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Since October, we’ve been sharing the results of our annual content marketing research, and today we focus on B2B small-business marketers (10-99 employees) based in North America. B2B Small Business Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, sponsored by Rainmaker Platform by Copyblogger Media, shows how small-business marketers have changed their content marketing practices over the last year. Nine out of 10 B2B small-business marketers are focused on doing a better job of converting visitors to their websites. More B2B small-business marketers are using social media content other than blogs as a content marketing tactic. Fifty-five percent of B2B small-business marketers say they will spend more on their content marketing over the next 12 months, including 53% of that group who say they are least effective at content marketing. While many marketers are feeling more challenged with certain aspects of content marketing this year, B2B small-business marketers are feeling more challenged in every single area. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! As small businesses are my main target audience, some of these findings are gold dust – especially the increase in spending, which means content marketing is still a growth industry.
The focus on creating a subscription based business model is also key here in terms of enhancing cash flow – which can be a big problem for many small firms.
Anyway, I appreciate your taking the time to put all these excellent and helpful stats together. You say, “The challenge of finding trained content marketing professionals saw the largest percentage of growth (11% said it was a challenge last year vs.
Am I the only one having trouble viewing the Slideshare deck embedded at the end of the post? If you are a business owner, there are two kinds of customers you could be catering to: other businesses or consumers. A B2B transaction occurs when a business needs to source raw materials for its production process or when it needs operational assistance.
Yet another example of a B2B transaction is when a business resells the goods and services of another business. A B2C, or Business-to-consumer company, is one that sells products and services directly to the consumers.
The term B2C became popular in the late 1990s when online retailers started making the most of the dotcom boom. By now, it should be clear that B2B and B2C businesses differ greatly because their target audiences are different. In a B2C setting, however, brand loyalty is quite less because the purchase does not have a lasting impact on the buyer. In another case, a 35-year old graphic designer buys a pair of headphones after browsing the net for 15 minutes. An email marketing tool means big bucks for the company and a strategic decision that impacts its user engagement. While ita€™s not always easy, many well-known brands have proven that companies can achieve success in both B2B and B2C segments.
These companies have become successful in both spaces because they understand what the customer wants. Moreover 43% – 45% of the small business owners said companies made little effort to understand their individual needs and their business.
Most of the small business owners do the business important tasks them self, as they do their financials, marketing, sales and services. When B2B marketers want to connect with them they need to be where those small business owners are around and there where they can be reach and where they can reach out to the marketer.
As an increasing number of small business owners places importance on wireless communications and smart phones for their business this is the way to get in touch with them. Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply.
Progressive companies are now using predictive analytics to deliver an optimal service experience before a customer calls to complain or responds to a survey. Are you looking to find something that will help you in the way that you can maintain your status and have some great fun for yourself? As a normal person with big ambitions, one of the things that oh so want is to have your own home. For every firm, company and organization there are two essential and, very important things – bookkeeping and accounting.

Having a successful business means that you have a great marketing company behind your business.
For every business firm, there lies a need to have business loan so that business can be started or expanded to the next level.
Private security guards are the security operatives who are protecting your home against intruders and burglars. Moving from one place to another is generally a stressful activity just because there are several things involves and because it is notoriously costly.
Are you looking to build a beautiful home where you can add all the best elements that will help you in making it more beautiful for you?
One Payment will service your government or business clients with several large ticket and B2B credit card processing methods, complete with incredibly low rates. Our team at One Payment will guarantee PCI compliance and efficiency for all your large ticket transactions from business to business.
It’s no secret that companies who need B2B credit card processing solutions face different challenges than B2C clientele. One Payment can offer corporate checks, business credit cards, and purchasing cards for your government or business clients when you partner with us for all your B2B credit card processing needs. PCI compliance is a necessary requirement for all B2B credit card processing services, both at terminals and online. Even though social media was the tactic used most often last year, the percentage using it this year grew even more (88% last year vs. The challenge of finding trained content marketing professionals saw the largest percentage of growth (11% said it was a challenge last year vs.
Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc. I would like to say that basing on my years of working with small businesses, they are not fully aware of the cycle of lead generation and conversion, but inadvertently, they are engaging on it based on their prospect and negotiations for acquisition on certain goods and services.
If ita€™s the former, you own a B2B business, but if your target audience is the mainstream consumer then you have a B2C business. An example would be when a retailer buys products from a food manufacturer to resell it at its chains.
A consumer knows what he wants, browses the net, finds the item he is looking for and makes the purchase. The decision making group often includes people from different departments and function areas. The costs are comparatively much less and consumers have a host of other options to choose from. B2C customers, on the other hand, do not usually have an in-depth understanding of the solution they are purchasing.
The difference in the level of understanding is also triggered by the significance of the decision that needs to be made. To begin with, B2B customers are generally very clear on what they need to make logic driven decisions.
The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of an engineering firm will expect a thorough explanation of how a solution works before making a final decision. Thata€™s why using whitepapers and case studies is a clever way to market solutions in this space. It successfully launched Amazon Business, its online platform to attract business customers last year.
Magazine found the majority (52%) of US small-business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively. Their time is full stuffed with work and they do not sit behind a computer a whole day long. Respond friendly and professionally to every request, no matter if it comes publicly through social media or by email or support ticket. As certified inbound marketing professional, authorized inbound marketing educator and HubSpot certified partner I help small and medium sized businesses get found on the internet by the right prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers.
Join this Mastery Webinar for leading-edge thinking and examples of "predictive customer service," including how signals from the Internet of Things can predict service failures and enable the organization to be proactive. Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. SCORE 2016 will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence.

You desire to be in a place of comfort that was erected due to your hard work and perseverance.
Well, you should know that you will have to consider plenty of things when you are getting a loan for your business. One Payment holds Level II processing capabilities that will offer full-item details, including the customer code and sales tax amount, which ensures that reports are accurate and business retain control over transactions.
Our B2B credit card processing services are easily and securely integrated into your business, offering a full suite of solutions for utility companies, property managers, business associations, and more. All of One Payment’s security features are PCI compliant, meaning that your account information and data is safeguarded from potential credit card fraud.
This positive trend aligns with another finding: Small-business marketers are increasingly focused on lead generation.
See all of our annual research published thus far and subscribe to our email to get notified of new research and understand the “whys” and the “what’s next” from the research. I’m curious about how good information designers can find all these businesses who are looking for us! If you click on the title of the presentation underneath the embed, that will take you right to SlideShare where you can also view there. These concepts of focusing on nurturing leads and how to optimise conversion will help small business owners realize the benefits of aligning them for their unique goals.
It is really that simple, but having said that B2B and B2C businesses differ in several ways. To give an example, Maersk Line, a global shipping company that operates over 600 vessels, is a leading B2B business. As the relationship has significant impact on processes, operational systems and costs, businesses foster B2B partnerships. The vendor and the company spend time and resources to understand the need for a customizable solution, assess its performance with several stakeholders and finally implement the solution after three months.
For such customers, ita€™s important to prepare highly detailed content to market the solutions.
In the B2C domain, consumers are more interested in what the product or service can do for them. Over the years, the online retail giant has carved a special space for itself in the B2C domain by offering everything from watches to groceries to its large customer base. It has also made foray into the handmade goods segment with its newly launched online store.
It started out as a B2C platform aimed at young users who found it both interesting and engaging as a social networking platform.
As they are mostly working their job and are with their employees and customers they are perfect to be reached by mobile devices as laptops and smart phones. Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership. In this way, One Payment can help minimize the risk of frivolous spending with corporate credit cards and offer greater levels of processing with smaller costs backed by our low interest rates. By partnering with us, you will also be supported by our team around the clock each and every day of the year. Popups are very effective, although I fear that they will become too common that the audience will begin to ignore them. Leta€™s break down the difference between a B2B and B2C to see how they function and how marketing strategies differ.
As for operational assistance, a retail company may engage a human resource management (HRM) software vendor to streamline its hiring process.
What makes the purchasing decisions more time-consuming is also the fact that the money involved is typically greater than what a consumer pays to a B2C company, so the risk is also high.
A branda€™s reputation matters when it comes to making a second purchase, but ita€™s not as critical as it is for the B2B buyers. The company began focusing on targeting businesses soon after it tasted phenomenal success across the world. Today Facebook for Business is a money-spinner for the company that is still immensely popular among users.

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