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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Toys R Us will go before the highest court in Massachusetts Monday, to appeal a $20 million award.
Boston — On a warm summer day in July 2006, Robin Aleo climbed to the top of a 6-foot inflatable pool slide and slid down head first.
Aleo, 29, of Louisville, Colo., was visiting relatives in Andover when she went down a "Banzai" pool slide.

A jury awarded the money to the Aleo family, who sued the toy company after their daughter was killed on an inflatable pool slide.
Toys R Us is contesting a $20 million award in a lawsuit brought by the family of a girl who was killed while playing on an inflatable pool slide. Her husband, Michael, and 15-month-old daughter were watching as her head hit the pool deck. They will encounter the thrill of a bump on the wave before they scream around a curve and splash into the landing pool.

Rent this very cool inflatable slide and experience the thrill of riding a Monster Wave right in your own backyard.

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