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With a total of 61% (Q1 2015)* of UK’s adults using a mobile handset to access the internet, people today consume a large amount of information on their phones. To compete with the likes of Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, Google went back to the drawing board and after discussions with publishers and technology companies they cobbled up a new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
AMP is also Google’s answer to Ad-blockers which have become very popular on many mobile devices proving that unblocked pages demand more bandwidth and have slower loading times. A new open framework, called AMP HTML has been built from existing web technologies and will allow website designers to create light-weight webpages.
Similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles it aims to minimise HTTP requests, fully displaying the layout of the document and only downloading images when they’re likely to be seen. Google have announced that nearly 30 publishers from around the world are working on this project and are planning to integrate the new AMP HTML pages gradually in other products such as Google News. You’ll find Nick in our search marketing department, sat at his desk munching on a bounty (he eats at least one every day!). Christmas decorations can be super expensive so I came up with the idea of making all my decorations with wrapping paper this year. Using double sided tape, place a couple strips on the inside flap and seal the seam. Cut off the excess paper. By Chris Blaszczyk - June 1, 2015 Leave a CommentCategories: E-commerce, Publishers, Social MediaMary Meeker’s Internet Trends reports are Web scripture, pored over by the connected business world for 20 years running. Americans now spend an average of 5.6 hours a day online, and businesses have an opportunity to explore innovation of long-run ad impact. The consumer and business experience has been transformed by the web, but more regulated spaces are deeply lacking in internet-driven marketing innovation. While Facebook gets 4 billion video views a day (75 percent of which are from phones), Snapchat claims their ads are watched in their entirety 9x more than landscape video ads.
This may call for a back-to-drawing-board approach for marketing video production, focusing more on personal close-ups than wider pull-back shots.
User-created content rose 122% year to year, a remarkable leap in engagement leading a bottom-up trend. Utilizing reader engagement and user-generated content across traditional social channels and apps like Snapchat, SoundCloud and Wattpad are increasingly successful: 53% of Facebook video views were from shares. All web site pages can be reached through the top navigation menu, scroll over a title and another submenu will appear.
Network marketing leaders can use this game as a tool to help build relationships within their existing and emerging teams.
MLM The Game is an exciting and fun way to learn how to be successful in your Network Marketing business!
Books, seminars, and even most professional trainers still rely on listening and memorization as their main method for their students to retain what they teach.
There is nothing more painful than working hard to get your whole team to a training event, only to have them have excited for three days, and then go home to continue having the same mediocre results.
Through research by numerous doctors, scientists, and various professionals more has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 15 years than in all history to date. If you use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn naturally, and quicker.
There are several stages of learning that one must go through to fully grasp any concept.

MLM the Game is a powerful tool to help new distributors in any network marketing company. MLM The Game reinforces the stages of learning and gives you the opportunity to exercise techniques that help you learn quicker, and understand what is necessary to be successful. If the training you are currently being exposed to does not use more than 1 or 2 teaching methods, then you are wasting your time and money.
MLM The Game is one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most of your mlm training experience.
During MLM The Game you will need to listen, read out-loud, interact with other players, ask questions, write things down, physically handle the game materials, and most importantly laugh & learn!
The most lightweight of them are Unfreez (sized at 35,173) and Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe (sized at 829,306), while the largest one is LogoMaker with 366,504,097 bytes. However for many publishers and advertisers on the web, displaying all the required information on such a compact device has proven to be difficult. The project’s objective is to push the performance of webpages with rich content such as videos, animation and graphics. Google hopes that fewer people will use ad blockers if pages load quickly and run smoothly, instead of looking at a loading bar detracting from user experience. Therefore as soon as you tap your finger on the article link there will be no loading bar, the full article will be displayed instantly.
With a handy degree in marketing communications and advertising, Nick is our go to guy when it comes to planning digital marketing campaigns and optimising client’s websites.
If your wrapping paper is super thick you don’t have to do this step but if you are using thin wrapping paper you will need to do this. Pick something pretty that you want to keep around for a while – you can use these decorations year after year.
You can cut the base as short as your construction paper cone inside or if you are using really think paper you can leave it a little longer. Lilyshop inspires and encourages creativity, passion, and endless curiosity with fun recipes, daily tips, and craft ideas while also providing a platform for those to share their own creations, each within their own shop". All Rights Reserved.Reproduction of any portion of this website only at the express permission of Mom, Inc.
Don't Miss Out!Sign up for our ModernMom weekly newsletter full of recipes, tips, and must have info for moms! The venture capitalist, former Wall Street Securities analyst and Kleiner Perkins partner released her hotly anticipated 2015 edition at this week’s Code Conference, encompassing a wide world of data on the key trends of digital business – from India’s explosion in mobile-driven E-Commerce to the rise of drones, to mobile ad potential and beyond.
Comparatively, only 4% of media is consumed via print, while 18% of ad spending is print-dedicated. Education, Healthcare and Government sectors are ripe for the picking, with innovation serving as the bridge to market disruption. People dedicate most of their mobile use to apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, a promising destination for focused E-Commerce and media consumption. Five years ago, vertical-oriented viewing accounted for only 5 percent of overall viewership time, compared to 29 percent today. On-demand services are available in virtually all areas of life: taxis, hot meals, groceries, courier delivery and postage pickup are all available on-demand, far more convenient than ever before. As the rough dirt road transforms into the data superhighway of the 21st century, businesses remain in a Wild West of opportunity and innovation for E-Commerce, mobile ad potential and beyond.

They would pile you into classrooms of 30-40 students with 1 teacher speaking in front of the room, while the front 1-3 rows of students were usually paying attention, those in the back were often talking to their friends, falling asleep, or even drawing on their desks! The bottom line is, the teaching style of only listening and memorizing is out dated, boring, and is not the most efficient way to learn.
Teachers and trainers need to catch on and start using more efficient techniques to teach their students.
In a fun and fast paced way, they'll learn goal setting, key leadership concepts, team building and how to dream big.
Furthermore the same opportunity exists for other people playing the game while giving you a perfect forum to coach them through the process. If a web page takes too long to load its bounce rate increases significantly as loading speeds massively effect the user’s experience.
However third-party Javascript code cannot work with the new AMP and CSS properties such as animations, filters and transitions are currently banned.
For now the project is in preview phase with a few initial publishers such as BuzzFeed, Vox and the Washington Post and more. In his spare time, he is a bit of a movie geek and is obsessed with cars and anything formula one related.
Comparatively, $300 billion in spending in 2014 represented 9 percent of all retail sales, solidly confirming the need for businesses to offer online sales.
It’s safe to assume that advertisers will continue to cut their print spend in favor of mobile as they chase viewers across platforms, and the opportunity to lead the accelerated transition to mobile is enormous.
Pinterest pin creation has leapt 75%, while Twitch video broadcasts are up 83% at over 11 million per month. With Amazon setting a short-term delivery standard, online businesses are under the gun to deliver quickly & consistently. In the coming weeks we’ll explore some of these avenues, along with some firsthand success stories from StackCommerce teams – stay tuned. It helped me understand the process of setting up my network marketing business for success, and taught me so much about why this industry is a brilliant way to do business! Unless this information is reviewed several times using the various methods to stimulate the senses, it will be forgotten. Accelerated learning practices don't just tell you the information, they engage you in the process.
The quicker you can learn, and the more engaged you are in the learning process, the more likely you are to retain the information. The code used in Accelerated Mobile Pages is designed to be universal, performs on any tablet or phone. Additionally, traditional brick-and-mortar businesses will be disrupted if they can’t find a way to compete with delivery convenience. MLM The Game continually suggests there is always a way to look for opportunity in every situation. Tape the corner of your paper to the point of your cone.Tape the corner of your paper to the point of your cone and slowly start rolling the paper around it.

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