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The last time I tried to make a list of racing games for Mac, I couldna€™t even findA 10 racing games, let alone 10 good ones. If you want to discover evenA more top-notch MacA games, this resource has the 100 Best Mac games available. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is perhaps the best racing game on thisA list, if you consider the purest definition of racing. With a multitude of SEGA characters to play as, this game is a great way to relieve your arcade cravings. The only thing that holds it back are the empty multiplayer rooms, which can get frustrating as a lot of the fun is in the multiplayer modes. A Good Match for: Gamers looking for a more realistic experience filled with real-life cars and competitions. CodemastersA tried to make the handling as realistic as possible, but still managedA to allow novice drivers to get the hang of this game. And in case you haven’t paidA attention, the 4 racing games listed so far were all developed by Feral Interactive, and they all work great on Mac OS X.
This is an unforgivingly difficult game, with no driver aidsA or flashbacks to prevent those silly errors. With hours of gameplay to offer, you can enjoyA this game for what feels like an eternity, especially because of it’sA difficulty level. CSR Racing is a simple drag racing game where you have to win so that you can upgrade your car or buy new ones.
Race The Sun isna€™t a racing game in the truest sense, as you arena€™t really racing with anybody else.
The weekly leaderboards provide plenty of motivation to keep on playing and the points they give you can be used to upgrade your ship.
After every good run, youa€™ll eitherA end up sitting back in your chair, sighing with satisfaction, or screaming in frustration.
Back in the good old days of pixelated gaming, there was one game to rule them all: Road Rash. The game is still in Early Access on Steam, but you can give it a try and help the developers iron out bugs and test the latestA features. If youa€™re not one for following racing lines and clean overtaking manoeuvres, your search ends here.
Flatout 2 is slightly old now, but with the its quality and graphics, it still can be considered one of the best racing games for Mac.
Distance is a Tron-esq racing game with some ridiculously challenging mapsA and flying cars. So next time someone tells you there are no good racing games on the Mac, just point them to this list and get back to the starting line. As someone who always keeps up to date with the OS I’m not sure I will be content playing without it as it does add a lot to the experience.
You could create a certificate and sign the extension yourself that would (in theory) work not that I have tested that idea myself.
I will be keeping an eye out of the Forum boards, Ed before upgrading to El Capitan, to see if anyone tries that idea and gets it to work. In my first test with F1 2013 it wasn’t working but after reading a post from someone on macrumors saying it was working for them I tried again with F1 2012 and F1 2013 and it worked!
I’m really not sure what had changed as all I had done since the first test was use the machine and sleep it a couple of times but this is a huge relief and I can stick to using my Mac for my racing fix. Anything HID compliant should work, however if you want force feedback it needs to be a Logitech, mainly older models like Wingman, formula Force EX, Momo etc. I’d certainly be willing to try anything like that , I was under the impression you needed to be a registered Apple developer with an annual fee to sign them? It represents an opportunity for any other wheel maker but again no one has stepped up to offer one since 10.7.
Yeah or even Sonic, as it’s perfect for non racing fans but gamers who just want to have fun with friends.
The best racing game I ever played was Star Wars Pod Racer that was I think from Lucas arts.
The Mac is a great general purpose computer, which means it's also an excellent game system. When the weather's too gray to go for a drive, kick it in this collection of recent racing Mac games featuring slick rides and unusual twists and turns.
Square Enix's release of Final Fantasy XIV for the Macintosh seems to have been blunder after misstep after blunder, and it's becoming a textbook example of how not to release a game for the Mac. Explore uncharted territory as a intergalactic swashbuckler, a super-cute knight, or an Old Testament animal-sitter in this week's Mac games round-up. Solve puzzles, travel to space, and unleash your psychic potential in this week's best Mac games! In the spirit of last week's WWDC, I invite you to enjoy my collection of the finest Mac games to come out over the course of the past year or so. Valve Software plans to revamp its popular multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 as Dota 2 Reborn, with a new game engine, overhauled interface and improvements for new players, just to start. This week's Humble Weekly Bundle features adventure games, most of which run on Mac and Windows, some Linux too. First-Person shooter games are so popular, they can make or break a gaming platform:A “Does this console support Titanfall?
But everyone just assumes that the Mac is lacking because it doesn’t support the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield. If you’re looking for the best Mac games, no matter the genre,A this resource has the 100 Best Mac games available. Developed by Eidos Montreal and broughtA to the Mac by Feral Interactive, Human Revolution is a cyberpunk first-person shooter that can doA stealth and action if needed. While Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be mostly remembered by the different strategies it allowed (and encouraged), it willA also be remembered by the top-notch story it tells. Developed by Ukrainian developer 4A Games, Last Light is a single player shooter that puts you in the middle of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. If you want to take a break from the fast-paced Multiplayer shooters that dominate the market,A Metro Last Light is just what you need.
From all the Call of Duty games available on Mac, Modern Warfare 3 is the only one that made it to our Top 10. Left 4 Dead 2 is yet another game from Valve, and the sequel of the fan-favorite Left 4 Dead. The game puts you and 3 other friends in a world full of zombies where you areA forced to work as a team.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online tactical first-person shooter developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, andA the fourth game in theA franchise. If you’re much younger than me, this could be the very first time you hear about this game.
Marathon is a perfect break from all those online First-Person shooters that have saturated the market.
A gamer since I can remember, I have mostly been a console gamer with some PC gaming moments (thank you Age of Empires and StarCrafta€¦).
Thanks Camilo, I liked them too, I guess they are a great way for people unfamiliar with the games a sense of that they’re all about! Pathways Into Darkness is another vintage, old-school FPS that is similar to the Marathon series. I know this is all my personal opinion, but no one should play the Presequal before they play Borderlands 2, it is just a superior game in all regards.
The Pre-sequel wasn’t a revolution, but it was a more polished version of Borderlands 2.
Problem is, expectations were so high, everyone expected a jump in quality like the one between the first Borderlands and Borderlands 2.
Here’s the thing though, Borderlands TPS was a fairly significant step BACK from what Borderlands 2 was. If I want a Borderlands fix, I can think of a dozen maps in Borderlands 2 that I can enter, kill dozens of enemies, with hardly any downtime. So I have a new Mac Air and an 8 year old MacBook pro and am novice (well, about to be novice) gamer. Hey dude, Love this site I just wanted to ask you I have a MacBook pro 2.5 intel core i5 and 4GB DDR3 RAM which games could I run? Contrary to popular belief, Mac gamers have plenty of top games titles to choose from these days - indeed, the most difficult part is narrowing down the options from all the high-quality games on offer, and then finding the money to buy and time to play them. Here, then, are the greatest Mac games out there, together with, where available, links to in-depth Macworld reviews and entries on the Mac App Store or Steam, so you can buy them right away. Before we get on to our individual recommendations (which cover a wide range of budgets, and include some quality free games), we'd like to hear your view on games pricing.
There is some combat in Animal Gods, but the game actually reminds me more of iOS games such as Limbo and Botanicula [both also available on Mac], as the slim storyline and combat elements are very much secondary to the experience of just soaking up the atmosphere created by the distinctive 2D artwork and soothing soundtrack. If you're looking for a hack-and-slash action game then you'll definitely be disappointed, as neither the combat nor puzzle-solving elements of the game are particularly challenging.
To be honest, Animal Gods would probably work better on handheld iOS devices than on a Mac or PC, but it might be worth checking out if you like games that can help to calm you down after a stressful day at work. Baldur's Gate was a landmark roleplaying game of the late 90s, and set the standard for every RPG that followed.
The original Baldur's Gate II was released way back in 1988 by the role-playing gods at Bioware, and its 2D graphics will look pretty dated to anyone that has played modern role-playing games such as Bioware's Dragon Age series. It's a shame that this updated Enhanced Edition couldn't be brought right up to date with more modern 3D graphics, but it does get a cosmetic makeover with high-def versions of the original artwork, so it doesn't look too bad on modern computer screens. There are hundreds and hundreds of quests along the way - around 300 hours worth if you try to complete them all - including power struggles within the guild of Shadow Thieves, and an epic battle with the wizard Irenicus, played in full scenery-chewing mode by Brit character actor David Warner. Twisted, sacrilegious and utterly unforgiving: The Binding of Isaac's dungeons full of mutant babies and Bible satire isn't a game to show granny. The game starts off in conventional role-playing fashion, sending you and one companion to explore the countryside around your ancestral home.

You then set off to explore the aforementioned darkest dungeon, which lurks somewhat inconveniently beneath your old family pile.
It's pretty hardcore, too - there's no Quick Save option, so if your team dies you'll just have to return to town and sign up some new raw recruits. Twenty years after the events of the last game, a meteor strikes the much-troubled town of Tristram, opening up a gateway into the depths of the earth and paving the way for the return of the demon lord Diablo. This time around you can choose from five different character classes - barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor and wizard - each with its own unique skills and abilities. There's no denying the addictive grip that Diablo III exerts, even if Blizzard could have been more ambitious in updating from Diablo II.
The turn-based combat is very satisfying and features a depth you would be hard pressed to find in other games. Should your AI or co-op partner disagree on something, you play a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the winner. Like its predecessor, Dragon Age II is set in the fantasy world of Thedas, but it introduces an entirely new cast of characters and a new storyline as your hero - known only as Hawke - rises from obscurity to become a mighty champion. The focus on politics and intrigue means that DAII lacks the epic good-versus-evil story of the original, but other aspects of the game are genuinely improved.
None of the previous, single-player games in the Elder Scrolls series has ever been released for the Mac, so we were pleasantly surprised when the massively multiplayer Elder Scrolls Online was simultaneously launched on both Mac and PC in April 2014. In many ways, Elder Scrolls Online - ESO to its friends - is a stereotypical swords-and-sorcery game, with a storyline about the demon prince Molag Bal who is attempting to invade the fantasy world of Tamriel. Like World Of Warcraft and other RPG rivals, ESO lets you play as a warrior, wizard or rogue, but you can also join one of three warring factions known as the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion. The launch of the game was marred by a horde of bugs, but the game has had a year to settle down now, and ESO has also recently dropped its monthly subscription fees (although there is an optional premium membership plan for the most dedicated players). Guild Wars 2 was originally launched on the PC only and the Mac version appeared a little while later with very little fanfare, which means that GW2 hasn't attracted that many Mac gamers so far. It is, admittedly, very routine fantasy fare, with warriors, wizards, and rogues, and lots of quests, monsters and loot. The storyline that props up the game is instantly forgettable fantasy fare, but the real heart of GW2 is the player-versus-player combat. There's also an expansion pack on its way, called Heart Of Thorns, which will introduce a new character class and new abilities - including hang-gliding! Originally launched in 2003, KOTOR has bounced back since Apple launched the Mac App Store, and is now one of its top 10 highest-grossing games. The action is set 4,000 years before the Star Wars films, at a time when the Jedi are being hunted down by the armies of the Sith. It's more than a decade since the original Knights Of The Old Republic was first released, but that game is still selling well on the App Store even after all these years. Like its predecessor, KOTOR II is set thousands of years in the past, long before the events of the Star Wars film series. There's a wide range of skills and abilities that you can develop as you progress through the game, and you can focus on either light-sabre combat or spooky Force Powers depending on how you want to develop your character. The original Two Worlds wasn't released on the Mac, so you're kind of coming in halfway through the story in this sequel.
What rescues the Two Worlds II from cliché is the sheer quality and scale of the game. Wasteland 2 is the sequel to the 1988 game Wasteland, the original post-apocalyptic RPG, and the inspiration for the beloved Fallout series of games. The post-apocalyptic setting has always been a favorite of ours, and Wasteland 2 delivers in spades with atmosphere, colourful and engaging characters, sharp writing and lots of action.
An extensive customisation and upgrade system lets you fine-tune your parties skills and abilities to whatever you want or need.
The Witcher 2 is undoubtedly one of the best roleplaying games of recent years and, as the name implies, it's the sequel to the original Witcher game that was originally launched on the PC in 2007. RPG fans will quickly find themselves drawn into this rich - and often adult - storyline, but the combat and skill systems are quite complex so you'll need to devote a bit of time to mastering them. Sorry!A This list will include a wide variety of racing games, from arcade games to life-like simulations. But we didna€™t have to worry, because Grid 2 is probably one of the best racing games on Mac or Windows.
You can go racing with a field of cars, overtake as many cars as possible, drift your way down a hillA or even race through the streets of Paris.
Formula 1 fans, this is the only racing game you need, but other racing fans should also give it a try.A Get this game right and winning a race will definitely give you a high. That game is friendlier for beginners, cheaper, andA almost arcade-like by comparison.A See it action here. The game encourages you to pull off magnificent stunts in cars plastered with logosA and lets you watch it all again in delicious slo-mo. But with a wide range of playable motorsport disciplines, this game still has lots of appeal. The controls are very simple, as you only have to control the revs at launch and then shift gear at the right time. The game is essentially the same, but with better graphics, new weapons, procedurally generated worldsA and online multiplayer! The drool-worthy futuristic graphics alone are worth getting the game, but the gameplay is even better.
You can also make your own maps using a level editor, which is another huge draw of this game, as every map has the potential to look like a work of art. Let us know in the comments section, perhaps youa€™ll even find fellow Mac users to play with. I am however expecting to find the Logitech Force Feedback kernel extension will break with El Capitan and the new requirement for developer signed kexts (it dates back to 2002 before signing existed). I’d buy a new wheel but no-one (including Logitech) even offer one with Force Feedback support on OS X these days. I feel the same as mattswmac about the potential loss of Force Feedback on OS X for wheels, as I have enjoyed many of the Feral releases of racing games as far back as Colin McRae Rally. I should write about this stuff, as a ton of gamers wonder what wheel support exists on Mac OS. The newer GP27 etc work as well but if you want the full rotation on these you can’t have the force feedback. Hope it will continue after Grid Autosport (and specially hope they will continue reducing the gap between the windows release and the Mac release dates). People love to hate them (probably because their support wasn’t that good in the past) but their latest work is getting better and better (at least when it comes to performance of their wrappers). I will keep it mind for the next update (I update these guides around once every 6 months IF there are newer games deserving a spot).
There are tons of great games for the Mac, and we constantly strive to find you the best ones.
These five picks run the gamut from family-friendly fun to fiendishly difficult fare, so choose your adventure carefully.
Yet,A the Mac still has many great First-Person Shooters to offer, including some of the very best. At some points I had to stop and just absorb the breathtaking vistas Columbia had to offer.
The fact that it’s free certainly helps, but the game could cost 50$ and I would still buy it. In fact,A Metro: Last Light was so demanding, it was often used to benchmark gaming machines. As the name of the game suggests, most of the story takes place insideA the metro system, withA occasional missions above ground. It offers a big-budget story (see it for yourself), a co-op mode you can play with a friendA and the fast-paced Multiplayer most people buy the game in the first place for. One could argue that too many Valve games made it to this list, but truth is, they all bring something completely different to the table.
CS: GO features classic content from the original Counter Strike, such asA revamped versions of classic maps, as well as brand new maps, characters and game modes.
You can get the Marathon Trilogy for free and it includes the original Marathon, Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. With so many options, ranging from fast-paced games to platformers, the Mac has something for everyone. However, after entering the Apple world, first with an iPod and then with a Macbook, I am today a self-proclaimed Apple fan boy. This is what made me turn to mac games, which I have enjoyed for several months and cover 99% of my gaming needs.
Every single time I forced myself to try to play a famous FPS game, so that I am not left out by this FPS hype, I got disappointed. Pace is one thing for sure (that’s probably why I prefer Far Cry 3, which is much slower compare to other FPS).
I also preferred Borderlands 2 because it got so much right and it sometimes felt like a revolution. It didn’t earn as much respect as Borderlands 2 did when it first came out, but it still added even more things that improved the Borderlands formula.
If they ever release KF 2, why not, but in the meantime L4D2 seems like a better alternative. Here are the 99 best Mac games out there, from strategy titles and sports sims to RPGs, adventures, action games and puzzles, together with reviews and links to buy. You play a warrior called Thistle - who is apparently female, although her animated figure is unfortunately too small to create any real sense of character. The graphics may be dated, and the game's interface isn't exactly streamlined, but the complex storyline and eccentric cast of supporting characters are still very enjoyable and can provide many hours of enjoyable monster-bashing. Younger players, raised on 3D epics such as Dragon Age, may wonder what all the fuss is about, but anyone who can remember the good old days of role-playing games will thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to go adventuring on the Sword Coast once more.
Even so, it's an essential purchase for anyone that has even the slightest interest in role-playing games, and the sheer size of the game means that it's excellent value for money.

Besides, whether in 2D or 3D, Bioware's great strength has always been its story-telling skill, and Baldur's Gate II is as captivating now as it was nearly 30 years ago.
Throw in the return of bonkers barbarian Minsc and his giant space-hamster Boo, and BGII is a real retro treat for RPG fans.
Its two-dimensional sideways-scrolling graphics are stylishly drawn, but definitely rather retro when compared to most modern 3D games. Each character has his or her own special skills to master, and there are some fun character classes that you can experiment with, such as the creepy Plague Doctor and shape-shifting Abomination. Not everyone will have the patience for this sort of slow, thoughtful action, but if you're a hardened role-player then Darkest Dungeon will offer a satisfying challenge, and its novel Affliction system makes a nice change to the clichéd heroics of traditional role-playing games. As always, it's up to you to gird your loins and turn back the forces of darkness before they unleash untold nastiness upon the earth. If you have any interest at all in sword and sorcery action games this is simply irresistible. Epic fantasy-RPG: a rich world to explore, humorous writing and characters, unique co-op mechanics, intriguing story and great combat. Practically every object can be interacted with in some way, whether for pure amusement (you can wear pumpkins on your head) or practicality, such as harvesting herbs to craft potions.
The graphics are even more spectacular, and the combat is fast and furious, with characters leaping around the screen, waving their swords and firing spells all over the place. But that's just background stuff and, like most massively multiplayer RPGs, ESO is all about completing quests, killing monsters and generally hoovering up as much loot as you can. The power struggle between these three groups adds an enjoyable element of player-versus-player combat to the more routine quests and tasks, and the game does a good job of creating the atmosphere of a world at war.
This means that you just need to buy a copy of the game and you can then play for as long as you want without a subscription. It's a lot of fun, though, and the Guild Wars games have always been subscription-free, so GW2 is a good way of getting some online role-playing action without having to pay a monthly fee.
However, GW2 gets all the basics right, including a really flexible skills system that gives you different powers and abilities depending on which weapons you choose. I spend most of my time in the smaller arenas, where two groups of players fight it out for control of specific landmarks and objectives. You play one of the last Jedi Knights, leading an army of freedom fighters on a series of missions across planets such as Tatooine and the Sith home world of Korriban.
You play one of the last surviving Jedi, who have been almost completely wiped out after a long war with the evil Sith Lords.
There's also a strong story and role-playing element, full of political twists and turns, and moral decisions that will affect the final outcome of the game. It also happens to be one of the several successful Kickstarter titles that was made possible with the help of more than 70,000 backers. The turn-based combat is well-paced and challenging, and certain encounters will push the limits of your party.
This RPG is also full of great missions to fulfill, side quests to solve, characters to meet and tough choices to make.
Both games are based on the popular fantasy novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski that follow the adventures of Geralt of Rivia - a 'witcher' who roams the fantasy kingdom of Temeria, slaying monsters and generally being mean and moody. Some people may find the lack of different character classes a little restrictive, too; but the vividly drawn world of the The Witcher 2 will appeal to anyone who enjoys old-school role-playing games. Not yet, but 2012 was a great year for Mac gaming and Aspyr is celebrating by offering the Best Mac Games of 2012 for 25 percent off their regular list prices.
Alternately, check out every Aspyr game on the Mac App Store, many of which are discounted 25 percent. This game is accessibleA and should even appeal to those who arena€™t usually into racing games. Grid 2 is not as hardcore asA Gran Turismo, but it takes the best from the simulation genre and puts it into a more manageable package. The goal was to finish first on your motorbike, whilst fighting other riders and weaving through traffic. Often hailed as the best game in the FlatOut series, almost everything in the game is destructible. Whether youa€™re a hardcore racing fan with a pedal and steering wheel setup or a casual gamer who likes the occasional arcade racer, this list provides quality games to meet every need. I would gladly write a how-to post, as I truly believe MANY Mac gamers are having this issue.
Here are some of the features we've produced outlining the best games in various categories — make sure to check them all out for ideas! After choosing a character, you thenA join one of two teams and battle in a variety of game modes including capture the flag and king of the hill. If that wasn’t enough,A the game was recentlyA enhanced and improved for next generation consoles.
It also helps that Modern Warfare 3, unlike Black Ops, offers cross-platform Multiplayer between Windows and Mac OS X gamers on Steam. All while doing your best to survive the hundreds of hideousA creatures the game will throw at you.
But other than being a monument to gaming (it was revolutionary when it was first released in 1994), the game is genuinely fun and one of the best free games you can get for your Mac. Let us know in the comments section, perhaps youa€™ll even find fellow Mac users to play with!
And although I do like the Presequal, it really doesn’t match to the greatness of its predecessor, all reviews back this up. Thistle sets out to rescue three ancient animal gods who have been trapped in a series of temples, so you have to explore each temple and overcome the enemies within, as well as solving some simple puzzles along the way.
The game is huge, covering dozens of locations around the area known as the Sword Coast, and it often seems like there are people just queuing up in the local tavern to offer you additional quests and rewards in return for your help. It's very much traditional fantasy fare - with you taking on the role of a warrior, wizard, rogue or cleric - but it's done on a truly grand scale. The turn-based combat is also fairly leisurely and unlikely to win over fans of more action-oriented RPGs such as the Diablo series (below). And, as well as facing down all sorts of monsters and undead ghouls, your heroes also have to cope with the game's Affliction system, which measures their stress levels during combat. Cast a rain spell to create puddles and these can then be turned into ice for enemies to slip on or electrified traps to stun foes.
You can even carry different sets of weapons with you and switch between them depending on which weapons seem best for the task at hand.
However, there are also huge World-versus-World battles in which three armies of players wage war across large battlefields, and in battles for last for days at a time. You start the game by breaking out of prison and then setting off on a quest to rescue your sister, who has been enslaved by an evil emperor. There are stacks of quests to keep you busy and help you gain in wealth and experience, and the combat and skill system gives you great freedom to develop your character. With its screaming V8 engines, chess like strategyA and extreme handling, this game was made for the committed.
I enjoy writing, and contributing back to the awesome internet community.Visit me here to get to know more about me.
A definite buy if you like destruction derbies, crashes, hardcore racing, or jumping Ken Blocka€™s Gymkhana 5 Ford Fiesta over 20 foot dirt ramps.
Enough features to keep you busyA in the enormous universeA that is entirely at your disposal. L4D2 will throw at youA zombies in great numbers, but also tougher monsters to keep you on your toes.
How often do you find yourself just running from one enemy spawn, killing everyone, then running 30 seconds to the next enemy spawn camp? Your character is just one of many mortal offspring spawned by the evil god Bhaal, and the game pits you against several of your own brothers and sisters as they vie to succeed Bhaal and claim his power as their own. Some characters will rise to the challenge, but others may turn tail and run for the hills at the first sign of trouble. Even your trusty light-sabre has gone missing, so your initial challenge is to recover your memory and your Jedi powers, and then set off to try and find any other Jedi that may have survived.
Two different towns need help, and both are vital to the world - one providing food, and one providing water.
It’s definitely a difficult game to play, but put in the effortA and the game pays you back with interest. The multiplayer is no longer functional (unless you use GameRanger), but the AI is programmed to kill andA is more than capable to serve your needs. If your heroes are cold they are more susceptible to be frozen and if they are wet they'll take more damage from lightning spells. I enjoy racing titles although I am just a casual who is content to use a gamepad to get around.
This largely freeform approach to the world and story is very appealing and provides high replay value. On top of that, the map designs were fairly ingenious and really minimized the amount of backtracking needed to accomplish objectives. There were times during TPS that I felt like I was doing nothing but run from objective to objective, hardly killing anything in the process.
Yeah, it’s still better than many other games out there, and can scratch that Borderlands itch. A little while ago there were issues with controller support and it might show some negative reviews still from that on the app store but those were all corrected with my help I might add. But there’s are reasons why players continued to play Borderlands 2 religiously for nearly 3 years, but barely spent any time in TPS.

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