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When it comes to building an event web site, everything you do should be focused on 1) maximizing traffic to your site and 2) maximizing the number of registrations or RSVPs via the site.
With those two goals in mind, here is an infographic that lays out 10 best practices for building event websites for all your events. Get Great Tips, Insights and Advice Every WeekSign up for our Best-of-the-Blog eNewsletter and we will email you the latest posts every week. Get Great Tips, Insights and Advice Every WeekSign up for our Best-of-the-Blog eNewsletter and we will email with the latest posts every week.
When it comes to the issue of effectiveness and benefits web designers and online marketers have strong grounds to cheer.
If you don’t work alone, sooner or later you’ll face the problem: How can I convey my ideas clearly and efficiently?
Web designing is not for the meek hearted, or for those who don’t wish to be bothered with new developments. Typical examples of successful open source software include the likes of Linux, Joomla, XAMP, Apache, and WordPress, and so on endlessly.
In this ever-changing virtual world, it has become mandatory for web developers to find out the latest and trendy ways to enhance the overall look of their websites. Generally predictions are tough and when it comes to an industry which is changing with the blink of an eye, it is really going to be a challenging task. If you are ready to showcase your skills or display art pieces which you are very proud of, below we’ve gathered 18 top online communities specifically built for web developers, designers, artists and creative people. Unlike the standard computers we used in the good old days, now we have many types of devices such as laptops, tablets, netbooks, and smartphones which can be used to access Internet.
It’s unlikely to test designs in all of the Internet-capable devices, but what developers can do is to resize the browser dimension as per the screen size of a particular device. Typography plays an important role in web design, graphic design or any other designs that use text.
CSS3 is the lastest standard for CSS which is used to determine and control the style and layout of webpages.
When presenting a prototype of a new website to customers, you, as a serious web designer should make sure the prototype looks finished. Below we’ve rounded up some of the best dummy text generators that can create filler text in seconds.
LookingPoint, known for facilitating advanced technology deployment hand-in-hand with exceptional customer service, has chosen SeoToaster to create, manage and market their new website presenting their reliable managed IT services for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Baranova Monaco's new website takes full advantage of the open source CMS SeoToaster to provide important information about the newest DNA diagnosis techniques and her personalised Programmes for Life designed to help rejuvenating both mind and body. SEOTOASTER is the ideal foundation for marketers and businesses serious about being getting their web site found on search engines' organic results. SEOTOASTER is amazingly easy-to-use; Editing your website is a no-brainer thanks to its intuitive and stylish in-line 'edit as you browse' interface.

You can browse our marketplace for "guaranteed not to break your site" featured-rich add-ons to your base.
Many marketers are frustrated with E-commerce web builder services due to poor user interfaces and lackluster organic rankings with Google and other search engines. SEOTOASTER's Internet marketing feature set can be further enhanced with a SEO Samba subscription which also enables marketing for multiple websites and webstores hosted on multiple web servers from a central cloud interface.
SEO Samba automatically executes all on-site SEO techniques and facilitates automated off-site link building tactics, distributes your information to web & RSS directories, specialized search engines such as Google News, distributes unlimited optimized press releases automatically, and more. Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. They are high precision as well as streamlined plugin facilities which are highly accredited for the seamless capacity of simplifying the vital process of adding schema data to the texture of a WordPress interface. Let’s make it an occasion to fathom out some of the most vitals aspects concerning this particular widget. If you are a freelancer and cannot talk to your clients face to face, what can you do to present your design, instead of sending lots of files with an email? At no time in the history of internet and its evolution web development has stood constant even for a moment. The advantages of open source are, they are modifiable, free to use and there is a vast community of developers to guide and support you in implementing the software. Web development, a decade ago, was just a simple static display, but now it has turned out to be more dynamic with the emergence of new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and some other breakthrough in the field of web development. Well, we have now stepped into the New Year 2013 and why don’t we go out on a limb and make some predictions on web development trends for 2013? Well if you are design enthusiast, websites like deviantART, Flickr and Behance may cross your mind instantly.
Each device will have its own screen size, resolution and this makes the web design process more difficult than before. To make the job easier, here we’ve gathered some excellent online tools, Firefox addons and Google Chrome extensions that enable users to test websites and web application in different screen sizes and resolutions. On the web, there are many free tools out there helping you work with typography without leaving your browser. Despite many developers prefer to use HTML5 Boilerplate which is a popular HTML, CSS and JS template already filled out and ready for them to work with, we think it’s still worthwhile to share some of the quality HTML5 generators for you to try out.
Today will be sharing 21 great CSS3 generators and editors which you can use to generate codes, to learn and to play with them.
With all the necessary text, photos and other design elements put in place, the viewers would have a chance to better understand the idea behind the website you’ve created.
The generated filler text can help you get an accurate feel of the balance between design elements and white space, allowing you to see the relative weight of the text compared to other design elements on the page. We offer many commercial support options, and our community is happy to help you get started in our Q&A and support forum.

The popular merchant service platforms have rigid online store presentation requirements, and for these products SEO is unfortunately an afterthought. It is also figured that the plugins or the widgets ensure that the schema data is going to settle well with the contents which have already been published on the open source online WordPress platforms. Be careful, because a confused or just unattractive presentation may cause many further hours to placate a disgruntled client. Another advantage, and most important of all is that thousands of users worldwide work improving the applications, and that means newer releases at more frequent intervals. Earlier the trend was focusing on media capabilities but now the trend has totally shifted to better usability and aesthetics.
However your works shouldn’t be limited within these sites as there are many more design communities and networks out there where you can showcase your talents. Web developers and designers have to make sure their websites or online applications compatible with most of the possible screen resolutions.
In today’s post, we’ve compiled a huge list of online tools to help you beautify typography in your designs. Below we’ve listed 14 HTML5 code generators, frameworks and editors that worth your attention.
Despite many developers still have doubts and questions about the future of CSS3, there are those out there that are moving forward and creating cool stuff with this new feature. These free online tools are incredibly useful for both beginner designers and professional web developers especially when it comes to doing repeated works. Instead of using rectangle and square boxes to show what should be in a specific location, you can actually put some text where text goes and some images where images go for better visualization. This software executes arcane SEO techniques on par with what the best SEO services companies offer to their Fortune 500 customers. Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales. However, not everyone has the expertise of making stunning presentations, and that’ why the following tools are existed.
These online communities are the places where you can keep yourself up to date with the latest design trends, get inspirations from others’ works and receive professional designers’ comments on your works. These tools are especially useful for web developers and designers, helping them to save both time and effort. Things are vastly different today as more and more software come under open source development.

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