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Marketing projects come in many shapes and sizes from product launches to weekly blog posts. Marketing Calendar and PlanningMarkodojo marketing project management helps create your marketing calendar and plan like a marketing manager instead of a task manager. Unless your marketing team consists of one person, it’s time to put down the Excel marketing calendar.
If you are a retailer with a large marketing team, you are probably guilty of having several Excel marketing calendars floating around on your shared drives.
Even with dedicated staff, it isn’t possible they can capture every single change being made to events across the files.
If that didn’t convince you, what happens when you need to pull up all the events you ran in week 33 last year? We haven’t even touched on the greatest failure of Excel marketing calendars: their inability to show the linkages between events and campaigns. How is the modern retail marketer supposed to visualize their carefully crafted integrated marketing campaign with Excel? To be honest we aren’t sure how marketing executives cope with reviewing their marketing calendars in this format.
The future of your marketing calendar isn’t just about seeing it on the iPad, it’s about tagging and storing all your marketing activity for reporting and reference. Oracle Eloqua vs Marketo: Which Enterprise Marketing Automation Software is Best for Your Business?
Marketing Automation Oracle Eloqua vs Marketo: Which Enterprise Marketing Automation Software is Best for Your Business? When large, enterprise marketing teams embark on the search for marketing automation software, two popular options often pop up in the debate: Eloqua vs Marketo.
But before your company throws down tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong system, you may be wondering:  What would you be getting out of either of these two marketing automation providers?
To help you decide on the best choice for your business, I’ve interviewed four marketers currently using either Marketo or Eloqua for their thoughts on these two marketing automation heavyweights. Usability is one of the most difficult areas to compare with any software; what one person considers user-friendly and intuitive, another might consider clunky and confusing. On the contrary, Michelle Brammer, Marketing and PR manager for eZanga, said that after recently evaluating several marketing automation programs, they settled on Marketo for its ease of use. Andrew Mounier, Chief Marketing Officer at World Car Auto Group, currently uses Eloqua, and when I asked him about Eloqua’s interface, he mentioned that there is definite room for improvement to make it more user-friendly.
Like I said, ease of use is really going to depend on your definition of what makes for an intuitive interface. When you’re comparing enterprise systems like these that are going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars annually (maybe even into six figures), price really shouldn’t be a big driving factor in your decision.
Despite my pleading not to let sticker shock drive your decision, the two systems are quite different price-wise.
When we recently surveyed 400 software buyers and asked them to rank the most important factors in their software selection decision, the number one most important factor in their final choice was the functionality—by a long shot. Unfortunately—or fortunately?—there aren’t huge differences in the features and functionality you’ll get with either Marketo or Eloqua, so this probably won’t make your decision much easier. Marketo offers a built-in marketing calendar—free for up to five users—as well as some more advanced social media promos and referral campaigns for their Standard or Select users.
Comparing their reporting and analytics capabilities, Eloqua offers more complete revenue and lifecycle tracking in all package levels, whereas Marketo offers a deeper dive into SEO performance. When I asked Vitaly Eremeev of Xpansa Group about his favorite feature in Marketo, he loved the advanced dynamic content abilities on landing pages. Brammer says she loves that her team can create folders in Marketo for each campaign and its assets. Mersdorf says of both Eloqua and Marketo, her favorite feature is the ability to allow sales and marketing to communicate through the same system with the same data. When I asked all four marketers about any features they felt were missing or lacking from their software, most of the constructive feedback I received was about Marketo, aside from the Chrome bug Mounier mentioned in Eloqua. Brammer also said, “We would also love to see Marketo integrate with social scheduling, as well. And finally, Eremeev explained that you can only identify an unknown lead in Marketo if they use a static IP address. Perhaps the biggest deal breaker in your marketing automation decision is if the system can’t connect with your other current systems. You’ll see above that CRMs are listed at the very top of the list (by design, because that’s the most important integration with any marketing automation software.) I speak from experience when I say that you want a system that will integrate with your CRM. Another big differentiator when it comes to integrations is that Eloqua has a built-in content management system that Oracle recently acquired called Compendium.
While it may seem like an afterthought, evaluating what sort of training, implementation guidance, and ongoing customer support you’ll get from both companies is absolutely worth factoring into your decision.

Marketo offers a 90-day launch pack, during which they offer one-on-one setup and integration consulting, as well as best practices office hours and instructor-led virtual training workshops. With both systems though, unless you’ve used an automation system before, get their equivalent of a ‘Smart Start’. Katie is the Director of Marketing at Capterra - a free resource that helps businesses find the right software.
Great article — it’s really helpful that you went out and got some interviews from actual users and customers! I also want to know if these two product track the complete contact journey, including interaction with content?
As for a complete journey including interaction with content, I believe Eloqua is a bit more advanced than Marketo since they have the built-in integration with Compendium.
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Stay focused on strategic goals, balance marketing resources across channels and segments, and cultivate new marketing ideas to speed innovation.
Those of you with Excel ninjas on staff will likely have several spreadsheets linked to one central marketing calendar. The lack of an audit trail is frankly scary; who changed the main offer on the email from 10% to 20% off? Let alone the associated reporting and media review as the campaign is built and executed over a period of several months. Printing them out doesn’t make it any better, squashing that much data on to 11×17 makes retail veterans shudder, and then, squint as they attempt read it. It’s about pulling up an integrated marketing campaign with a single click, and being able to actually see all of your media in a single place. Below, I’ll share their thoughts and a comparison of the two based on five common consideration factors: ease of use, pricing, features, integrations, and support. Among his suggestions, he notes: “Eloqua doesn’t currently work very well on the Chrome browser. So make sure to demo both solutions, and include your end users (including sales, customer service, and your tech team) for their feedback. Plus, Marketo allows for unlimited marketing users, which makes it seem like an obvious bargain.
But that’s the default threshold on the pricing listed on both websites (although Marketo does go into more detail as to how their pricing scales in this PDF.) Given the variable nature of their pricing models, your quote is probably going to change significantly once you explain your specific circumstances, such as how many contacts, how many marketing users, and how many sales users you’d like to have.
By comparison, Eloqua’s social features are less about the promotional capabilities, and more about gathering customer intelligence and smart listening tools to use in your targeting and segmentation. That would lead me to believe that Eloqua is overall a bit more robust in terms of functionality, as the price might suggest.
Marketo of course tracks that you filled out a form, but everything has to be stored in the contact record.
However, even if Marketo or Eloqua doesn’t offer an out-of-the-box integration with your current CRM— or perhaps you use a home-grown CRM like we do at Capterra— both have APIs that allow for a custom CRM integration.
Compendium is a great add-on if you would like to have your blog content and your marketing automation system all under the same roof. If you’ve never used marketing automation before, you’d be amazed how often you’ll be in contact with their support team for guidance and advice in the days, months, and even years ahead.
During this time, customers will work with a marketing advisor to create a custom onboarding plan for their needs.
With Marketo, you can also get online case submission at any time, but phone case submission is an additional add-on if you have the Spark plan, and $5 per month for Standard users. Most of the time, when I was an Eloqua customer, I felt like I was schooling the person on the other end and it wasn’t easy to get to a solution. It’s worth the consulting hours, whether you go with their in house team or a partner.
The fact that there are fiercely loyal fans for so many different solutions just goes to show you that the best option is very much dependent on a company’s specific needs, at a specific time. So the advice I always give to those evaluating a solution is that they consider their needs not just today, but a few years down the road.
And lastly, for those interested, yesterday we officially announced that we were selected as a Facebook® Marketing Partner, and we unveiled two new solutions that connect our Engagement Marketing Platform to Facebook Custom Audiences. I would like to know whether workflow availability and dashboard reporting are offered in all of the licensing tiers for both Eloqua and Marketo? Workflow is also commonly referred to as lead nurturing or drip marketing, and that is definitely available in all tiers.
It really depends on where you’re hosting your content and what channels you use for content marketing. Marketing Project ManagementFrom complex global campaigns to high-velocity agile workflows, Markodojo marketing project management provides the tools you need to work your plan, adapt to change, conquer your daily todos and deliver projects on time.

Sure that seems like a good idea, but then there are probably a couple of folks on staff whose sole job is keeping up with updates and changes to the files.
Change logs that come from audit trails are immensely useful when it comes to driving workflows and notifying team members of edits.
It’s about taking a step into 2013 and using what some of the largest retailers in the world are already leveraging to their advantage.
So it’s certainly not uncommon for these two competitors to go up against one another to win business from large marketing teams with 10 or more users.
But given that you’re (hopefully) going to be using this system for years to come, you want something that’s going to grow with your company…after you quadruple revenue with your new, awesome marketing automation software, right? However, unless you have more than 10 people in Marketing who would need access to the system (which is already a pretty large number since not every Marketing team member usually needs a login), that’s kind of a moot point.
So my best advice is to take this default pricing with a grain of salt until you get specific quotes in hand. For example, if a lead is a doctor (and he works in Pharma sector), he’ll see the CTA with specific offers for the Pharma industry.
They’re an add on, but they both provide a helpful view for the sales team on what leads are doing so they can go into a call more informed. Eloqua reports weren’t always the easiest to use, but I always could get to the data I wanted. However, while a custom CRM integration is available for any tier package in Eloqua, it is not included in the Marketo Spark package (only for Standard & Select users). However, Mounier suggested that there could be a stronger integration between Eloqua and Compendium, which I suspect is because Oracle is still working on building out the functionality that allows the two systems to fully work together. Additionally, Eloqua has a Topliners Marketing Community, similar to Marketo’s, where users can ask questions of one another and get tips from both Eloqua employees and fellow marketers. Ultimately, the marketing automation system that’s best for you is going to depend on your specific needs and requirements, which hopefully I’ve touched on above.
Take a look at all of your marketing automation options, filter down that list based on the features and functionality you need, and then select 3-5 to demo so you can compare and contrast the pros and cons firsthand. Katie has a love of all things marketing, but she is particularly fond of social media and marketing automation. Standard Edition offers full multi-touch revenue tracking across both campaigns and channels. As for dashboard reporting, that depends on what exactly you look for in your dashboard, but as you can see in the cart above, there are some nuances in the reporting you’ll get depending on the tier with each.
If you’re hosting blog content on your own site, then both should be able to track customer interactions with that content through to a sale seamlessly. Marketing Team CollaborationCoordinate a virtual marketing team, run more efficient marketing team meetings, enable marketing team collaboration with agency partners, and keep marketing stakeholders informed.
After all, it’s a pretty big decision, and one that you don’t want to have to make again any time soon. In Marketo, I feel like I can never get the reports I need, because all of the reports around conversion and segmentation that I’m looking for are only available through the upgraded packaging. Both have APIs, so really anything can be integrated, but Eloqua has a lot more ‘plug-and-play’ integrations than Marketo. Customers can also pay an add-on fee to send marketing users to “Eloqua University” to receive in-person system training.
If you’re looking for content interactions on other channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Markodojo marketing project management facilitates team collaboration inside and outside of marketing. Okay, maybe we can copy over the data into this year’s file, perhaps just the circular and website events so the marketing team isn’t scrolling forever to find their info. Plus, buying marketing automation software isn’t just a decision that will impact your marketing team. Some sales reps will get it right off the bat (and the more effective your nurtures are, the more useful the sales tools become), others will need to be pulled into this century. If you have a lot of marketing technology providers you work with, it’s worth the 15-20 minute exercise to identify who has existing integrations. I also like that we have access to Marketo’s foundation training videos without having to buy a training subscription. That’s terrible; now you aren’t playing with a full deck of cards by not allowing complete access to your historical marketing data.
People in your pilot should be the ones always trying new things (oh and they are top performers.

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