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Days at school is always filled with unforgettable memories , when we meet our respected teachers and make good friends with our dear classmates and schoolmates. You can refer to the article "How to Create Graduation Photo DVD Slideshows?" to make a wonderful photo DVD graduation slideshow with Photo DVD Burner. If you want to create a graduation photo slideshow, please get step-by-step instructions via How to create photo DVD slideshows for graduation. To convert these graduation songs MP3 to other audios, please use the Mac music converter; to make ringtones for your mobile phone, try this Mac ringtone Maker.
Download and launch the slideshow software, enter Advanced Mode to experience more customization features. Choose your desired menu template from the left hand side of the software window and change your photo transition to get an ideal effect.
After previewing, if you are satisfied with your menu and slideshow, you can go to a€?Createa€? tab to burn the slideshow as videos. With SmartSHOW 3D, you can embellish your photos with artistic filters, insert elegant transitions between the slides and add captions in order to explain when this or that snapshot was taken. If you have enough time to create a slideshow from scratch, you can work individually with each slide.
In addition to subtitles, you really should take advantage of SmartSHOW 3D option to record sound and insert it right into the slideshow.
Impress your classmates and teachers with a stylish and amusing memento that they will treasure for a lifetime!
I shoot weddings for a living, and often make wedding and love story slideshows for my clients. The cost of a college education continues to rise – and so does the amount that students are borrowing to cover those costs. Princeton’s generous financial aid awards help propel this Ivy to the top spot on our combined list, which includes both private and public colleges (we use out-of-state costs for public colleges).
Berea stands out not only for its generous financial aid program but also for its commitment to providing a college education to students with limited economic resources. Berea students work toward degrees in 32 academic majors -- but each of the students also works at least 10 hours each week in a campus job as part of his or her tuition scholarship and to earn money for books, food and other expenses.
Located in the Park Avenue South area of Manhattan, Baruch College of the City University of New York is about 10 minutes from both Grand Central Station and Penn Station and about 15 minutes from Wall Street. The school’s annual sticker price for out-of-state students is comparable to the national average for out-of-state students at public four-year colleges. This small liberal arts college in northwestern Massachusetts is one of two liberal arts schools on our best values list to get student borrowers to graduation day with an average debt of less than $13,000. Like many of our best values schools, Williams College meets 100% of a student’s financial need.
The country’s oldest institution of higher education (established in 1636), Harvard offers a generous financial aid program, which helps make a Harvard education surprisingly affordable -- and keeps student borrowing to a minimum.
Located in the heart of Manhattan, Hunter College is the largest school in the City University of New York system. More than half of Hunter College students receive need-based financial aid, and the average award of $6,547 reduces the annual cost for out-of-state students to $20,842.
Yale’s top-notch academics – including a highly competitive 7% acceptance rate and an impressive 90% four-year graduation rate – help this Ivy secure second place on both our combined and private universities best values lists.
The second-largest school in the University of California system, Cal State Long Beach is a small academic city: it boasts the largest student enrollment in our low-debt round-up. Stellar academic quality, including a 14% admission rate, an eight-to-one student-faculty ratio and a 93% four-year graduation rate, contribute to this southern California school’s success in our rankings. Like many of the top contenders on our best values list, Pomona meets 100% of a student’s financial need and does so without including loans in students’ financial aid awards. Of the 11 four-year undergraduate colleges in the City University of New York system, Queens College is one of three CUNY schools to earn a place on our best values list.
For the first time, Kiplinger’s presents a combined ranking of best values in private and public colleges. This entry was posted in Slideshow Music and tagged best songs graduation slideshow, dvd memories songs for graduation, good songs for slideshows of graduation, graduation slideshow songs, graduation songs for slideshow, songs for graduation slideshow on February 21, 2013 by Sarah Jablich.
Congratulations to all those who have or are about to, complete a degree or graduate diploma in 2013. With it, you can upload unlimited photos, videos and music to create your show and then share it with your schoolmates on Facebook or YouTube.
Teachers and schoolmates, childish pranks and first love are so close and dear that you may not believe that soon a new page of your life story will open. Because SmartSHOW 3D is user-friendly, you can create a slideshow in just half an hour and continue getting prepared for the prom. Look through Modern Style templates, choose one, add photos and music, and that is actually all – your graduation slideshow is ready! Take advantage of artistic Photo Filters, Animation and Slide Effects, Collages and Transitions. Remember that usually long videos with slow-paced music lull everybody to sleep, so try to avoid it. You can play such a slideshow in the background of a speech on a loop or at a key time during the graduation party so that everybody pays attention to it. I used to do that with Windows Movie Maker, but then I came across SmartSHOW 3D and realized the immense potential of photo slideshow. In 2014-15, the average sticker price (including tuition, fees, and room and board) at a four-year private nonprofit college or university rose 3.6%, to $42,419, according to the College Board.

These 10 colleges offer academic quality and enough financial support to get students to graduation day with a manageable amount of student debt. The small liberal arts school in Berea, Kentucky, about 35 miles south of Lexington, accepts 34% of applications and only admits students with financial need. More than two-thirds of students borrow, but the average debt at graduation is about one-fifth of the national average for students at private colleges and universities.
The school’s 35 undergraduate majors and 93 undergraduate minors are organized into three schools: Zicklin School of Business, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Public Affairs. But the average need-based aid award of $7,127 reduces the annual cost for out-of-state students to $26,326.
A competitive 18% admission rate, a 98% freshmen retention rate and an impressive seven-to-one student-faculty ratio help secure the school’s spot on our best values list.
But competition for admission to this Cambridge, Mass., school is steep -- Harvard’s 6% acceptance rate ties with Stanford as the most competitive of all 300 schools in our rankings, and more than 80% of the students who are accepted choose to enroll (the second-highest yield, after the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, of all 300 schools in our ranking). It offers need-based aid to more than 60% of students and does not include loans as part of a student’s financial aid package. The school admits 31% of applicants, and the student body includes students from more than 150 countries. Although nearly three-fourths of students take out loans, the average debt at graduation is about half the national average for public school borrowers. Among incoming freshmen, 80% score 700 or higher on the verbal portion of the SAT, and 81% score 700 or higher on the math portion. Portions of Long Beach’s 322-acre campus overlook the Pacific Ocean, and 3,200 flowering peach trees dot the campus.
Though Pomona is one of three schools in our low-debt round-up with a sticker price above $60,000, a generous average need-based aid award of $43,486 cuts the annual sticker price 71% to $17,946. The school’s no-loan policy, which was adopted in 2008, means that students receive all their financial aid in the form forms that don’t need to be repaid. The school accepts just over one-third of applicants, and 84% of freshmen return for their sophomore year. With this professional slideshow maker, you can surely make a touching graduation slideshow DVD.
Some of your friends may go off to high-level universities or move away to pursue their careers.
Besides, there are lots of transition effects, album themes, menu templates for you to choose from. With a few taps and drags on Photo Slideshow Director, you can easily make a dynamic graduation photo slideshow on your iPhone or iPad.
Your graduation is a celebration of your achievement and marks the beginning of an amazing journey. It's really a great and meaningful souvenir that pertains to a gone times and it's worth capturing precious moments.
Below we will teach you how to use this program to make your own slideshow with your photos and graduation songs. It will surely touch everyone's heart, because professional designers worked on each template to achieve the best-looking result.
One of the graduation slideshow ideas is to create a chronological sequence of photos, starting with the pics of your first school days and finishing with the ones taken during the graduating year. Omit the captions for group photos, but write the name of the child if he is alone in the shot.
Using the Timeline, place your comments on top of the music, so that it is played at the background of the recorded message.
Surely, slideshow is a creative and easy way to celebrate any event, but it is best to keep it under 4 minutes long – otherwise you can just lose the guests’ attention. All kinds of fascinating effects and animation, music and voiceover, and excellent quality video in the end! The annual published price for out-of-state students at four-year public institutions rose 3.3% to $32,762. At six of the schools on our list, students who borrow earn their diploma with an average of $13,000 or less in debt. In 2001, Princeton became the first school to institute a no-loan financial aid policy – making the switch to offering all financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants.
Baruch students can easily make the short trip to Wall Street or Midtown for internships and networking opportunities with major companies and organizations. Almost half of Baruch College students receive financial aid, and Baruch is one of three schools on our best values list to keep average debt at graduation under $10,000.
Among incoming freshmen, 67% score 700 or higher on the verbal portion of the SAT, and 64% score 700 or higher on the math portion of the exam.
The average need-based aid award of $42,565 cuts the school’s annual sticker price 69% to $19,305.
Among incoming freshmen, 79% score 700 or higher on the verbal portion of the SAT, while 81% score 700 or higher on the math section. Families with income between $65,000 and $150,000 are generally expected to contribute no more than 10% of their income.
Among incoming freshmen, one-third score at least 600 on the verbal portion of the SAT, and half score 600 or higher on the math portion of the exam.
And as a no-loan school, Yale’s financial aid award program doesn’t saddle students with any aid that has to be repaid. Students who choose to borrow on their own accumulated an average of $13,441 in debt, less than half the national average for private school borrowers.

Located in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, the 80-acre campus is home to nearly 70 undergraduate majors, ranging from accounting and chemistry to Spanish and urban studies. Graduation means we have to say goodbye to our classmates, friends and teachers, and go to a new unfamiliar environment.
If you are looking for a wonderful and spiritual song for a graduation slideshow for yourself or a graduate in your life then here are some of the best option! If we say family is the most precious and love is the sweetest emotion in the world, how can we describe the friendship with schoolfellows? One thing you can do to commemorate them is to record all your memories and share them as a present during the graduation party. To make the slideshow even more entertaining, add photos from cheerleading, acting and singing happenings or even PE and chemistry lessons! Adjust the volume of both audio tracks; do not let the music be louder than the voice comments, otherwise nobody will be able to hear them. And you have to get prepared – soon after the party, everybody will be asking for a copy of the slideshow. Meanwhile, the average published price for for in-state students at a public four-year school rose 3.0% to $18,943. And at three of the schools, student borrowers graduate with an average debt of less than $10,000. Princeton, with a 7% acceptance rate, is one of the most selective schools on our best values list. About one-fourth of families choose to borrow on their own, but an average need-based aid award of $37,183 reduces the annual average cost after need-based aid to $21,982.
All admitted students receive a full-tuition scholarship -- about $94,000 over the course of four years -- and most receive additional financial aid to cover housing, meals and other fees.
Students can select from 36 academic majors across the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. And among students who qualify, the average need-based aid award of $41,975 cuts the school’s annual sticker price by 70%.
Life on this Upper East Side campus includes access to academic courses in more than 100 fields of study, ranging from anthropology to urban affairs. Parents: Don’t assume you make too much money to qualify for need-based aid -- the only kind that Yale offers.
Once on campus, students have access to 63 academic departments and programs, where they can study subjects ranging from English and marine biology to industrial design and aerospace engineering.
Queens College has another distinction: It is one of two dozen schools on our combined best values list of 300 colleges and universities with an annual sticker price below $30,000. Therefore, it is necessary to record the significant moments of your school life before graduation .
Seemingly it is too insipid to say unforgettable, too strong to say wonderful, and too profound to say sincere. Memorable pictures are brought to life with the help of shiny effects: camera flash, projector lights, filmstrip, 3D cube and more. When you finish the stage of composing and embellishing your slideshow, ask someone to watch it with you – this person will help you to identify if you added enough effects or if you overdosed them. You can prepare a web-optimized version and upload it to Facebook, or make a bunch of DVDs to give out. More than three-quarters of incoming freshmen score 700 or higher on the verbal portion of the SAT, and 80% score 700 or higher on the math portion of the exam. Among students who borrow, the average debt at graduation is about one-fifth of the national average and the lowest of all 300 schools in our rankings.
You can earn $200,000 or more and your student may still be eligible for some financial help. An average need-based aid award of $6,000 brings the annual cost of attendance for out-of-state students to $22,545, further reducing a student’s need to borrow.
So we like taking pictures to remember these precious school life and our dear schoolmates. To share the slideshow with friends, you can save it as a video for uploading to Facebook and YouTube.
The age being at school is always pure, simple and sweet, except that we can't repeat it any more.
Just imagine revisiting your school days while playing it at the party and experiencing the great time you had once again! Student borrowers at private colleges and universities racked up an average of $31,200 in debt, while students at four-year public institutions averaged $25,600 per borrower.
Students at this New Jersey school, located halfway between Philadelphia and New York City, can select from 34 academic departments, and an impressive six-to-one student-faculty ratio means students get plenty of face time with their professors. The school’s average need-based aid award of $6,427 cuts the annual sticker price for out-of-state students 26% to $18,769. In the following article, I will list most and fore-ever popular songs for graduation slideshows and graduation celebrations.

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