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Klantgerichte activiteiten creeren vele kansen, en volledig geintegreerde marketingteams die zich niet op het kanaal maar juist op de klant richten zijn in opkomst.
In aanloop naar de publicatie van dit 2015 Digital Marketing Trend Report van eind maart geven experts van Experian op basis van de uitkomsten alvast een top vijf van de digital marketing trends voor 2015.
Henk is Internet Entrepreneur, founder van Dutchcowboys en daarnaast blogger, strateeg en online-marketeer. Social media ad spend will increase next year as “pay for play” increasingly becomes the norm for any social business. Check the visual below for five social media marketing trends for 2015, which comes courtesy of JSH&A. To see the full text from each of them (in no particular order), and a couple of trends from us here at fSquared Marketing, keep reading.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that partners will be starting to retire en masse over the next decade or so but there can be some delicate situations related to succession that we may not have predicted even five years ago.  Many partners find themselves not quite ready, or, as a result of the financial crisis at the end of the last decade, able to retire. As such, management will need to consider factors such as timing, compensation, gaps in lawyer ranks, desire to work past retirement, and most importantly, client wants and needs, while addressing succession plans. According to Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Corporate Counsel survey, nearly 76% of in-house counsel select external legal counsel based on counsel’s personal brand and reputation (versus the reputation of their law firm). With this in mind, there has been a noticeable shift in perception amongst legal marketers through 2014 (and this will continue) – certainly our web site is no longer seen as simply a distribution channel. From the client perspective, in-house counsel will continue to seek out horizon-scanning services where lots of individual opinion is expressed all in one place, and where content from multiple sources is clustered around business critical topics. Clients have become more discerning in how they select law firms, and look to directories to provide depth in editorial to talk about specialties.
We will also see agile firms integrate CRM capabilities and Micro-interactions into their sites to create personalized experiences with the goal of converting prospects into clients while being able to track their level of interest and engagement. Everyone is getting carried away with technology and forgetting about some of the basics and what is right in front of them. By 2015 you would think that mobile would have ceased to be a trend but law firms are still missing the point that mobile is not a trend, it’s essential. Content Marketing will still be a common theme among many law firms, but the important thing to remember is not that content marketing is something that you need to do.
In the B2C world, Instagram will become the channel of the day for brands, thanks to its astronomically high engagement levels. A continued focus on analytics as a means to justify ongoing social media focus and resources will become especially important when it comes to making a case for sponsored posts.
The quality of public relations representation is hugely disparate, even among the large firms.
Lynn is a legal marketing and professional services consultant focused on growing revenue and brand awareness for her clients. The post Life Science Public Relations Guidelines: Top 5 Words To Leave Out Of Press Release Titles appeared first on Comprendia.
You may know that we founded and manage the San Diego Biotechnology Network, and we offer an automated news feed which appears on the website, Twitter, and email. Several of the top words used in life science press release titles are understandable and useful, but several are problematic as they represent non-newsworthy items. We are hoping that these changes are indeed taking place, and the 23andMe announcements this week are indeed a very exciting development.
Since our founding in 2008, we’ve seen a slow progression both with scientists and life science marketers towards the utilization of more digital and social media. The post Comprendia’s 2015 Life Science Marketing Planning Webinar appeared first on Comprendia. Note: The webinar is intended for biotech marketers who manage or sell non-FDA regulated products.
The webinar is now available on demand and includes the results the registration poll and 3 life science marketing polls taken by participants, view it here. By following the suggestions above, you should be able to rid your life science company from the ravages of Tactitis. We hope someday that there will be an effective Tactitis vaccine to help life science marketers resist the urge of utilizing tactics that don’t support strategic goals.
Are you headed to the American Association for Cancer Research 2014 Annual Meeting in San Diego April 5-9? We’ve covered before how conducting your own life science market research is easier than before because of new software and communication channels. The post Life Science Market Research: Get Better Results With Our Checklist appeared first on Comprendia. These key items for planning a life science market research project are interrelated and should be considered as a whole during the planning. Every few years we hit the life science conference jackpot in San Diego, and 2014 is a banner year for us. Het einde van het jaar 2014 komt in zicht en de mensen die mij kennen, weten dat dit het moment voor mij is om trends voor het volgende jaar te verzamelen. Het gaat niet meer over mooie beloftes of verhalen, maar een realtime kijkje in de keuken van je bedrijf. Van digitale marketing naar marketing in een digitale wereld met marketeers met digitaal DNA. Er komen steeds meer tools en apparaten die realtime marketing lokaal gaan maken, want overal zit tegenwoordig wifi of gps in verwerkt, waardoor je als marketeer nog beter kunt targetten. Interne communicatie is de voedingsbodem voor merkambassadeurs en kunnen werknemers de visie en strategie van het bedrijf beter uitdragen.
WhatsApp wordt in Nederland ook steeds meer ingezet als communicatie tool, bijvoorbeeld door NRCQ.
Veel marketeers zullen het kunnen beamen: de mooiste resultaten in 2014 behaalde je met e-mailmarketing. De kunst is steeds (al jaren) een optimale mix te creeren waarmee je je klanten via de diverse communicatiemiddelen weet te bereiken.
Experts verwachten op het gebied van e-mailmarketing de volgende trends: met behulp van nieuwe tools en slimme klantdata kunnen er realtime campagnes ingesteld worden die geactiveerd worden met triggers (gedrag van klanten).
Tegenwoordig lopen offline en online winkelen door elkaar heen, maar heb je als consument nog wel te maken met losse eindjes en zelfs dat je doodloopt. Voor wie onder een steen heeft gelegen en de opmars heeft gemist van de smartphone, toch nog een keer de trend mobile first. Ik verwacht dat 2015 echt het jaar gaat worden van de doorbraak en acceptatie van wearables. Ik ben benieuwd waar jij in 2015 volop mee aan de slag gaat, laat het weten in de comments.
Belangrijke trend waarvan ik verwacht dat deze door zet is de terugkeer van 1 op 1 communicatie. Uit onderzoek blijkt dat er voor marketeers veel kansen zijn om hun verhaal te vertellen en zich te onderscheiden van de concurrentie – de grootste uitdaging en een prioriteit voor het merendeel van de 1.000 topmarketeers wereldwijd die mee hebben gewerkt aan het 2015 Digital Marketing Trend Report. Marketingteams worden steeds meer rondom de klant geformeerd in plaats van rondom een kanaal. Om de datakwaliteit te verbeteren gaan verschillende afdelingen meer samenwerken om uiteindelijk vanuit een gestandaardiseerde database te werken. Data management platforms maken het mogelijk om je ideale doelgroep steeds beter te bereiken. Technologie maakt het mogelijk om steeds meer marketingprocessen en klantinteracties te automatiseren. Een goede klantervaring wordt zowel voor off- als online retailers belangrijker dan prijsaanbiedingen. 36 percent of chief marketing officers cited creating fresh, timely content as their biggest challenge in 2014. And on that note, video doesn’t just mean YouTube anymore – back in August Facebook passed YouTube for desktop video views, delivering nearly a billion more. Visual mediums such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest continue to gain market share, and as Facebook ages and becomes less “cool”, brands may look elsewhere to reach the key 18-34 demographic. In particular, resourcing content production (client alerts, blogs, videos and webinars etc) will come under greater scrutiny.
When used properly, the transparent and live read reporting tools in fact help to improve content precision (what is it that our clients and targets are actually interested in?), and provide clear insight into what content is working – and equally importantly, what is not. They tell us that, increasingly, clients are using directories in order to select new counsel or validate existing relationships with law firms – clients don’t ignore rankings!
As a result, legal directories have had to respond by becoming more user-friendly, more engaged and by producing more detailed and meaningful content.
It has become less about annual submissions, and more about a dialogue throughout the year.
Law firm marketers needs to not look towards the future for trends, but look toward the past.
Most firms are still not utilizing and understanding how mobile is used and adjusting their email strategy to fit.
It’s all about making your existing content work harder for you, pushing it into as many relevant channels as possible, beyond just the general social networks. Branded firm channels will still play an important role, but should aim to direct followers to the influential people within a firm. The jury is out on whether Instagram will become an important channel for law firms, but experimentation could pay off. For marketing departments, social media will become less and less centralized as knowledge and interest in social media becomes diffused throughout the firm, making the establishment of policies and best practices ever more crucial. They’ve also developed much more savvy in understanding media’s needs in terms of deadlines and responsiveness.
Many firms, failing to understand that PR is a different creature than other forms of marketing, do not have dedicated PR people. In an era where costs are under careful scrutiny by law firms and clients, PR amounts to very low-cost marketing. In order to automate this feed, our tools must filter out press releases that are not newsworthy. Below, we share the top overused, generic terms as well as suggestions for replacing or rethinking the content of the press release.
This word is used to announce an addition to staff, and these releases should be used very sparingly, and with purpose. Besides catching eyes, helping you to craft a newsworthy release, and helping readers understand your news, you’ll also get better search engine optimization (SEO) with a meaningful title. We were invited to meet with what we thought was a forward-thinking life science company to discuss social media and digital marketing.
We are often asked to give examples of life science tools companies who have succeeded with social media.
The main impetus for writing this post came this week as DNA testing giant 23andMe announced several collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Time and time again we hear life science marketers complain about returns on staid trade show exhibits and other supposedly tried and true marketing strategies and tactics. As we pointed out first in 2009, social media is really just a new flavor of an engagement strategy that life science companies have been using for a very long time.
A very interesting corollary to this post is that the self-tying Nike shoes, also predicted in Back To The Future Part II, have been prototyped and used to raise money for Parkinson’s disease through the Michael J.
Since the changes have been gradual, your life science marketing team may not have made the necessary changes to their marketing plans to adapt. Many are entrepreneurs with a great product, while others have been successfully selling products on the internet for years, before it was so commonplace. This advice may seem pedantic, but we run across many life science marketers who skip this important step.

With the sweeping changes taking place in media and consumer behavior, we’re often surprised that life science marketers are so content with the status quo. A corollary to #3, and something that is also easier to accomplish these days, is to track how the tactics you’ve chosen to support your strategy are helping to meet your goals. However, some stalwarts will likely remain, being sure that the cart should indeed be put before the horse, and that tactics should drive strategy.
Until then, we hope that these suggestions will help to prevent senseless acts of random tactics, a hallmark of Tactitis. For this occasion, I’ve decided to reflect about the future of life science digital marketing and I present five predictions which are open to discussion. Alas, although we view creation of engaging content and the building of opt in communication networks as being essential strategies for today’s life science companies, many still view social media as a tactic.
We interface with traditional life science trade organizations such as the Biotechnology Industry Organization as well as modern, non-membership entities such as ScienceOnline.
Life science companies should be querying customers’ needs more frequently in order to engage them with social and digital marketing, which is necessary in a post-broadcast world. You need to consider whether you want your respondents to know that your company is conducting the survey (non-blind) or to not know (blind).
For a verbal survey, you’ll need to provide each respondent with a $25-50 gift card, depending on the length of the survey and your relationship with them. Check out our calendar or the list below to see what events to see us at in late 2013 and 2014, and fill out the form below to schedule a meeting!
Je bouwt trouwe klanten niet op met een 30 seconden tv-spot, maar met een relevante ervaring. Met marketingacties die maanden van tevoren ingepland worden, mis je tegenwoordig vaak het momentum om op het juiste moment te scoren. Als je de marketingtechnologen in je bedrijf hebt binnengehaald en de slimme algoritmes aan je producten hebt toegevoegd, ontstaan er nieuwe mogelijkheden waarbij je als bedrijf pro-actief kunt gaan meedenken met je gebruikers. Als die je producten en diensten ademen, zul je de gaafste producten en diensten kunnen maken en aan je klanten aanbieden. Veel sites draaien alleen maar op deze user-generated content en zijn ze belangrijk geworden in het aanschafproces van vele mensen en dus ook marketeers - sites als Kieskeurig of Trustpilot. Met de moderne mobiele technieken die bijvoorbeeld Rivvur biedt, ben je in staat om waar dan ook, wanneer dan ook jouw eigen publiek te bereiken en te voorzien van een commerciele boodschap met behulp van deze aanbeveel-app. Interessante content is voor veel potentiele klanten een reden om bedrijven te gaan volgen op social media of om websites te vinden via de zoekmachines. Denk aan Facebook at Work, waarmee werknemers onderling met elkaar kunnen communiceren, vergelijkbaar met bijvoorbeeld Yammer.
Met e-mailmarketing hoef je de aandacht niet te delen met andere bedrijven, je hebt een 1-op-1-relatie met de ontvangers van je e-mail (als ze die lezen). Slimme segmentatie en voorspelling van klantgedrag (bijvoorbeeld het verwachte moment van openen van de mail) zorgen voor betere resultaten en betere rapportages waarmee je betere beslissingen kunt maken en een succesvolle emailmarketing-strategie kunt bepalen voor 2015.
Android lijkt nog een versnipperd beeld te geven, waardoor je als uitgever gaat twijfelen op welke versie je moet gaan richten.
Hij werkt sinds 1998 in verschillende Online Marketing functies bij bedrijven als PTT Post, Het Financieele Dagblad, 9292ov en ANWB. De intrede van iBeacons lijkt mij ook een belangrijke rol te gaan spelen in Omni-chanel, wat vind jij hiervan? We verwijderen deze dus later niet als je op zoek bent naar een nieuwe werkgever (of schoonmoeder). Perhaps by focusing on right time, instead of real time, brands can exceed on campaign expectations. I’m luckier still that when I reach out to them to ask what they see at the trends in legal marketing for 2015, they take the time to write down those thoughts and allow me to share them with you. This is actionable intelligence, and it will prove to be essential for everyone involved as the volume of production increases across the industry, and weaker content is ignored. At the same time, large corporates are bringing more of their legal work in-house and building up their own legal departments, only seeking outside counsel for real specialisms. Law firms, and lawyers, are starting to recognise that their websites can be real lead generators and, as such, realizing the importance of SEO.
This includes mobile friendly emails and less content heavy emails to make it easier to consume content on the go. Regardless of the social media channel, content remains king and firms should focus on high quality, highly relevant content, posted with a high degree of repetition. The marketing and client development types do not, for the most part, have either the time or the experience, to take on the PR role. That got me thinking about other overused words in the titles of life science press releases, ones that point out that the item is not newsworthy. To find the overused words, we created a word cloud using the titles of 1300 releases collected over the past 8 months, it is shown below.
Of course you’re announcing or reporting something in a press release, but what makes it newsworthy? They seemed to have done their homework about what we do, but we were soon barraged with questions about the utility of social media for life science marketing. Life science companies are not convinced that their customers are using social media, so they believe efforts there are fruitless.
We normally point to companies such as Life Technologies (see this clever conference campaign incorporating Twitter hashtags) and IDT DNA (see their use of Pinterest), but the truth is that the number of examples is exceedingly small. If you followed the news closely, you saw that with at least one collaboration, they’ve also announced leveraging their new research portal to study disease. We see that life science marketers have an easier time relating to content marketing, as opposed to social media marketing.
During this free one hour webinar on October 15th, you’ll get up to speed with the latest trends in life science digital and social media marketing as well as how these strategies and tactics fit with traditional marketing. Which type of preparation is more important for being successful in this environment, undergoing lengthy scientific training or learning marketing acumen with courses or a degree in business? Creating a marketing plan for your company or product line keeps you focused on your goals and forces you to think your life science marketing strategy through.
Formally or informally, ask your customers what value you can provide them, both in your product offerings and your communications with them. On this blog we were the first to point out that corporations are paying to acquire and advertise to a large number of purported fake Facebook users.
With the SDBN, which is non-member based, we sought to connect more life science researchers and professionals by leveraging online tools and engaging events. In looking at myself over the past 6 years, as a consumer, I’ve changed my lifetime habit of TV watching to relying solely on my iPad and the internet for entertainment and news. Stay tuned and if you’ll be attending BIO 2014 or any other conference in San Diego this year, schedule a meeting with us, and check out our event during the convention. We’d be happy to meet with you casually at the happy hour or at your booth or nearby. Below are listed the top items you’ll need to consider in planning your life science market research project to ensure success. In other words, define the big picture questions that need to be answered and also how the data will be used to support business decisions.
Consider whether they can be targeted using social media, forums, or by advertising or renting an email list.
A mix of multiple choice and essay answers will ensure that you are querying respondents’ needs thoroughly. Ik heb ook dit jaar het internet weer afgespeurd voor jullie om de meest interessante trends op het gebied van online en digital marketing te delen die in mijn beleving van toepassing zijn voor de Nederlandse markt.
Ook is dit een essentieel ingredient om je als bedrijf staande te houden in het technologiegeweld dat gaat losbarsten: nieuwe spelers met slimme algoritmes gekoppeld aan hun producten kunnen bestaande bedrijven wegvagen. Met de opkomst van social media en mobile zie je steeds meer concepten opkomen die alle ingredienten combineren en het meetbaar kunnen maken. De ultieme 1-op-1-marketing waar zoveel marketeers al lang op wachten, doet nu eindelijk zijn intrede. En tenslote zie je ook nog nieuwe netwerken op komen (bijvoorbeeld Ello en Telegram) die het net weer anders willen doen dan de bestaande netwerken en die ieder hun eigen voordelen en mogelijkheden hebben. Vooral op het gebied van het retourneren van online aankopen naar offline verkooppunten worden momenteel grote stappen gemaakt.
Maar als de Apple Watch op de markt komt, is de verwachting dat dit volop nieuwe mogelijkheden gaat bieden. Nieuwe auto’s zijn standaard al verbonden via de boordcomputer en oudere auto’s zullen via een OBD2-dongle verbonden worden. Momenteel is hij Strategisch Marketeer Online Innovatie en houdt zich bij de ANWB bezig met: mobile, apps zoals de Wegenwacht en ANWB Onderweg - Verkeer, Parkeren & Tanken, mobiel parkeren en Connected Car als onderdeel van een nieuw digitaal ecosysteem. Reacties die beledigend zijn of zelfpromotioneel daarentegen, verwijderen we maar al te graag. These firm events allow lawyers to introduce clients to other lawyers (insert buzz word “cross-sell”) as well as other clients with complementary businesses (insert next buzz word “facilitator”). On the whole, internal PR staff get better results than external providers, who often have very little understanding of what makes a legal or business of law story.
Below we share an example of how you can craft a newsworthy release about information you’re announcing. These types of announcements are more well suited to your website, as people who are interested in investing in your company will likely be following it closely.
Rather than sending a larger number of generic releases, consider quality over quantity in your life science public relations. I would extend Hamid’s insightful observation to say that the problem extends to the ways researchers are incentivized to participate in social media. We need a really successful campaign or a game changing strategy, as we see in other industries.
Most biotech and pharma companies, understandably, focus their social media efforts on their customers, the general public. Exhibit halls were invented before the internet, scientists can now see all of a company’s new products from the comfort of their lab, obviating the need to visit a trade show exhibit. We’ll get input from you before, during, and after the webinar to make sure your questions are answered, and the webinar will be recorded and posted with past webinars, which are always available for viewing.
The tactics you choose will be based on your strategy and will lead to achieving your objectives.
For example, have they shifted from using phone-based technical service in favor of web chat or an FAQ?
Staid displays with brochure racks were invented in the days where we could not search and browse for every product we need on the internet.
For example, a month by month analysis of your Facebook likes is fascinating, but how does this metric translate to your strategic goals (and are you sure the users are real)? Believe it or not, few companies were using WordPress at that time, but I found a few examples and went for it. It turns out that this was our last mass mailing, snail or electronic, as we got zero responses. Others have vociferously complained about Facebook advertising, and we have found it increasingly difficult to run page promotions.
However, surveys done in this fashion must rely on working with an agency that has resources to find survey respondents, or advertises the survey. Be sure to budget for this expense and have a contingency plan in case you don’t get the number of responses you need with your chosen method(s).
Conferences are a great time to schedule an event such as a workshop or happy hour, see our life science event planning service to see how we can work with you. De conclusie: technologie helpt ons steeds meer en de trends van voorgaande jaren worden verder vormgegeven en uitgewerkt.

Door veel informatie te geven, kunnen klanten beter beoordelen of dit het bedrijf is waar ze loyaal aan willen zijn.
Met nieuwe technieken en algoritmes kun je ook steeds meer contactmomenten voorprogrammeren die wel relevant zijn en gewaardeerd worden door je klanten. Gaat het bij reviewmarketing nog om het verzamelen van reviews van je klanten (positief en negatief), met word of mouth-reclame worden de rollen omgekeerd.
Grote merken zullen naast responsive sites ook apps ontwikkelen, zodat mobile shopping nog laagdrempeliger wordt.
De toepassingen in 2015 op de nieuwe schermen zijn doorvertalingen van de apps op de smartphone. Lawyers should be encouraged to lunch with these contacts as well as engage in events of interest to both parties.
As such, SEO for mobile will emerge as something law firms, and especially lawyers, will have to address if they want to be seen online beside their local peers. We are all for you DIYing your life science public relations, and here we present the top 5 words you should avoid to get your press release noticed by journalists, search engines, and ultimately your audience. Also, be sure that your regulatory and legal group are on board with the release well in advance, as FDA and SEC standards must of course be met.
Those who are already going to the conference will be made aware of your presentation, so there is no need to publicize it. While we won’t promise that these commandments are the complete guide to success, we hope that they help you to think differently about press releases, writing them in a way that is more effective in helping you meet your goals.
We also wish companies would realize that by making a splash in social media, that they could be the example that we and others share for years to come. In addition, these marketers are limited by FDA guidelines (or lack thereof) which stunts progress and leads to fewer good examples to share. I’m not saying we should abolish them, as face to face interactions are still very important, but we should enhance them. Sometimes, we only bring up later that a solid social media strategy is key to successful content marketing. Fox was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease in 1991, only 2 years after he starred as Marty McFly in Back To The Future Part II.
Below we list the top ways to cure this ailment as well as ways to tactfully (get it?) respond to those in your organization who suffer from this devastating disease. We provide many resources here to help you out, including a free webinar (including a marketing plan template) and a short blog series. Track numbers and step back from time to time to make sure your metrics are meaningful and adjust tactics as needed. I caught a very lucky break as the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention was in San Diego that June, and they were accepting bloggers. A hard lesson was learned, and to be honest, we should have known better: broadcasting a message works very poorly. Even though we don’t see a social media revolution taking place, as it has for other industries, we do see an evolution, as incremental changes take place. Because there is no membership fee, however, we don’t have the resources to provide the same sorts of benefits as the established organizations do. Whether you’re a blog reader, webinar viewer, or want to inquire about working with us, we’d love to meet with you!
Surveys are often a time when people come out of the woodwork with question they want to add, which can lead to a survey that is too long, resulting in a low completion rate.
Verbal surveys are good when the goals of your survey involve determining how customers feel about your brand or products, as a conversation is often better to glean this information. In both cases, having an unblinded survey helps in this case, as loyal customers may be eager to give their feedback to improve a brand they like.
Also, if you do a broad advertisement of the survey, you’ll need to carefully qualify the respondents.
For example, if one of your objectives is to determine whether your respondents utilize image-based social media, ask them whether they use Instagram and Pinterest in a multiple choice question, and ask them about ideas for sharing images in an essay question. In addition, you can leverage our extensive reach with the 10,000 members of the San Diego Biotechnology Network and get meetings with new clients with our business development services. Door vragen onbeantwoord te laten, zullen consumenten zich minder snel verbinden aan uw bedrijf.
Je moet alleen wel eerst je backend-systemen aanpassen en intelligentie toevoegen aan je producten. Er zullen steeds meer omnichannel dashboards gebruikt gaan worden waar alle digitale communicatie (e-mail, internet, apps) met klanten verzameld wordt. Heb je geen app die een widget heeft voor de andere schermen, dan wordt het allemaal wat lastiger die nieuwe mogelijkheden te benutten. Onderwerpen waar Mark graag over schrijft zijn: apps, social media, trends en nieuwe media.
Integrating their social media presence with their SEO strategy will gain the greatest exposure.
If they don’t agree with your positioning of the news, maybe you should hold off on sending the release rather than to send a watered down version. An exception would be if you’re planning to make the presentation available online to those who may have a more casual interest. However, we’ve seen some developments which portend a change in this perception both due to the current funding crises and some high profile attention to the problem of scientists communicating in general. This shift by 23andMe and their pharma partners, which gets researchers involved, may represent a sea change in how life science tools companies view social media. Much like the 3D shark interacted with Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II, we can use technology to engage and even delight (but not terrify) them. Asking tough questions about all tactics, and analyzing how they are supporting the company’s goals, will help to avoid this debilitating symptom of Tactitis. A few months later, we founded the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) and no longer need to broadcast our materials as we provide engaging content and events and are well known in the region. Similarly, LinkedIn has made some changes to their groups which we fear portends their eventual dissolution. ScienceOnline formed mostly on blogs and Twitter and has struggled greatly over the past year with sweeping changes in leadership, and some would say it may be due to a lack of financial resources. In science, the consequences are dire, as anti-vaccine advocates and climate change deniers can sometimes have as much influence as real scientists, and suspicion about corporations is high. First Name(required) Last Name(required) Company(required) Email Address(required) At which San Diego conference(s) would you like to meet with us?
Sticking to key objectives for a survey will help you to focus and keep your survey succinct.
For a non-blind survey, the opt in to receive communication about the company’s product is straightforward. We normally require an institutional email address along with a non-obvious qualifying question. This strategy will prevent bias, as well as randomizing the answers on multiple choice questions. Society for Neuroscience November 9-13 (2013) Society for Lab Automation & Screening January 18-22 American Association for Cancer Research April 5-9 Experimental Biology April 26-30 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) June 23-26 Protein Society July 27-30 American Society for Human Genetics October 18-22 Sign up below, we’re looking forward to meeting with you!
Here we outline some changes that we feel need to happen before life science marketers will adapt to using social media.
Hopefully, a silver lining of this current dark cloud of decreased funding and support will be that more scientists will embrace social media. 23andMe previewed their research portal at the American Society for Human Genetics 2014 meeting in San Diego, and anyone can create an account and look around. We can only hope (?) that continued disappointment with the status quo, as well as information and examples that we can provide, will effect change.
Fox Foundation, with its patient and researcher-focused mission to cure Parkinson’s Disease, founded in 2000, was clearly a look at how the future of biomedical research may be funded. Currently Comprendia is working to provide local coverage of the BIO 2014 convention through the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN). In short, 3rd party social media applications are struggling to find a business model, and life science companies that depend on them may suffer as a consequence.
Which model is better, one in which members are required to pay, with more benefits for members, or one which is more open with membership and information, relying on other funding to provide support?
Online surveys are better for instances where the majority questions are multiple choice and deal with more objective questions such as budgets for products. For a blinded survey, opt ins may be more difficult, as the respondent is unsure about receiving emails from an unknown source.
Consider also using Likert scale questions, which can be used to get quantitative data from qualitative questions.
Post an update on the conference after the fact, indicating how your presentation was received, along with other important findings from the event. We have seen an uptick in some activities, such as the number of Twitter status updates shared at conferences (which we noted in 2012, and adoption continues to grow). When researchers can log in, and benefit from the big data created by social engagement, we’ll hopefully start seeing #1 of this list come to fruition. One of the current hot phrases is “digital marketing,” and for SEO we were sure to capitalize on that with the title of this post! While these applications still offer benefits now and in the short term, we urge life science companies to diversify and to ensure that resources be used to develop Web 2.0 applications and sound, engaging content on their websites.
Life science companies have a great opportunity to be the cheerleaders for biotechnology research.
In addition, if you need statistically relevant data, an online survey is preferable because you’ll get a larger number of responses (see this post for estimating the sample size you need).
However, blinded surveys may be preferable because they prevent competitors from knowing your plans. These two features prevent users from changing their answers to qualify for a survey, and software such as SurveyMonkey allows for these restrictions. I would also argue that life science companies could lead the way instead of waiting, showing the utility of social media in many different ways (perhaps a follow up post).
You also need to consider your target–in general, online surveys are best for younger professionals and those in academia, as they tend to have more time for surveys. Even if the survey is verbal, you should enter the questions into software such as SurveyMonkey and have the interviewers type in respondent answers during the survey, as this helps to standardize both the questions and the resulting data. These questions normally result in very valuable data, which we analyze manually and via word clouds (see this example from our partner site). Work more closely with trade organizations such as AACR, ACS, AAAS and ASBMB and tell them what is working for you and what changes need to be made to meet your goals. After finishing your questions, and entering them into the software, be sure to test the survey yourself to make sure it does not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. For example, if a staid conference exhibit hall doesn’t benefit you any longer, give that feedback to the organizers and brainstorm on what will work.
While digital marketing and social media are facile and adaptable, they take time to gain momentum, as we pointed out back in ’09. If it is too long, consider conflating some of the questions–we find that the matrix questions, where respondents are asked their opinions on a range of items, are ideal for creating a concise survey. I would be positively giddy if every life science conference offered the partnering and networking opportunities that BIO does.

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