very musical. These professional-class connectors were subjected to extensive testing by the Yamaha design team, and were chosen for the MG mixers for their superior reliability and sonic qualities. Conventional audio compressors with their threshold, ratio, knee, makeup gain and other controls can be complex and timeconsuming to set appropriately for a given source.
The microphone preamps built into the MG mixers inherit technology from Yamaha's top-line professional consoles, and have been painstakingly designed to deliver superior sonic performance with any dynamic or condenser microphone. Depending on the model some of all of the stereo channels have 2-band EQ for smooth equalization of stereo sources. It only sends the left and right main outs to your computer but I probably shouldn't have expected more on such an inexpensive mixer.
There is a $10 processing fee for using this service, and your billing address must be in the United States to be eligible.
All these features plus onboard effects, USB connectivity, and included production software from Cubase make the MG166CX-USB a great value! But the performance you'll get at the studio, club, hall, or anywhere you choose to use these fine mixers is far from lightweight.
The XLR-equipped stereo channels can accept mono microphone input either via the XLR or phone jack connectors. Yamaha's one-knob compressor eliminates the need for an engineering degree with a single control that lets you simply dial in the amount of compression you want. Although not directly related to the equalizer circuitry, all inputs also feature 80Hz lowpass filters that can be used to eliminate subsonic noise that is outside the equalizers' range.

I was thinking that this would serve as a nice audio interface but USB is only two channel out, post mix. You deliver the goods with superior efficiency, expediency and true concern for the customer.
Also, when you open the box, you won't find the external power supply that accompanies most processors in this price range. Every one of the MGseries mixers provides significant space savings along with huge performance benefits.
The remaining stereo channels provide phone jack and pin jack connectors for compatibility with a wide range of sources. All microphone preamps also feature switchable phantom power so you can take advantage of the natural, extended response of high-quality condenser microphones.
This MG series mixer also includes Yamaha's incredible SPX digital multi-effects for even better sound. That's because we know how difficult external powersupplies can be to work with and even though it costs a little more we put the high quality power supply right in the unit. All these switches are on the back panel because it could be disastrous if you were to change them mid-program.
On the front panel you'll notice there are LEDs that indicate whether the unit is in mono or stereo mode. Separate pinjack 2TR inputs are provided to accept the output from a CD player or similar stereo source. All dbx® crossovers feature Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB per octave filters, the professional standard, but then again, what did you expect?
There's a recessed 40 Hz low cut (HPF) on each channel to remove unwanted low frequencies. Both the low and high outputs on each channel have a gain control ranging from - to +6 dB, to allow muting of individual outputs and for level matching.
Also, these outputs each have phase reverse switches that'll help get you out of a bind without having to reconfigure your system.

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