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List building really is the most important thing you can do to sell affiliate products on your blog.
That’s because it gives you the chance to talk to your readers on an ongoing basis, rather than just hoping that they become a customer the very first (and quite possibly, the last) time that they visit your blog. Before we get into list building, though, let me outline the other common methods to sell products on your blog. They don’t want to hear a slick talking promotional guy or gal, who are obviously getting paid to say how great something is. This is why review posts is such powerful a powerful way to sell affiliate products on your blog.
Banners can work really nicely if you don’t have them plastered everywhere on your blog. If you have 2 or 3 banners on your sidebar, people will notice them much more than if you have 30. I never even noticed them because you just turn a blind eye to a massive onslaught of advertising. Since they cleaned up the look, and now there’s only an occasional billboard, I find myself curious to see what it says.
Bizzillions of banner ads on your blog… sidebar, header, footer, pop-ins, popups, fade-aways and all the rest will just make your visitor dizzy. If you put one or two here and there, strategically and sporadically, they’ll get more notice and even some clicks! The affiliate programs, in this case, are not single products, but large affiliate networks like Google, Amazon and others. This sort of affiliate marketing is best done on store-front sites, rather than personal branding blogs. I won’t get into the exact differences between all these methods, but will summarize use affiliate links that your readers can click on to display an ad for a product that they might be interested in.
These affiliate links are not usually congruent to the exact subject matter being discussed in your articles.
You might be writing about recipes and affiliate text link promoting a dating service appears on your post, or on the header or sidebar.
They may be okay for blogs or websites that get extremely heavy traffic, such as a news site or, as I said before, a store-front site. But for the average blogger, the tiny earnings you might get from these random ads are not worth compromising the integrity and branding of your blog.
After all, one of the main things we try to accomplish on personal branding blogs is to build relationships and stimulate engagement with our readers. Link ads only detract from the sense of community and interaction that most bloggers are trying to develop through personal branding and attraction marketing methods.
Actually, the best way to do affiliate marketing on your blog is to offer great content without ever asking for people to buy any of your affiliate products. You clearly understand that the blogger is offering you something for free, maybe an ebook, and is asking you to opt in to her list as a condition for obtaining it. For the same reason, building a list on your blog is far better than selling an affiliate product.
The first step, the mini-commitment to your authority in this niche was already made when they signed up for your list. Not only are people on your email list much more likely to actually make purchases from you, but they will do so repeatedly. And because many of your emails will continue to be just good and valuable information without sales offers, so that you continue to build the trust and authority with your readers. For these, and other reasons, you can sell affiliate products on your blog most easily and most often by making list building your top priority. Now, I’d love to hear about your favorite method for selling affiliate products on your blog. Donna MerrillDonna is a well known blogger and creator of "Blogging Magic" - an intensive guide to blogging.

I will definitely start writing some reviews in the near future, but of course I want them to be very valuable. With that said, I have often bought a product or decided to try a service after reading a great review.
Ehm, I used to have link ads on my site (in the very beginning) but I quickly realized that they we’re not going to make me a lot of money and that they really mess up the user experience. As list building is something we need to do each day, keeping up with our follow up emails and creating open rates are just as important.
I think one of the things that drives me crazy about some affiliate marketers is that they promote products sometimes that have nothing to do with what they write about or they present the company or product they are selling cheaply, or it’s obvious they will just sell anything to make a buck. I will never forget what you and David taught me about email marketing in our podcast last February. I do have my welcome message along with my free report all set up and now need to work on following through each week with e-mails.
One of the best ways to monetize a website or blog is to set up an affiliate marketing partnership.
For the purposes of this article, I am going to pretend I own a blog that teaches people how to play the acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, while Amazon has almost always been the #1 most popular affiliate program online, ever for profitable affiliate products, there are some drawbacks. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some other affiliate programs and see what else is available in terms of highly profitable affiliate products. The final way I usually search for a profitable affiliate product is to perform a simple search in Google or any other search engine.
As you can see, the entire first page of Google is filled with profitable affiliate products and guitar based affiliate programs. One that I really like on the first page of results is the Guitar Center affiliate program.
If I personally had a blog or website about learning how to play the guitar, I would probably choose a few different profitable affiliate products and see what gives me the best results. I would also find 2 or 3 ClickBank products to promote both on the site and through my email marketing campaigns. Product images should be uniform – make sure to use the exact same dimensions for all of your product image (your own products as well as affiliate products) so that your eCommerce site looks professional.
How can I make my product page, my home page, so that the main landing page is just a big list of products? From the testing I've done with WooCommerce External products it seems like it takes the customer straight to the product on the 3rd party site. I'm trying to set up affiliate products, I'm working on a catalog site to showcase specific items sold through our main site, and this sounds like exactly what I want to do! I swapped out the theme temporarily to see if there was any changes, and the link was there, everything was just fine, so the problem is definitely theme related. Teddy, how would I go about setting up my WordPress Site with multiple affiliate products from several different vendors? Is there any other affiliate program that we can use their image freely for our wocommerce site and not conflicting with their terms of service just like zazzle? The secret ‘core’ money-making tip for choosing a niche by a world-famous Internet marketer. What to look for to “lock in” your affiliate profits and protect you from being taken advantage of. What the company should provide for you to promote their products (… How to weed out the losers).
How to make your website more interesting, relevant, and frequently visited than your competition.
How to maximize on the Search Engines by using FREE site add-ons to your OWN site that your competition probably doesn’t know about! Exactly how to magnify the effects of the ULTIMATE Super Affiliate Secret by avoiding the pitfalls your competition is probably making.

An underground strategy for putting the ULTIMATE Super Affiliate Secret on auto-pilot right away. The key elements that must be in place to make this “dirty little affiliate marketing secret” work effectively… (Plus: How to out-do your competition). Insider secrets to using Text Ads and Pay Per Click with your affiliate promotions with these basic but often over looked strategies… (The real nuts and bolts and even a way to do keyword research for FREE!). Success resources to help even the most “technologically challenged” of affiliate marketers… all for dirt cheap or even FREE! Instead, start out by learning how to do one of them fairly well before going on to explore others. And I don’t really mind, but I also barely ever click on one of them, so I agree with you…Less = More.
However, I only review and write about products I use, have used, or would consider using for me or my family. I’ve been playing around with different products to see what works best and just improve and tweak until I get the right formula. As I am now in the next stage of business and will be presenting referral partners in the future this is a way of promoting them. Before establishing a partnership, you should research the market and find out what the different commission payouts are. I’m also going to assume I already have some traffic coming to the site and all I need to do is find profitable affiliate products to promote.
They have thousands of profitable affiliate products and services you can promote and all of your payments can be handled and distributed in one place.
Heck, if you take a close enough look, you’ll see Walmart is even using a paid Adwords placement to attract new affiliate partners.
My woocommerce site will sell only affiliate products, so my question; is it possible for customers to add several items to my cart before being redirected to the external purchase site? If a customer buys a T Shirt from my Zazzle Store (affiliate link) and another from, say, my CafePress Store…would they have to check out twice? Sources are revealed about exactly who you can trust to help you with this secret for dirt cheap. Before I agree to doing a review or sp, I put myself in my reader’s position and as a consumer myself.
In this article, I will go through step-by-step instructions on how I choose new profitable affiliate products to sell on a new website or blog. The only real negative side to ClickBank is the number of poor quality products and services in the system. When I go to page 2 of the search, I’ll see a bunch of additional programs I can choose from.
After a couple months of revenue, I would then replace the Guitar Center program with Amazon, then compare the two.
Now that you’ve seen the process with a real-world example, it’s time for you to go out there and do the same thing for your niche! Or is there a plugin that allows my customer to buy several products from different affiliates but only checkout once and pay for everything at the same time? If you refer someone to the site, anything they purchase for the next 30 days is eligible for a commission.
From guitars to training DVD’s to guitar accessories and whatever else you can think of, so you will not only earn commissions from profitable affiliate products that you are specifically targeting, but you will get some cheaper products as well. On top of that, when you refer someone to Amazon, you receive a commission for 24hrs on anything that individual buys.
So, maybe I sent them over to Amazon because I was recommending a guitar, but they end up purchasing something completely unrelated like a grill.

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