We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. To figure out what element of the Chinese Zodiac chinese zodiac matching element you fall under is simple. Those who are born under the Metal sign strive to constantly better themselves on a regular basis. Some of the strengths that they embody include their ability to focus, drive for success, and their positive outlook on life. People who are born under the Water sign have a great way with words, they communicate very well with others. Those individuals who are born under the Wood sign are compassionate and care about the interests of others around them.
Lastly, people who are born under the Earth element maintain a good overall balance and can multitask effortlessly. It is true fact that astronomy along with astrology relies on the science of zodiac to provide accurate predications in style.
They correlate these elements to have a connection with the colors we like, our thoughts, and personal preferences. Reference the last number in your birth year, and you can assess which element of the Chinese Zodiac you are.

Their presence is known when they enter a room, because they are powerful and can come across as intimidating to others at times.
They pride themselves on their stability and could often be a great help to a friend or someone who is scatterbrained.
Longitude is divided in 30 degrees arcs which are spread across the globe and form distinctive patterns in an impeccable manner. A few weaknesses that metal signed people are their strong opinions, paying attention to others when they want to, and their high standards.
These individuals attract others easily because of their positive energy as well as their resilience.
However, if not careful, they can often be viewed as desperate because at times will take any means necessary to achieve their goals.
People born under the Fire element enjoy social gatherings and are known for being the life of the party by their friends.
Individuals who are born under the Earth element communicate with others in a respectful manner and come across as calm and well-put together. They can also become overly stubborn when sharing viewpoints of which they are extremely passionate about with others or receiving constructive criticism.
A Water sign person should be wary of becoming arrogant, desiring a need for approval from others around them, and having an overbearing personality. Some of the strengths that people born under the Wood sign of the Chinese Zodiac are their generosity, ability to work well with others in various situations, and sharing of unique ideas.

Someone who does not carry the large amount of confidence that they have could consider their persona to be overly intense. A few of the strengths of people born under the Earth sign is their analytical skills, great work ethic, and ability to maintain a balanced mood, even when going through a difficult life situation. Some of the key strengths of people born under the Water sign include persistence, ability to coach others, and good planning skills. People born under the Wood element are easily respected and well liked for their independence, charm, and strength.
Additional characteristics that these spitfire personalities hold are their ability to motivate, drive, and inspire others. Some of the weaknesses that they hold are constantly playing it safe, reserved, and overly professional at times when they should loosen up.
Listed below are the 5 elements under the Chinese Zodiac and a few of the characteristics that the individuals born under each element will carry. They come across as brave and strong, which are two qualities that they are well recognized for. The weaknesses of the Fire element are their impulsive nature, need for attention, and manipulative ways.

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