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January 20, 2014 By Dani 13 Comments Are you interested in taking those photos you took on vacation or of your kids and editing them to make them look professional? Are you frustrated with the hefty price tag or complicated buttons included with top photo editing software? The Tune Image option can be used to change the brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows and warmth levels. Photo Editor also has different effects like- color splash, color replace, sharpen, sketch, oil paint, sepia, black & white, flip, reflection and more.
Correction tools are available for adjusting temperature, white balance, backlight and perspective.
Color Touch Effects is a one of the great ad-supported free photo editing apps created by the renowned developers Swiss Codemonkeys (remember Appbrain?). The app lacks many basic correcting and adjusting features but it made it to the list because it’s free, easy to use and has some unique tools. Additional effects, stickers, brush items, collage items, decoration items can be downloaded for free from the Settings menu.
Scenes, blur effects, vintage effect, color splash effect and beauty effects are available for free too. The free version of the app is ad-supported yet it doesn’t give all the features for free.
The Pro version is available at $3.99, and it unlocks all the features and removes advertisements. Photo Effects Pro is one of the top photo editing apps with one major flaw: intrusive advertisements. After loading the image (either from the camera or the gallery), you can start editing the picture.
If you want to use free photo editing apps for Android that don’t have any in app advertisements use- Snapseed, Cymera or Pixlr Express. If you are not bothered that much by advertisements you can use-Photo Editor, Photo Effects Pro (Enjoy Photo) or Fotor. At the bottom of each of the reviewed apps there is a link to that particular app in the Google Play Store.
You should try to think beyond Instagram when it comes to edit your favorite photos with your iPhone.
This iPhone app does all the legwork for you to apply the basic editing filters such as contrast, brightness, color temperature etc.
For all those picture collage fans, you can now create high quality collages on your iPhone using Pic Collage app.

Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anything that doesn't have a keyboard. The fast way to deal with photo issues right on your phone is Adobe's Photoshop Express app, available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Here's a quick tour of its features followed by an example of how I used it to improve an under-exposed image.
You can choose a photo from the gallery or snap a picture instantly and then edit it using Snapseed.
You can add various effects like-black & white, vintage, drama, HDR scape, tilt shift and retrolux. You can add big eyes, smile, slim, liquify, hair and mosaic effects through this option to express your creativity. You can use the free version, but many packs, tools and features are locked and you can’t use them until you buy the Pro version. These feature help you adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, hue, color and blur.
The lens boost feature can be used to enable circular, perpendicular or horizontal blurring. The Adjustment option can be used to change brightness, sharpness, color, focus and vibrancy. It offers almost all the features for free but you will have to deal with the disturbing in-app advertisements.
Every time you open the picture editing app, you see a new image of something nice (like nature, trees and flowers). It’s not from the developers who made the photo editing app Aviary, but the user interface looks quite similar to Aviary and you can purchase and use Aviary effects and frame packages in this app.
Reborn as an Android angel, he found his calling; to share his knowledge and show Android users the way to Android heaven. Photo Editor is purposed for essential photo editing tasks that you miss out before sharing your clicks. However, it is a highly useful app for iPhone users to add text and funny artworks to your photos. This app gives you total freedom in creating custom collages with a lot of filters, predefined cutouts, and touch gestures for basic operations. This app gives you a bunch of advanced photo capture and editing tools to bring out the best in you as a budding photographer. It's both the most powerful I've ever used and the simplest a€” quickly accomplishing things that you'd normally need paid software for.

The Color Curve feature is probably the most in-depth tool to adjust the color of the photo.
The main feature of this app is to add a Color Splash effect on your photos with the Paint tool and it does it efficiently.
You can add filters (basic and art), light effects (color, shape and theme), borders (simple, pattern and themes) and blur effects. You can either load an image from the gallery to edit or you can use the camera to capture and edit. You can even see the Powered by Aviary logo on the bottom of the screen when using the app. However, you can try some of the latest and really useful photo editing apps for iPhone if you want the best out of your mobile photography. One unique feature in this app is to convert your dull photos to superbly crisp and clear ones. Especially if you shoot on your cell phone, you'll likely encounter a lot of problems with your images a€” and you might not even notice until long after they're shot. You can also add various effects to your photos like mono, sepia, old mono, old, infrared, auto contrast, contrast & brightness, hue and saturation, color rotate, lomo, negative, solarize, thermal and x-ray. You can’t load photos in high-resolution, and few effects are available in the free version. Stay ahead in getting more likes and views for your photos just by giving them the so called pro-treatment just like the photographers do with their bulky DSLRs and Photoshop. Adjust brightness, exposure, saturation and share them instantly through Facebook, twitter, Flickr or Instagram. You can also create inspiration photos by adding thoughtful quotes in an artistic image using this app.
You can easily change the contrast, saturation and brightness levels in a photo just by adjusting the slider. Using the Selective Adjust box option, you can change the brightness, color and saturation level of different points of a particular photo.

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