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Communications to affiliates should be clear, concise and to the point.  Your main goal, from an affiliate program management perspective, is to give the affiliates actionable content and resources to assist in their marketing efforts. Here we go with the new generation of Magento 2 extensions, after its official release on 17 November 2015.
Today, many merchants are choosing Magento as their official platform of their online stores. Our outsourced affiliate management team can not only manage your affiliate program but provide results. Affiliate Summit Board of Advisors member (2010-13) – Visit Affiliate Summit and attend the Affiliate Summit conference! E-commerce web development – we understand how to design web sites and how performance marketing relates to your overall advertising strategy. Internet marketing consultants helping clients with maximizing traffic through search engines, social media, blog’s and more. Professional corporate backgrounds in management, sales, marketing, purchasing & strategic analysis. Whether you knew of this or not, there are affiliates out there who are already successfully monetizing their online efforts through our affiliate program.

Join AM Days’ affiliate program and start making money off of registrations that you refer.
LinkConnector has had the opportunity to join forces with the talented eBrandz team for a number of years.
I had heard read some good reviews online about eBrandz that prompted me to start using your services. Because of being agency partner to TOP affiliate networks, you also get additional discount on setup & monthly fees.
You can also brag about your products, selection and pricing to give the affiliates confidence in what they will be promoting. However, as everyone still want to keep track with the latest Magento extensions, including of Magento Popup extension and Magento POS.
We are actively involved in the industry and utilize competitive tools and creative business development to unlock the potential of your online business.
Whether a man is looking for a new shaving regimen, hair product, skin care solution, gift or a way to deal with an embarrassing problem the Grooming Lounge can help. This tool is exclusively on ShareASale and helps publishers to promote more than one product at a time.

If Merchant has two or more additional site with same shopping cart then will add new store under one account. Wea€™ve experienced tremendous growth with our Affiliate Program due directly to their involvement.
The overall value and the team that stood behind the eBrandz name was a deciding factor for us to select you. Free samples to site visitors and inventory over $10 million of floors in east and west coast warehouses. They are extremely professional and I am very pleased with the services they have provided our Company with thus far.
We have seen a lot of improvement in our Affiliate Marketing and sales growth from the work that eBrandz has done for us.

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