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The new Facebook Chairs ad doesn’t tell me anything about the social media site or their one billion user milestone.
The whole spot seems like a last-minute idea-by-committee concept that an Art Director approved because he liked the way it made him feel.
It is a real joy for me to meander through the advertising world and see what other folks are doing.
I came across an Orange County, CA ad agency website yesterday with an entertaining and colorful layout that -in my opinion- was intended to appeal to small- or medium-sized companies. Something so vast, empty, and unknown to us that we will can’t traverse it in the next 10 generations of humanity. But this is an ideal example of why a business hiring an ad agency needs to be cautious about accepting status quo.

They need to know what your customers are looking for, who they are, and what they will do with your product once they have it. It poorly communicates a strange message from a recently beleaguered client grasping for positive PR. Staring into the kaleidoscope of advertising activity during that time and seeing nothing inspiring shows a lack of awareness and understanding of the world around them.
Your company’s reputation, product, revenue, and even personnel are affected by the advertising and marketing efforts you embark upon.
Hiring an ad agency can let you do your job better while bringing in a talented and energetic team to maximize your advertising return on investment.
But it would have been a better analogy because benches are meant for more than one person, like a social media site.

These and other questions can start me down new paths of adventure for my own efforts and the benefit of my employer. Seek out talented teams with passion for creation and innovation, not bigger ego and bigger wallets.

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