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Online backup is a booming industry, with dozens of vendors providing storage in the cloud. These products all work in similar fashion and to help you evaluate backup vendors, we have put together a short checklist (see sidebar).Verizon is one of the key players in this space, and sells its Online Backup and Sharing service as one of a series of SMB-oriented offerings. The main Web portal for all Verizon Small Business services, including online backup and email encryption.For any of these backups to work, you need to install a small software agent that monitors any new files that you create and makes copies over an encrypted link to the vendor's Internet data center. The Verizon service isn't completely cloud-based: like others, it works with a piece of client software to schedule the backups and select the particular files on your hard drive that you want to backup. The idea is a compelling one: for a few dollars a year, you have immediate and automatic offsite storage of your most critical files. The first backup that you make can take several hours or days; depending on how much data you are sending to the cloud and how fast your Internet connection is. There are three different clients available: a Windows client, a Mac client, and a way to access your files from a Web browser. No messing with tapes, making DVDs, or worrying if you have the most current files backed up. But once that chore is done, your incremental backups shouldn't take too long, and happen in the background anyway.
So here is a better option to share pictures with you friends and family which is through photo sharing websites.There are plenty of fantastic photo sharing website available for free of cost or for very little amount. All three clients allow you to view what you have backed up and restore an individual file by searching for a particular file name, or navigating a directory tree to find a specific file to make sure it was backed up or that you wish to restore.  You don't need to enter wildcards, just the first few letters of a file name.

And you can try it out for the first month free of charge, although you do need to supply your credit card number.
Here are the best 10 photo sharing websites.IimmggThis is a free website which lets you to host and share image online. You can upload as many as images you want without any queries related to size, type and bandwidth usage. This site gives the track about the number of visitors who went through your collection and galleries.
It embeds desired photo onto the blog or personal profile page, forums, message board etc.ImgurImgur is a popular free photo sharing website which is known for its sharp, minimalist design and anonymity.
It works well and can link the photos not only to your phone, but also can be shared on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, DIGG, email and SMS.
The amount of photo sharing capacity is 500 MB; you can extent the storing capacity by purchasing it. It has fantastic features and is affordable when compared to other tools.PicasaPicasa is offered by Google and is simple and clean to share pictures and enables integration with Google application like gmail and Google maps. The best thing about this website is it provides unlimited uploading but unfortunately you can upload only one image per day. If you upgrade to gold camera membership, then you will be able to upload 10 images per day.
Another drawback is it does not support video sharing.ZoomrThis is renounced photosharing website, using this you can discover, share and upload photos, create and join groups, upload and archive the old batches when you are adding new batches.

Once you upload any picture in any format into this site, then you get a relative HTML code so that you can share the same along in many of your favorite social networking website.ImageShackImageshack is popular for image hosting and uploading images in different formats. For user convenience the website is designed to convert all your images to .png and once uploaded gets formatted into HTML and bulletin board codes, which you can link to forums or websites.
Therefore it is popular advantageous website to use.JalbumJalbum is another free website which allows you to create stunning albums from your digital photos. It also allows to create digital galleries as you upload photos and you can create a new account at no cost. You can create photo book as personal and can create a photo album for sharing with friends and family. The profit appears to be in the extensive printing options they offer from photo books and cards to stationary, prints and posters.
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