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Living Form is a jQuery Plugin that enables you to create special forms that are guaranteed to impress you visitors. How To Create a Realistic Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop One of the classic Photoshop tutorial topics is the creation of a pencil drawing effect from a photograph.
27 Photoshop Tutorials How to Fix Color Errors in Digital Painting With Adobe Photoshop Many beginners avoid working with color out of fear that they might ruin their ideas with the wrong combinations. How To Create Your Own Hateful Eight Movie Poster Design Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie The Hateful Eight has been highly anticipated by film fans. Create an Abstract Portrait Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop how to create an abstract artwork by combining several stock images with abstract elements in Adobe Photoshop. In this article, I’ll be showing you some examples of how you can turn an ordinary photo into something truly spectacular using just a few editing apps. The magic hour refers to the time around sunrise or sunset when the sun is low in the sky and not as harsh as it is at other times of the day. My usual work flow is that I will take as many photos as I can, from as many points of view as possible, when I’m on location. Once I’d isolated the balloon, I was able to position it where I wanted over the base image.
Whenever I use Juxtaposer to add something to a photo, I always do this as the first step in the editing process. All of the brushes in PhotoToaster can be found under the brush icon at the top right of the screen. The final step in PhotoToaster was to crop the photo to give it a more widescreen cinematic feel. The original photo here is of a diving platform in the seaside town of Salthill, Galway on the west coast of Ireland.
I liked the silhouette of the figure staring out to sea from the top of the platform, and I wondered what he might be looking at. I then used Juxtaposer to add the three birds from another shot that I had with birds silhouetted against the sky.
This original shot was taken on Fanore Beach in the West of Ireland on a November day, hence the wonderful winter light. With the rocky beach and the low winter sun looking very large in the image I thought that it had an overall feeling of an alien world. I also also used the Retouch Tool in the Handy Photo app to remove the two people in the distance that I thought were a distraction. Below is another example of taking something familiar and creating a fun image that plays on that familiarity. When a new bypass was built around my hometown a few years ago, four tall wrought iron statues commemorating the scholastic and monastic history of the local area were commissioned. After taking this photo, I decided to have a bit of fun by enhancing the futuristic look of the statues. After I’d brought in the planets and the spaceship, I used LensLight to add the beam of light emanating from the statue’s hand, the light flare at the top of the communications tower and the light at the bottom of the spaceship. In this example you’ll see each step of the editing process, from the original photo through to the final fantasy world image. The first step in the process was to use the HDR feature in the Snapseed app to bring out some of the detail and to even out the lighting between the foreground and the sky. I then used the Retouch Tool in Handy Photo to remove the branches in the top right corner. As you can see in the image above, at this stage of the editing process the added element is really obvious and it doesn’t look natural.
So I opened the image in PhotoToaster and used the lighting brushes to darken the area around the base of the person to make it look like it was casting a shadow.
The next step was a quick edit with the glow filter in the PhotoFX app to brighten the clouds.
The majority of examples that I’ve used here are as a result of the science fiction and fantasy movies and books that I loved when I was growing up.

In this tutorial, it shows you how to achieve that glossy, detailed fantasy look through careful compositing, and control of layers and blending modes. This tutorial is all about mixing process of 3D elements and digital photography to create a vibrant and playful photomontage in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Recently I was searching for a way to shape flames and change the direction of fire in a Photoshop composition. You can also create your own unique forms by choosing multi colors or adjusting more than ten different variables. Luckily for us, there are hundreds of photography apps that can be used to edit and enhance our photos in whatever way we wish. In all these cases the original photo was taken with the native iPhone camera and edited using apps on the iPhone. This gives a great level of control and a clean edge on the subject you’re trying to keep. I repeated this process three more times with different balloon photos until I had all the balloons I needed. The reason for this is that all subsequent filters and edits will be applied to the overall photo, including the added elements – this will help them blend into the image even more. You apply the effects for each brush by rubbing your finger over the area of the photo you wish to change. The diving platform is one of those iconic landmarks that has been photographed many times.
With Alien Sky you can adjust the size of the effect that you’re adding to the image, so I made the moon as big as I could without losing the detail. So I decide to enhance this by using the Alien Sky app to add a large planet in the background.
It has a huge selection of planets, moons, stars, nebulas and other fantastic effects that can help turn your images into scenes from a science fiction movie.
This app has a large selection of lighting and lens flare effects that can substantially enhance the existing light in any image. I finished off the image by applying the Sunset Filter in PhotoToaster to warm up the colors. In recent years in Ireland, whenever new roads are being built, the National Roads Authority and local councils commission works of art to be placed at the road side at various points along its route. As I said earlier, I always introduce the added elements to a shot at the beginning, so that any subsequent edits will help to blend in these new elements. Below is the original photo of Sragh Castle – it was the first house built in my hometown in 1588. I like the look of the building and I thought it would make a great scene for a fantasy movie. I used Alien Sky to add a heavily cratered moon to help create the surreal mood I was after.
But even when I’m creating fantasy photos I try to keep a sense of reality, so this wasn’t going to work. The fact that the person is facing away from the viewer and you can’t see their face adds to the mystery. I also used the Tone Filter to darken the overall image to further enhance the feeling of a night time shot. At this stage I still thought that the person stood out a bit too much, so I went back to PhotoToaster to use the lighting brushes again to increase the shadow as shown below. While in Handy Photo I used it’s Glow filter on a very low setting to decrease the grain in the image.
A quick ten minute edit using a few apps can dramatically alter the look and mood of a photo.
You should use your interests as influences for your edits to make them more personal to yourself.

There are a huge variety of apps available on the App Store so you should be able to find something to help you realize your vision.
You’ll extrude type in Illustrator and then composite on textures and other details in Photoshop.
You’ll learn how to create any own mountain scenes by combining several photos together, add a bridge with lanterns, color balance images, dodge & burn, and many other techniques.
It teaches us about composition, blending, complex workflows and many other aspects of being a top designer.
With photo manipulation software, it allows you to form different combinations with different timing background such as day, night or sunset.
After a little experimentation, I discovered that Photoshop’s Liquify Filter handles the task brilliantly. Why is it important? It's because such kind of bath can serve you a place where the guests and opportunity to freshen up without having to use the private or main quarters bathroom.
Using the eraser tool in the app, I was able to erase everything from the top photo apart from the balloon.
The first thing I did was to use the lighting brushes to darken the sky and bright my son’s hair to emphasise the sunlight. When creating these types of images it’s all about adding elements and layers to bring your idea alive, but also being careful about the order in which you add them. The filters in Tadaa are completely customizable and I reduced the filter strength to about 50% to keep some color in the image.
The names of the apps that are being used are always named so you can check them out and experiment yourself. Your dressing is an important element to match for different kinds of flower to match with.
Using few of pictures plus little design skills, then you can create a fantastic scene like this. Half bath or it’s often called with powder room is generally positioned in a halfway near the front of entryway of a home.
In this tutorial you’ll discover how to create amazing fantasy images by adding a variety of special effects, such as planets, moons, spaceships, lightning bolts, birds and other elements. I then used the Soft Focus brush from the FX Brushes to blur the sky, giving the photo a sense of depth of field. That’s why sometimes it is important for you to decorate it well since somehow it can give effects to the look of your house.
The viewer will become more engaged with the image as they try to relate to the person in it. Well, when it comes to decorating your half bath, consider these half bath decorating ideas.These half bath decorating ideas will make you easier to make your half bath be as fancy as you like. Such half bath will be suitable for you, especially if you like Victorian style and also love romantic so much.
Then, consider installing an ornate washstand in dark wood or you can also adding hand-painted porcelain sink which features elaborate bouquets. This will be much helpful to draw the eye up and also at the same times it invites the sense f romantic inside your half bath.The next half bath decorating ideas that you need to consider are contemporary and Mexican style. One thing that you need to consider before choosing the style for your half bath is the major style of your house.

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