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Modern technology today means we need hardly ever leave our office chair to carry out our day to day business! Writing on the white board, downloading it immediately onto a PC and then distributing it via email rather than taking notes, typing them, photocopying them and then distributing them is far more efficient. All of these are great ideas to improve the image and efficiency of your business but having the right audio visual presentation equipment in the office to do this is key. Audio visual presentation equipment – installations in Manchester, Lancashire, Bolton, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside, Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire, London, Preston, North West, UK. Audio visual presentation equipment, Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, UK. KCR, 62, may be in a sign-of-the-times mood, but the opposition Congress says it's not infectious.The party, which had won 21 of the total 119 seats in the Telangana assembly, is not attending the presentation on irrigation projects for the state because it's "against standard Parliamentary practices" and could set an "unhealthy precedent".
The Congress says that if KCR goes ahead with his presentation, future debates in the assembly may also use tech arguments as their starting point - instead of good, old-fashioned debate.

The Congress, which ruled an undivided Andhra Pradesh for many years, was soundly defeated when newly-carved out Telangana voted in 2014 for KCR.
Telangana's lawmakers have made headlines already this week - for unanimously clearing a 160 per cent raise for themselves. We use SSL security to protect all transactions so your credit card information is completely safe.
With access to the likes of video conferencing we can talk to our colleagues both hundreds and thousands of miles away.
How much more impressive would it be to invite your clients and suppliers to a presentation delivered via a plasma linked to a lap top with a wireless connection rather than an overhead projector and pull down projection screen? Our team of experts can advise you on the right audio visual solution for your needs, everything from video conferencing to interactive whiteboards to plasma equipment. Another opposition party, the TDP, which has three members, is also boycotting the power point.

Their generosity has flagged much criticism because the state's farmers are fighting twin enemies of debt and drought.
With the exception of arranging for delivery of the products ordered, we do not sell, share or rent any personal information (including your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) to other parties for any reason; nor do we contact you by telephone or e-mail to solicit additional products or services. And whilst we can still provide flip charts and whiteboards wouldn’t it be so much easier in a meeting to use modern audio visual presentation equipment? We can also advise on all electrical requirements, hiding of cables and the general impact on the fabric of your building via the contracting arm of the business, offering you a total solution from one point of contact.

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