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NASCAR TV show cancelledA NASCAR TV show cancelled'Pit Bull,' the weekly NASCAR discussion show on Speed featuring a panel of print reporters, will not return for 2005.
Wilson stated he looked forward to staying with team for a long time and will look to moving near the team shop in Denver.
Carl Russo commented that AJ Allmendinger and Justin Wilson are two drivers that can just get in the car and go. Chemistry is one of the top three things for Carl Russo when choosing a driver for his team. Carl RussoA said that Justin Wilson has a silent confidence about himself and a true desire to drive the race car.
The '05 Concept car is designed to manage the transition from one car to the next by testing certain components and innovations, without having to commit to a whole new chassis design for winter testing.
The team will run two cars during the three-day test program, the key objectives of which will be to evaluate the performance and reliability of the Concept car and continue development in line with the 2005 regulations. BA·AA·R Technical Director Geoffrey Willis commented: "This week's program at Barcelona is the start of our 2005 season. In addition to the chassis developments, 2005 will also see major changes to the aerodynamics package and to the tires, which now have to last for a full race distance.
After achieving 2nd place in the Constructors' Championship this year, the team is determined to repeat its success in 2005. Commenting on the start of the winter testing program, Shuhei Nakamoto, Engineering Director for Honda Racing Development, said: "After the months of hard work in design and testing, it's always an exciting feeling to see and hear a new engine on the track for the first time. After months of speculation about a track to stage NASCAR races in western Oregon or Washington, Reardon and Kendall announced Sept. At the Albert Park track where he made his memorable debut in 2002, 28-year-old Webber will now be a serious contender for victory at the Grand Prix.A  At Williams he has joined forces with a 33-year-old fellow Australian, Sam Michael, the teama€™s technical director with the job of creating Webbera€™s new $50 million car that needs to be a Ferrari-beater and race winner. In many ways Webber and Sam Michael are retracing the steps of two other great Australians who took on the Formula One world more than 40 years ago and conquered it - Sir Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac.A  Brabham won three F1 world titles, the third of them in 1966 in a car designed by Tauranac and powered by an Australian-made Repco engine. Meanwhile, Edwards and Rossi were again joined on track by the Suzuki test team of Nobuatsu Aoki and Kousuke Akiyoshi, the only other bikes present. Mike Newton commented "Having contested both the LMES and the FIA GT Championship this year we decided to concentrate our efforts on the prototype. In the future 'we will be a hybrid society'A In the future 'we will be a hybrid society'Toyota Motor Corp.
Kanada was commenting on a report in Japan's Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper about the company's hybrid schedule.
Monteiroa€™s task was to work on chassis set-up, while Friesacher and Nissany, who were both having their first experience of an F1 car, spent much of their allocated time on the opening day acclimatizing to the levels of performance and handling available.
Massimo Rivola, Team Manager a€?The plan today was to keep set-up changes to a minimum and allow the drivers a€“ particularly Patrick and Chanock a€“ to get some experience driving a Formula One car in race configuration. I miss the spread of NASCAR pictures you guys used to publish on Monday following the race.
I know you all have a bias towards open wheel road racing (at least legitimate open wheel racing). It's not perfect, restrictor plate racing leaves a lot to be desired, a rule book that changes a€?duringa€? the season, a points system that I still dona€™t feel good about and like any other motorsport money does help make a team better. Also: Tri-Met will be building an Interstate MAX stop at PIR, and will build three park and ride lots.
This is no longer surprising because at this point, aside from ordinary users a huge percentage of marketers are already into social media to promote their products or services. Create a plan that separates social channels so you can include content that are scheduled to be posted on that particular week. From the variety of social media channels, identify the ones that are most appropriate for business, to socialize, to share pictures, or to interact with your followers. Lack of communication can be very damaging because potential leads can experience dissatisfaction from their connection with you. Review metrics on a monthly basis and check out important stats such as the number of posts, increase in followers, clicks, views, likes, shares, and others that affect your site. After two days of legal argument the judge said he will hand down his judgment later in the year.A  Bayerische Landesbank, JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers control 75 per cent of the SLEC holding company that owns the commercial rights to Formula One. I'm also really looking forward to having AJ as a teammate because we see things similarly. That what makes the Champ Car World Series is the leadership of the Paul Gentilozzi, Kevin Kalkhoven, and Gerald Forsythe. The Concept car, in the distinctive black and silver livery introduced for the first time last year, will run for the duration of the three-day test. The car essentially consists of the front section of the 006 and the rear end of the developing 007 which houses the 2005 specification Honda engine, new gearbox and rear suspension assembly. Test driver Enrique Bernoldi will be the first to drive the '05 Concept car on Wednesday and Thursday followed by Jenson Button on Friday.
As was the case last year, the purpose of the '05 Concept car is to evaluate the performance and reliability of our new Honda engine, the transmission and rear end systems. The '05 Concept car will run in Barcelona using modified 006 aerodynamics designed to simulate the predicted 007 performance.
Crown Royal becomes the first spirits brand to enter the sport since NASCAR recently announced that spirits companies would be allowed to participate as team sponsors.
With temperatures peaking at 35 degrees, slightly lower than yesterday, the weather once again stayed dry throughout, allowing the teams to complete an uninterrupted day of testing. Colin also had a chance to try the new bike, completing just a very few laps on it in order to find a good feeling. The existing MG EX257 will undergo an up-grade program during the winter and will enter the series in the LMP2 category. One of the two Minardi Cosworth PS04B chassis available was driven initially by Tiago Monteiro, who then handed over to Patrick Friesacher, while the other was allocated to Israeli driver, Chanock Nissany. Nissany is scheduled to continue testing on Tuesday, and will be joined by young Australians, Will Power and Will Davison, fulfilling a promise made to both men by Minardi Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, at this yeara€™s Australian Grand Prix.

I was just amazed at the speed and the braking of the car when I went out on my first lap, but then, like all race cars, you start to get used to the performance. The surface and the grip improved in the afternoon and the car had a good set-up, which allowed me to get a clear feel for the performance. On that basis, I think we have had a very good day, and I want to thank all the drivers for their efforts. Under a cool temperature varying between 5 to 9A°C, Ferrari-Maserati Group test driver Andrea Bertolini was at the wheel of an F2004 to work on an aerodynamics program aimed at next season. Gene joined Ferrari Ferrari back on track Minardi's Misano run Coulthard ruled out Bernie braves the Bank Imola's safe 'Thrilling' quali - Ralf Corruption in KL Yoong won't race again Webber to eye podium debut Heikki is top Finn Terzi blamed? Really love the site, in fact it is my home page and I check it at least 4 or 5 times a day.
I grew up in Daytona Beach and have a somewhat redneck mentality, so naturally I have always been a big fan of stock car and drag racing. There is no telemetry, but what the driver can communicate to his crew chief and team during practices. After climbing out of his car, Stewart had an angry exchange with members of his team, who immediately surrounded the driver to shield him from fans and photographers. Bang fielded trucks for Travis Kvapil and had planned to move to the Busch Series next year. It has been a long process, but the project will giveA them a blueprint for the next 10 years for development and management of the Portland International Raceway site. This will allow race participants and fans to cross the track without stopping activities on the track. A interpretive center and community meeting room that honors the important history of the World War II community of Vanport City and the rich racing history of Oregon is planned for a site outside the PIR gates.
A small series of permanent buildings for PIR businesses are planned for the South Paddock.
We will build a new pedestrian bridge over the track, linking the Turn 5 area and the infield, to improve access for spectators to the West end of the track. A secure, covered area is needed for all of the maintenance equipment at the track, an office for the maintenance supervisor, and storage for all of the materials we use throughout the year. Both the South Paddock and Infield permanent restrooms would be remodeled and enlarged, with the addition of shower facilities. The tower will be refurbished, brought up to structural code and enhanced for use by the various organizations that rent the track.
Two of them are on PIR property, one on the strip between the entrance road and Expo Road, one that will serve both as a park and ride and visitor parking for the Interpretive Center. Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman.
Come up with a benchmark that will help you achieve your goals by setting up a number of posts that you need to hit. It will also be important to adjust strategies depending on the type of audience that each channel caters to.
Make it a point to create a thoughtful response in a timely manner to establish your authority. By looking at these statistics, you will be able to get an overview of your progress and even compare how you match up with your biggest competitors. The other 25 per cent is owned by Bambino Holdings, an Ecclestone family trust.A  SLEC owns FOH.
We get on well even though every weekend we were battling head to head.a€? Wilson missed out on the Champ Car Rookie of the Year title to the 22-year-old Allmendinger after a season-long fight. That the series isn't just hundreds of engineers hovering over a car ensuring that when a driver presses a button for the throttle, that the car does what they want to do. 97 in selected racesDiageo, the world's leading premium drinks business, today announced its Crown Royal brand will become a primary sponsor of 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion Kurt Busch and the No. Takuma Sato will join the test on Friday at the wheel of this year's BA·AA·R Honda 006 with a 2005 aerodynamic and tire package.
This time, many of the reliability-critical systems are exactly those which will be used for the 007 car. The testing program for the '05 Concept car will cover performance and reliability testing as well as an extensive tire test program. The Crown Royal sponsorship will be built around Diageo's existing relationship with Roush Racing, which started in 2003 with a primary sponsorship of Matt Kenseth and the #17 Roush Racing car for Diageo's flavored malt beverage Smirnoff ICE. With Vancouver CART history and Portland CART struggling, ISC would have the entire Eugene-Vancouver corridor to themselves. As aA lifelong Mustang enthusiast and current owner of a 2000 Mustang GT and a 1966 Mustang Fastback V8, I waited with baited breath for the introduction of the 2005 Mustang GT. Confined as he was, this activity became his life, and these friends became family for him.A  There is a memorial Fund set up for Tiny at the Victory Junction Camp and set up in his name. Both Yamaha riders completed a few laps on the 2005-spec prototype YZR-M1 but spent the majority of the day testing Michelin tires with the 2004-spec bikes.
New Suzuki test rider Nobuatsu Aoki, who has joined the team for 2005 from Proton KR, set a best time of 2min 5.02secs as he continued to learn the V4 powered racer and its Bridgestone tires.
Mike Newton and Tommy Erdos will complete the driver line up for the series and, entry dependant, the team will recruit a third driver for the 24 Heures du Mans. RML ran the MG Lola EX257 to 5th place in the Le Mans Endurance Series standings this year and recorded the cars' endurance record at Le Mans completing over 20 hours of the 24 hour race. Roger is always one to go the extra mile to recognize success from his employees, be it in racing or in his other businesses.
You guys do a stellar job of keeping me informed and up to date with motorsports news and happenings.
Although I followed CART pretty closely, I drifted away following the split when the presence of open wheel racing in this country was greatly reduced. The driver needs to be able to talk to his team, describe the handle, adjust to changing track conditions and then go out and bang around some more.
Pit stops are a critical part of a race and crucial to the success of a teams performance at the track. As Stewart unclipped his protective harness and pulled off his gloves and other parts of his fire suit, he threw them angrily against the car. Kvapil has driven in three Nextel Cup races for Penske Racing, though, and that team is working on a deal for him.
It will also allow fuller use of the site, with multiple activities on track and on the outside of the racing surface. This would include a home for the racing school, a racing gear "pro shop," a permanent storage and kitchen area for the concessionaire and opportunities for other racing-oriented businesses to locate at the track. Adjustments should be made when necessary especially when there are timely topics that you need to cover.
First, a majority of the races will be aired during a consistent time slot, and, second, broadcasts of the three road-course races and one street-course event will be expanded from 30 minutes to one hour. When you get to know people over time, you learn who will and will not work well with the "chemistry" of the team.
That sponsorship continued for part of 2004 before switching to the #97 car late in the season. It was the perfect chance for Ford to turn the Mustang into a truly world class sports coupe on par with anything from Europe and Japan.

RML are working closely with MG and Lola to finalize the aerodynamic and safety up-grade package for the car. Ray Mallock commented "We are pleased to be continuing our sportscar program with the AD Group. I had never been to Misano before, so I spent the first couple of laps this morning just familiarizing myself with the circuit. In open wheel racing, with all the tires changed at the same time pit stop speed is not as important. Dumbed down is crapwagon racing, turn the downforce up and run full throttle (BTW try to avoid the wall). Autosport understands that the ex-Paul Belmondo Racing cars were run by F3 team Hitech Racing, which plans to compete in GP2 next year.
By relocating it to the north edge of the property we would create a new road, and improve spectator safety, allowing them to enter the track from the north parking area without crossing traffic.
It will also help if you will look into the social media marketing practices of your competitors and determine the social media behavior of your target market. In the end it all comes down to chemistry, and when it isn't working, it is time to make changes that work well for everyone. The spirit of dicing back and forth on the track and sharing off the track is very important at RuSport.
Crown Royal becomes the first spirits brand to enter the sport since NASCAR recently announced that spirits companies would be allowed to participate as team sponsors.A  The Crown Royal sponsorship will be built around Diageo's existing relationship with Roush Racing, which started in 2003 with a primary sponsorship of Matt Kenseth and the No.
We are planning a further increase in testing, over and above the level of testing we ran in the winter of 2003 to 2004. Diageo will utilize the Crown Royal brand's new association with NASCAR to promote responsible drinking with millions of NASCAR's adult fans. You can imagine my disappointment when the new Mustang made its debut.A Don't get me wrong, I love the styling and the changes that have been made.
Through MG's association with Engine Developments the car will be fitted with a Judd developed 3.4 liter XV V8 engine. This will be our second full season in sportscar prototypes and we see it as an important stepping stone to achieving our aim of winning at Le Mans".
Fuel-efficient hybrids use both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to power the wheels.A  The decision to assemble the Prius hybrid in China has thrown the previous hybrid launch schedule into turmoil, he says. The teams have to know how to set up and make the car work on whatever track or conditions they are dealing with. Even though there are some restrictions to the parts and build of the engine, there are teams that are able to find more horsepower.
Heaven forbid NASCAR follows through with their proposed solution to increase the length of the pit stops. NASCAR is not full throttle high downforce racing, it does require a significant amount of skill in order to win, not only from the driver but from his crew as well. Stewart, who led three times Sunday, lost two of those advantages coming out of cautions, the first when NASCAR officials said he failed to maintain ''a smooth and consistent speed'' before a restart on Lap 170, and the second when his car, desperate for gas, nearly stopped in front of eventual winner #16-Greg Biffle just after the green flag dropped for the final dash to the finish.
I love that the Mustang GT finally has a 300 hp engine (made by one of the most technically advanced production V8's in the world). Although the exact chassis designation has not been finalized the car will run as an MG Lola and will be liveried similar to this years LMP1 challenger. The situation gradually improved, however, so we got on with testing several items and accumulating some useful information.
Even if a car is off, a talented team has a good chance to adjust and bring the car back around.
Common sealed engines are one thing that I dona€™t think even NASCAR could allow to happen. The new Mustang goes a long way towards rectifying many of the deficiencies of the old Fox platformed Mustang. Drivers Mike Newton and Tommy Erdos have gained a wealth of experience in the MG having contested this years' LMES and 24 Heures du Mans. I was also able to set the car up for the other drivers, who dona€™t have any F1 experience. I dona€™t think that there is any motorsport that requires that kind of level of communication. A multi-million dollar marketing budget supporting this sponsorship will include dedicated social responsibility messaging." Busch, 26, captured his first NASCAR championship on Sunday, November 21 by rallying to finish fifth in the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Ia€™m very pleased to have been back with the Minardi team again, and now we have to work for the future. There are other challenges as well, the teams have to know how to design and build (or at least who to buy a chassis from) in order to win consistently.
Two additional races will air in different time slots on Thursday afternoons, and one race will air on a Friday afternoon.
Diageo will utilize the Crown Royal brand's new association with NASCAR to promote responsible drinking with millions of NASCAR's adult fans.A  "We're excited that Crown Royal will be entering NASCAR so prominently with a sponsorship of the sport's newest champion, Kurt Busch and Roush Racing," said Mark Waller, Executive Vice President, Consumer Strategy and Marketing, Diageo. NASCAR's newest champion won three races during the 2004 season to increase his career total to 11 NASCAR victories.
No independent rear suspension.A Ford argues that the "old style" live axle rear end is what Mustang owners demanded.
The championship season marks the second in a row for Roush Racing following last season's championship with Matt Kenseth and the #17 car.
Although the technology may have its roots in the 60a€™s, the application of the technology has certainly become 21st century. A multi-million dollar marketing budget supporting this sponsorship will include dedicated social responsibility messaging."A  Busch, 26, captured his first NASCAR championship on Sunday, November 21 by rallying to finish fifth in the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
While Mustang owners are a furiously loyal bunch, they themselves are not going to save Ford or the Mustang nameplate. I just drive, all right?'' As for the black-flag penalty, which forced the #20 Home Depot Chevy into the pits, Stewart had even less explanation. The remaining nine oval races will be packaged into 30-minute shows, while the road- and street-course events will be one-hour shows.
The championship season marks the second in a row for Roush Racing following last season's championship with Matt Kenseth and the No. 17 car.A  "I'm thrilled about the opportunity to continue the partnership with Crown Royal as they further commit to our sport," Busch said.
Ford (and Mustangers) have to realize that the Mustang's competition goes beyond what GM or Chrysler offer. When Crown Royal is not a primary sponsor, the brand will support Kurt as an associate sponsor of the No. They don't realize that the people that buy these cars are the same people who could be buying the Mustang, but don't because of the "old" connotation.A If Chevy were smart, they would offer Independent Rear Suspension right from their base model on up. And use that as an aggressive marketing campaign to tout what will more likely be a handling advantage over a live axle Mustang.A And what of us Mustang owners who want IRS in our cars.

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