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To faithfully reproduce the original sound, the DCD-520AE is endowed with a wide range of audio technology that Denon has developed and refined over the years. For a sound that surpasses the quality expected in its class, Denon engineers have carefully selected parts for the audio section, the power unit and other areas on the basis of their contribution to high sound quality. The patterns for the digital circuits have been specially designed to provide maximum protection from unwanted radiation and achieve low impedance. This converter and the audio circuit design that Denon has developed over many years masterfully reproduces the delicate nuances of music in the audio signal.
Visualizations (Spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope), advanced and varied Skins, On Screen Mini Controls - take control of dAP, anytime anywhere, Built-in Music Collection database, Track Preference Playback - your favorite tracks are played the most! Small and fast - modularized: only components use are loaded, Selective Playback - listen to the tracks you want to hear.
ID Tag editor - edit Artist, Track information, Auto Volume Normalization - no more fiddling with the volume knob, all your tracks will be the same volume, Playlist Editor, most played, newest and previously played, Quality Graphic Equalizer (16384 order filter) - digitally enhance your music, Widest codecs available, plays practically every audio type (by Default dAP plays Wave, Audio CDs, Mp3, Ogg & Midi). It has its 5-band level equalizer that allows you to adjust the audio just the way you want it. You can choose rock or hip hop, and the same feature can be readily used.The app also has 11 stock presets.
All you have to do is long press on the preset of your choice to check additional customization options.Equalizer is equipped with the Bass Booster, Virtualizer, and Reverb Presets features, which allow you to see and adjust the intensity of the sound. If you want to get the best results, then using a headset would be a great help.To add more color and life to your music experience, the app provides users with beautiful homescreen widgets.

You can either choose to use the available widget skins on your device or download additional skin types.
You can either choose to amplify a sound at a Sub-bass, Standard, Medium, or Small Speaker level.Since the app is equipped with bass options, Voodoo Sound can output loud volumes and quality sound of your chosen audio. Sound improvement options like the Microphone Gain Preset makes it a perfect match for people who enjoy loud and clear audio streaming.Music Volume EQ With over 4 million installations, the Music Volume EQ app proves to be a great companion any time you feel like listening to your favorite music. The app is equipped withA  a media volume control and a 5-band equalizer for easier sound adjustments.
Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects are also available, allowing you to amplify and spatialize audio channels.The app gives you a live reading of your current music volume.
Additional features of this app include homescreen widgets, saving custom presets, 9 equalizer presets, and lock media volume feature. By going into the settings screen, options like music, incoming call alerts, notifications, talking, alarms, and system volume can all be accessed with just one tap. You don’t need to go to several pages to modify the entire audio settings of your phone. This app provides an easier way to do that in one go.Say, for example, you are waiting for an important call, but have to put your phone on silent mode while in a meeting.
Typically, you’ll need to set up several pages into silent mode to make sure that none of your previously programmed sounds, like the alarm, would ring. The app also has a 5-band equalizer.The app requires access to the Bluetooth configuration in order to perform the enhancements you desire.

You will also need to have access to the Internet to get the latest updates from the developer.jetAudio Basic jetAudio Basic is a music player which supports up to 32 equalizer presets. Once installed, the equalizer will automatically run in the background and process your global audio output.
With this app, you can easily manipulate your device to crossfade either manually or automatically. The app also has the Bass Boost control, Volume control, andA  an optional Virtualizer control, which allows screen widening.The app gives users a fun way of exploring the possibilities that they can do with their audio files through providing more choices. It is a free plugin app for PlayerPro Music Player.PlayerPro DSP Pack provides quality performance in audio enhancements.
It is equipped with a Bass Boost Control, Visualizer control, and Volume control that works perfectly with other tuning parameters. Since it is dependent on the Android Media Scanner and Media Store for playback, it will only play files that are native to your phone.PlayerPro DSP Pack also supports gapless playback and crossfade. This will make our android phone stereo setup one step ahead than professional home components.

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