These four groups of three signs are known as the triplicities and they represent four different individual temperaments.
The degree to which these individual traits manifest themselves depends upon how many planets are found in each element in the astrology birth chart.
Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - indicate energy, enthusiasm, a sense of superiority and competitiveness.
In Aries, the fire element is reflected in the way these people seem to plunge into any endeavor with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.
In Leo, we find a tendency to energetically take matters in hand, and compel others to do things in their way.
In Sagittarius, we find people who enthusiastically take on a task, then persuade others to join them and work with them. Water signs - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio - indicate sensitivity, interdependence and intuitiveness. In Pisces people, the water sign qualities can make them sensitive, kind and loving individuals.

Cancer people tend to be understanding of other people's needs, problems and emotions, especially in close relationships (relatives, friends,co-workers). In Scorpio people, the water sign qualities are evident in their sensitivity and intuition regarding problem solving. Earth Signs - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo - indicate deliberation, stability and dependability. In Capricorn, we tend to find people who are capable of deliberation, dependability, stability and have an enormous drive which often produces success in any endeavor.
Taurus people tend to be very approachable, sympathetic and are generally very capable of sorting out both emotional and business matters. In Gemini people, their liveliness, ability to change, versatility and quick way of problem solving tends to make them fascinating individuals. Aquarius people seem to be versatile, original and can practice expediency in such a skillful manner that it may go undetected for a long time. Libra people tend to be extremely pleasant and easy to get along with, especially because they are rather placid people who do not like to make waves.

People who lack planets in a particular element will find it difficult to understand the behavior of people who do have planets in that element. Many times it is uncanny to find how many individuals are drawn to those with different elements - as they tend help to create a balance in their life. This forecast is all about your career and lifepath and when it is best to make relative decisions.
Fascinated by Ancient Egyptian Mysticism - these instruments were to hold a perfect matrix of universal energy. Sacred geometric design known among many cultures around the world - both ancient and modern, as it is known to strengthen intuition and one's connection to the Divine.

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