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Wendy, a content marketing and media buying expert, shares some of her experiences running successful contests for hug through partnerships with companies such as American Express and Costa Blanca. Sean Work of KISSmetrics on User Generated Content, Quora and Yahoo AnswersAugust 21, 2013 By Corey Post Leave a CommentI recently had the opportunity to speak with Sean Work, who runs the popular KISSmetrics Blog.
Media Buying 101 with Digital Marketer Chris Cole of Internet ROIAugust 7, 2013 By Corey Post Leave a CommentIf you have a piece of "cornerstone" content that you want to promote, you might have tried Paid Search (PPC) and found the cost per click prohibitively high. But Media Buying requires a unique skill set, from competitive research and ad creation to testing and tracking. Affiliate Summit East 2013 Speaker PreviewsAugust 1, 2013 By Corey Post Leave a CommentIf you're (thinking of) going to Affiliate Summit East 2013 in Philadelphia, check out the speaker previews below. To make it easier for you to watch them all, I embedded them 3 in a row, "Brady Bunch Style." (This was really just an excuse to play around with Column Class). Interview with Shawn Collins, co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, on Affiliate Marketing and ContentJuly 26, 2013 By Corey Post Leave a CommentIf you're in the Affiliate Space, or you're a digital marketer, you're most likely aware of Affiliate Summit. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Shawn Collins, co-founder, along with Missy Ward, of Affiliate Summit. In this day and age of Digital Marketing, business owners and marketers are presented with a plethora of options of available channels that they can use for promoting their brands, products and services. As much as 92% of digital marketers agree that using social networks for promoting and marketing your brands, products and services will enable you to get more exposure for your brand and business that will eventually deliver profitable results. Businesses who have not yet fully utilized the awesome marketing powers of social media is missing out on achieving the full potential of their overall marketing campaign.
This has been reiterated and emphasized several times in recent past and might appear quite obvious as a necessary undertaking if you want to boost social media exposure, but creating valuable content is still the main key for an effective content and social media marketing strategy.
Content with “value” generates engagements and social signals (likes, shares, comments, etc) from targeted audiences, and these are central to social media success. Create sufficient enough content that can cover the post dates from your Editorial Calendar. Your social media marketing efforts should not be performed only for the sake of posting something at frequent and regular intervals.
Always remember that social media interaction is like engaging in a dialog with your targeted audiences, so focus on content that will be interesting enough for them to talk about. Targeting locally is one of the dominating digital marketing trends for 2015 and should be part of your social media marketing strategies. Always include local NAP (Name, Address and Phone) details on your social media profiles and main pages. Create separate websites or at least separate blogs for each of your branches or areas where you conduct your businesses. Create social media pages for each of your locations or branches and tie these up with their localized blogs and websites.
Even if you have the perfect high-quality content that will truly be epic and beloved by your targeted audiences.
There are many contents that state the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks that you may be using for your social media marketing campaign.
The key here is that you post on a frequent and regular basis depending on your capacity and resource allocation.
One innovative way to generate social media exposure that many digital marketers are not using is to conduct regular flash promotions.
If you’re targeting for a United States audience, you can have the potential of reaching up to 79 million through mobile social media marketing. Social media is definitely a strong and dominant force to reckon with in this modern day and age of digital marketing. More contents from our siteHow to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business10 Reasons to Diversify Your Digital Marketing Efforts (Infographic)8 Reasons Why an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign is Needed?
My goal is to help you duplicate what I did to recruit over 8 levels deep inside my company. There are specific steps you must take to reach your earning potential inside your MLM biz. You’re competing with all the Internet affiliate marketing opps your prospects are bombarded with. If you’re not passionate about the company you chose I recommend you stop what you’re doing immediately. IF your friends & family join (a big IF) they usually join because they feel obligated. Anyone with any measure of success in network marketing will tell you it takes at least 18 months to make real, measurable progress. Your network marketing recruiting plan should include an understanding and implementation of the You, Inc concept. May 15, 2015 by admin 4 Comments Could you suggest some SEO companies that could help us improve our international SEO? February 2, 2015 by admin 7 Comments How Can i improve download speed from a “Busy traffic ” website? November 28, 2014 by admin 2 Comments our website alexa ranking is very poor, how can we improve? Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from us.
Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns.
Social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, spread more awareness about your services, and create brand loyalty among customers by reinforcing what makes your salon unique. With the increasing use of social media in every industry, it’s crucial that businesses know how to connect with customers and use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a way that customers will enjoy and that will benefit your business.
Wishpond contest apps are one of the easiest ways to generate buzz around your brand on social as well as generate valuable, quality leads. Social media posts should entice your customers to crave more interaction and communication.
Post facts, information or photos that your target audience would find appealing and that are in line with your brand image. You should post pictures that your demographic will respond to and react to in a positive way.

Salons should post content such as hair and beauty tips or the latest how-to guides or engaging content related to your business that is available in a short, easy to read format.
Facebook provides the perfect way for you to share your services, post photos of your unique nail art or create contests or giveaways to promote brand loyalty and spread awareness of your brand. In today’s Facebook era, it is rare that you would find a customer who isn’t a member of the social media site. With over 200 million users in just 4 years, Instagram is the newest member of the core social media family.
Twitter is a great way for your salon business to provide information, share interesting related articles or hold contests. These 21 tips and strategies will allow your salon to gain new customers, retain those customers through brand loyalty, and create an interactive relationship with Followers. Use Wishpond to generate leads, track their activity, and nurture them with automated email campaigns.
In addition to her marketing role at What Runs Where, she is the co-founder of Adfluent Media and the popular women's lifestyle hub Hip Urban Girl (hug). But for those new to the industry, it's the premier conference for affiliate marketers, merchants, vendors - pretty much anyone who promotes or manages an affiliate program or product. Among the many channels available, Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the most cost effective options you can use for reaching out to targeted audiences and generate the responses you intended them to do. Many digital marketers fail miserably in their social media campaign efforts for the basic reason that they really do not have something valuable in terms of content that they can offer targeted audiences.
Your campaign and your content should be geared towards generating interaction and engagement from your social media community. You simply could not ignore these comments, whether they’re a praise, a suggestion or even a complaint.
This is ideal for small and medium business targeting a local clientele specific to a particular area, but these can also be applicable to any businesses regardless of size. If you post them at their off time social media period, no one might be present to see and digest your content. Although these articles might be good guides that you can use, you and your staff are still the best authority to identify the best times as you know your targeted audiences and customers better than anyone else. The more the better might work from you but take note that posting even a few times a week is better than not posting anything at all.
These are very effective ways to generate attention to your brand, build a regular audiences, and reward your loyal followers and those who are most active in social media engagement. Not only will they create awareness, they can also generate a sufficient amount of buzz around your products and services that will get existing and new customers interested once more.
These people all own a tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device that can connect to the Internet – and these constitute half of the total population of the USA. It is slowly but surely defining how consumers are behaving and businesses have no recourse but to go with the flow and provide these consumers with what they need at a platform they are most comfortable with. Your network marketing recruiting plan must allow you to differentiate who deserves your precious time. Unless you’re a highly respected businessperson in your local area forget the warm contact list.
If they lack passion for building a home based business they’ll be negative and pull you down. Sure…but are you going to bet your future on the lottery mentality or the solid business building mentality?
In reality, 97% of all people who start a network marketing business are struggling or flat-out fail. Your content needs to be engaging and interesting to those who are going to read it and should provide them with some new source of information.
For example, if your hair salon has a young, fun, modern feel, your posts should match this tone. All pictures, captions or tweets should match the tone of your brand and be in line with your target age group. Examples would be an intriguing photo with a simple caption, a short list of beauty tips, a fun beauty vine video or an infographic.
Write relevant posts that engage consumers - Write posts that customers want to respond to and will enjoy giving their opinion on. Treat your Facebook Page as a miniature website - When customers arrive on your Facebook page they should be able to find all of the information they may be looking for. Engage customers through Facebook contests and giveaways - In general, people love free stuff. Provide Facebook Fans with exclusive deals - When Liking a business on Facebook, customers like to feel as though they’re getting something special in return. Pictures are a great way to market your salon and show a wide variety of your work as well as fun, quirky photos that follow your brand’s theme. Stay on trend - Use trending hashtags to draw more users to your Instagram profile and to find out about your salon. Use before and after pictures to showcase your stylists’ talent - Reviews and testimonials don’t need to just be a text post when it comes to social media.
Be fun and quirky - Instagram users tend to be young and on trend, and enjoy fun, quirky posts in addition to just product or service-related posts. Do exclusive Instagram contests - One great aspect of Instagram is that you can have contests that involve user-generated content.
Post promotions on Instagram - Post promotional photos on Instagram so that customers are always aware of new things going on at your salon.
Provide incentives for Instagram word-of-mouth - Provide incentives for customers to upload a picture of what they had done at your salon such as “Have a new hairstyle or cut from Dropdead beauty salon that you just love? Use Twitter as an information source about your services - Post information about a specific service with a link to your website where customers can get more information. Exclusive Twitter offers - Have exclusive offers through your Twitter account, just for Twitter Followers. Offers for Retweets - Twitter is a great platform for sharing as a simple Retweet from one of your Followers can generate you plenty of referrals. Provide Group Deals - Twitter is a very social medium for communicating with others, and Group Deals are a great way to gain Followers or engage with customers.

Use Twitter hashtags - Twitter is where hashtags were originally created, so use them on Twitter as well as Instagram. Be a timely Tweeter - Think about when customers check their Twitter feeds and tweet accordingly. Share Articles on Twitter Related to your Salon - Use Twitter to share articles or interesting facts or stories in relation to your hair, nail or beauty salon. Hopefully this post has introduced you to some new tactics and will help you utilize social media to its fullest ability for marketing your salon. With the rate social networks are updating newsfeeds, your “great” content might just be wasted down to social media oblivion. You might be trying to model big companies that are posting several times per day on their social media pages at particular times within the day, but the post quantity and frequency they are using may not be appropriate to your particular business situation and targeted audiences. Still, if you can identify the best times your targeted audiences are active at social media that would really boost your campaign and get the most in terms of engagement. Online crowd participation is a great element for making content viral and generate greater reach, and you can make use of flash promotions for this purpose. Mobile Internet, and in this case mobile social media, is truly a staggering phenomena that digital marketers simply could not ignore.
As a business owner or digital marketer, it is vital that you have social media marketing as an integral part of your marketing campaigns – and generate great exposure for your brand and business. Plan upfront to take time to establish a healthy and lasting relationship with your people. Investing this time in them will increase your retention rate and boost your residual income. It’s the nonsense of the 3-foot rule & other ineffective marketing training that causes this situation. I came across a lot of posts on the internet about whether or not PPC affects SEO, but none on if SEO actually helps to cut PPC costs?
On the other hand if your brand has more of a vintage, old school theme you may consider posting pictures that follow this idea or tweet about how your business is for the woman that loves classic beauty. Before you post anything on social media, make sure it is something you feel your customer would want to talk about or be interested in. Whether that be a $50 gift card to your beauty salon or a discount on a beauty package for Mother’s day as seen in the picture below, your customers will love the ease of being able to enter or receive the promotion while on Facebook.
You can entice them to like you on Facebook by offering 10% off their next visit or by sharing the Page on Facebook to receive a gift with their next purchase. You may want to only target people located close to your salon, or those who like related Facebook Pages.
An example would be to use #happyeaster as one hashtag to gain more views while showing a picture of a holiday themed manicure and showcasing the salon’s services. That way future customers looking for a salon nearby may stumble upon your photo and your salon. Once in a while a feel good post can engage your customers and you can use specific quotes or pictures that you feel defines your brand. Hold photo contests among your Followers, such as “Post a picture of your new summer manicure with the hashtag #Ontrendnailsalon and be entered to win your next manicure for free!” These engage customers and are easy for customers to participate in by simply uploading a picture and including the proper hashtag. Upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #dropdeadnyc and receive 10% off your next visit.” Word-of-mouth is crucial in the salon business as trust is such a key factor when it comes to hair and beauty, therefore having friends share pictures with their own Instagram network is a great way to stretch your brand awareness.
This will provide incentives for people to follow your business on Twitter, build your following or create more loyalty among customers. Offer incentives for Retweets such as “Chopped Hair Lounge is Vancouver’s newest trendy hair salon. Salons are also a social place where people go to relax, enjoy, and feel good about themselves, so Twitter is a great way to engage with multiple people at once.
Most of the time posting about hair promotions in the middle of a weekday day won’t be as effective as posting in the evenings, early morning, or weekend when customers will have time to see the post and call and make an appointment.
Customers who are following you on Twitter are interested in what you have to say and likely want your advice when it comes to their beauty or hair care. Discuss matters with concerned people privately but post the resolution to the original thread for others to see how you handled the issues well. So, the key here is to perfectly time your postings where targeted audiences are online to view them on whatever device they are using.
Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business. What will be your summer hair cut of choice?” This type of conversation starter is relevant, personalized, and something that majority of salon-goers would enjoy discussing.
Also, they will likely comment on the contest page post or share it to their own Facebook friends, creating more awareness for your business. In addition, you can provide discounts to Facebook Fans which are only redeemable by mentioning the specific Facebook Ad, as seen in the example below. An example would be those who like Aveda Canada who would likely want to try your nearby hair salon that uses Aveda products. For example if you own a hair salon in the Yorkville district of Toronto you may follow your other hashtags and caption with #Yorkville and #Toronto, so that those looking for a haircut that day can locate your business quickly. If you have always wondered how to get more followers on Instagram, you will find out that a contest is one of the best solutions. You will notice how consumers will go for such rush – and you can leverage this too in your social media campaigns. Whether that be fun holiday-themed manicures or gorgeous bridal party hairstyles, pictures provide an outlet to show what you can do.
By knowing that these offers are only to Facebook Fans, customers will want to follow your Page more closely and will likely tell their friends when they do score an exclusive deal. As a bonus, pictures are engaged with more than text-only posts, in fact 120% more , therefore these can also help to bring new referrals through your front doors as your current customers share the photo with their own personal networks.

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