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It was a typical weekday night after work: Lee slipped off his shoes, climbed into bed with his iPad, and booted up Clash of Clans.
Life After Disc is a series exploring new development in digital gaming platforms, from app stores to browsers to downloadable console games. Lee says that spending money on games like Clash of Clans is actually saving him money in the long-run: Before he started gaming, he says he and a small group of friends would go out drinking, sometimes spending as much as $6,000 in a single night between them. Lee stopped spending money on drinking roughly around the same time that he began playing Happy Kingdom, a Facebook game, with some friends. You may never have heard of Clash of Clans, but it’s one of the highest-grossing games on the App Store thanks to players like Lee.
Vince P., who also asked us to withhold his last name, has been playing the Facebook game Battle Pirates since early 2011. Before downloading that list and doing the math, Vince estimated that he had spent a total of $5,000. Dedicated to the work on DVD Copy, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Ripper, Video Converter and Media Player for more than 12 years. DVDFab Media Player, including a Free version and a Pro version, is the best Blu-ray media player software available in cyberspace. Lifetime 2-in-1 bundle of DVDFab Media Player for Windows and Mac OS X, watch any Blu-ray movie at home with native navigation menu support, and enjoy HEVC (H.265), UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 4K videos without any quality loss.
Overall support to play back HEVC (H.265), UHD and 4K videos with amazingly high audiovisual quality. As a Blu-ray media player, it also allows you to play Blu-ray & DVD ISO files, movie folders, and other video files free forever. Flip the videos shot with wrong angles horizontally or vertically, or rotate them 90? clockwise or counter clockwise. There are multiple sets of elegantly designed built-in skin templates to fit your varying moods. The media player software will be constantly updated to support playing back the newly released movies.
With lots of storage, a headphone jack along with a near constant connection to the internet, it’s the ideal device for playing tunes on the run.
Its impressive playback capacity presents video lovers the world first level media viewing experience at home.

Purchase this lifetime suite now, in addition to the current $19.9 savings, you can also use the general coupon to save at least another 20% off. What you get is the hardware Blu-ray player equivalent viewing and controling experience at home.
This free movie player lets you add multiple movie titles to create your own playlist, as the way right into your heart contents. Just hover the mouse pointer over the playback progress bar, or click the Preview button, it will show you one or all scenes with thumbnails and precise time points. Lee tapped a few icons, donating dozens of his troops to defend the friend from a brutal assault of archers and barbarians.
In less than a month of playing around two hours a day, he’d spent nearly a thousand dollars.
He wound up spending nearly $5,000 in that game before trading it for Clash of Clans, but says that’s far less than what he would have otherwise spent on alcohol. He’s not interested in topping the leaderboards, but loves the feeling of sending his highly leveled troops to help out his fellow clan members. He looked positively distraught over the situation during a Skype interview with Wired, as he tabulated a list of his receipts.
He recalled one specific moment from a day at the height of his Battle Pirates addiction, when he was discussing preparing for an in-game tournament with a friend he’d met through the game.
Vince and his friend were discussing whether or not to spend $500 on a fleet of ships to position themselves to win the tournament. In addition to all the features included in the Free Version, the Pro Version also supports Blu-ray disc playback and menu navigation. While the game is free to download, its maker Supercell profits by selling virtual items to the most engaged players. He has no regrets, claiming that the money accounts for around 7 percent of his total monthly income. Should you have missed them, we’veandroid music appscompiled a nice little list for you to get stuck into.
Using the advent of music players for Android devices obtainable in Google Play store, finally, it comes down to personal option to decide best music player for android amongst the quality bunch. You may use the software to copy materials you legally purchase and own the copyrights, or at least obtain written permissions to copy from the copyrights owners. The surfeit of features and niche specific apps really causes it to be strenuous, for anyone, to choose the right music player.

Unlike previous statement, the plethora of options also makes it simple for end-users to pick music player of the choice by filtering the unwanted app out. The fractious development of android applications and custom ROMs on android front have brought immense choices to choose from. Moreover, bustling person in XDA community developers have also helped a great deal in developing better apps.Music is an integral part of each and every person’s life and so is the medias that serves it. Today’s music player for android just doesn’t visit playing music from the device, but it also streams music from abundance online sources. There are heaps of radio channels available which serves music from every genre or when needed.
Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Grooveshark, are the examples which has changed the entire music industry.
In the past we have helped our android users to select best android torrent clients, weather apps and 3D games from burgeoning listing of apps.Music Player for Android1.
PlayerproIf any music player that come close to, in fact surpass, Poweramp player then its Playerpro.Voice search option, loads of audio effects, smart playlists, swipe gestures, playlist shortcuts and several other jaw-dropping endless list of features is only going to succumb you to death. One more feature to import and export music background and rating from desktop will lessen the task needed to be performed in your android device.
Apollo (ICS only)Apollo music player app that has now been integrated to famous CyanogenMod, is one kind of one of the popular music player app amongst custom ROM users.
PowerampPoweramp player is one thing you’ll always would like include in your preferred list of paid apps. There is literally nothingBest Free Music Player Android Appswhich this player couldn’t handle. Widget, configurable lock screen and themes causes it to be more than just a traditional music player. Unfortunately, streaming of music online store and social sharing function is missing in the app, but that doesn’t get this to app any less useful.
For normal users who usually doesn’t trust streaming service Poweramp is an ideal music player. Desktop like features including tag editing, library management, lyrics support along with other customization settings will be extremely handy for power users.4.

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