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The post Alexa, turn on my home theater–AnyMote Awesomeness appeared first on Barbs Connected World. After insuring the remotes were configured correctly and buttons were working properly, I jumped in and created macros that turned on three devices and set the proper inputs, etc. After pairing is complete, the AnyMote App displays an abbreviated tutorial (which didn’t cover everything I needed, but there is more information on the AnyMote Knowledge Base which answered most of my questions. One of the gotchas’s is that every time you create new macros, apparently you need to disable the AnyMote Alexa Skill in the Echo App, repair your AnyMote with Alexa (which resynchronizes everything). I saw some negative comments about AnyMote, but I highly recommend this device and app if you’re comfortable with doing tweaking and fine tuning to get things “just right”. I have a SmartThings Hub that I was not using (I’d bought it in my quest to voice enable my Sonos speakers, but it didn’t meet my expectations so I went elsewhere to fill that need). SmartThings requires a whole series of steps, done in a particular order, to add “things” and authorize for use with Alexa (I’d previously disabled SmartThings in the Alexa App after the Sonos experiment.) Harmony remotes use “Activity” based commands (macros) and it looked like that these activities could be voice enabled (but not individual control of devices, like Play, Pause, Stop, Eject, etc.
Fortunately, the Alexa App is very smart and lets you pick which SmartThings devices to control. When I tell Alexa (via my upstairs Dot) to “Turn on My Movie Theater”, all the right things happen. The post Taking Alexa with me everywhere using Lexi appeared first on Barbs Connected World.
Just yesterday I was away from home and thinking I needed to add a few things to my Alexa powered shopping list and wishing there was an easy way to do this without typing into the Alexa App on my iPhone or using a web browser on my tablet.
If you are on the fence about buying an Amazon Echo, you can use this App to try out many of the features of Alexa, as this app will handle shopping lists, queries and many of the Alexa Skills.
The open Alexa ecosystem (and it really is an ecosystem) makes the Amazon Echo a really compelling Smart Home controller and virtual assistant. The post Alexa, change colors on my Hue stuff (thanks Yonomi) appeared first on Barbs Connected World.
Apple’s Siri, with scenes, allows me to tell Siri to turn on Kitchen Blue or Kitchen Yellow, but Alexa doesn’t support colors for Hue and IFTTT doesn’t support scenes or routines. So, I find myself saying thank you again to the folks at Yonomi App for giving me the ability to fully control my Hue colored bulbs and Lightstrips. The post Yonomi, LifX, Alexa and Routines (Scenes) appeared first on Barbs Connected World.
I recently discovered the Yonomi App which was the result of a narrow quest to enable voice control for my Sonos stations using Alexa. LifX has a nice iOS app, an Android app (that I have no experience with) and wonder of wonders, a Windows App. Yonomi allows you to create both time and geofencing based “routines” (many vendors call these scenes).
Earlier this week I started a quest to include my Sonos speakers in my Connected Home in order to control them and action music with my Amazon Echo. The post Completing My Alexa Connected Home with Sonos Stations via Yonomi appeared first on Barbs Connected World. I’ve got a bunch of streaming stations configured in Sonos and all are added to my Sonos favorites. The post Whole Home Sonos Control using Amazon Echo Skill appeared first on Barbs Connected World. I’ve always wanted voice control for my Sonos speakers, and the TL;DR version of my story is that thanks to a new Alexa Skill named House Band, I have succeeded. My Connected World includes a couple of Sonos Play 5 speakers, one in the Living Room and one in my Home Office.
I went in search of a way to get Alexa to control my Sonos players, and while there are some super geeky node.js solutions out on Github, I discovered an Alexa Skill named House Band that was a dedicated voice controller for the JRiver Media Center App.
After downloading the app,installing it and allowing the Windows Firewall setting, I setup the port forwarding on my router to enable cloud functionality (needed for the House Ba nd Alexa Skill). Be sure to verify that MR Media Center is set to start with Windows from the Tools, Options menu (see image below).
To take full advantage of whole home Sonos with the House Band Alexa Skill, simply DLNA device names inside the JRiver MC app in order to be able to use short, meaningful device names for “Zones”. The DLNA protocol does not natively support linking devices for synchronized playback, but the JRiver Media Center has this functionality. I’m a geek and proud of it, so when my 26 year old canister vacuum’s motor seized up and died and ugly death, it was a choice of which “connected” vacuum to purchase and not a “should I” purchase decision. There’s no question that these Wi-Fi controllable robotic vacuums are expensive, but using my (admittedly skewed) justification math, if I value my time at $50 an hour (a low ball as I know my time is worth more than that) and compare to a Dyson, or an Electrolux, the extra $$ don’t seem very large. Roomba does an awesome job on my carpeted and linoleum floors, switching transparently from carpet mode to floor mode. Roomba 980 comes with a Home Base Docking Station and this amazing little guy finds his way back to the Home Base when a cleaning job is finished or when it needs to recharge in the middle of a cleaning job if the battery runs low. While you can operate Roomba from the button controls on the top of the device itself, the real advantage is control from your smartphone. On a basic level, the app displays the battery information and all you have to do is tap Clean and let Roomba do its thing.
Cleaning the appliance takes maybe all of 5-10 minutes and the Care status screen lets you visually see what might need attention. The post Netgear’s Arlo Q Security Cam is a Winner appeared first on Barbs Connected World. IP Cameras are now an integral part of Home Security and the field of DIY Security Camera players has grown considerably. Netgear asked me to take a look at their newest camera, the Arlo Q indoor camera, and provided me with a review sample for this purpose. There are multiple ways to actually mount the camera, including a magnetic base for metal surfaces (the mag mount is strong). Unlike the other cameras of this type, Arlo Q also has user configurable “activity zones” that let you customize three locations that will trigger alerts. You can add “friends” to your Arlo account per the user guide “Friends can view live streams from your cameras, record video clips, view, share, mark as favorite, and delete clips from your library, and take snapshots. The post Fix for Microsoft Bad Update that disrupts WiFi, Cellular, BT for Surface 3 LTE appeared first on Barbs Connected World.
I was a victim of (yet another) bad Microsoft Windows Update for Surface that wreaked havoc with wireless connectivity, cellular, and bluetooth. I received this information on the cause being the CoSAR driver from Microsoft Engineering last night. The post How to get online With Verizon with an unlocked Surface 3 LTE appeared first on Barbs Connected World. Ever since I first heard about the Surface 3 with LTE, I was chomping at the bit to replace my Nokia Lumia 2520 with a better Windows tablet that included cellular capabilities. On November 12, I saw an announcement that Verizon was finally selling a VZW Surface 3 SKU.
I decided LTE was LTE and that just had to be a way to get an unlocked Surface 3 LTE working on the VZW network.
Verizon employees don’t have much experience with this and you can print this article out so they have a reference. It takes a few steps to get all of the new features this set up, starting with discovering your Sonos speakers.
Once you’ve added your Sonos speakers, you can immediately use the Sonos transport controls within the iOS app (Play, Pause, skip, volume up or down, next, previous, etc.). In order to reap the full benefits of Sonos integration with Insteon, you’ll need to setup presets using the Insteon App in combination with the Sonos app.
Currently, up to 10 presets are supported (and these are shared among all Sonos speakers controlled by Insteon). To get started adding presets, the first step is to open the Sonos App on your iPhone and start playing the station you want to configure in the Insteon app. I’ve got my two Sonos players grouped, using the Sonos App on my iPhone so I’ve got the same music playing upstairs and downstairs. Bottom line, if you’re an Insteon user with Sonos speakers, all of this is coming your way in the very near future.
The post Editing and Creating PDF Files with Able2Extract Professional 10 appeared first on Barbs Connected World.
I’ve mentioned before that PDF files are a fact of life that sometimes are painful to deal with (manipulate and fix) and I truly dislike Adobe Acrobat.
Recently, I was provided with a pre-release copy of Able2Extract Professional 10 and am happy to see some improvements and new features.
When Microsoft released Windows 2000, they launched it with a “Geek of the Week” web feature and selected me as their launch Geek. It took no time at all to highlight the text I wanted to replace and type in my correction. The new version also offers to ability to convert ANYTHING to Excel (not just PDF) which I find interesting.
If you’re interested in world class OCR capabilities, the Pro edition lets you converted scanned, image based documents. Oh, and if you want to read the Geek of the Week article (revised), you can laugh at my predictions about the future.
The post HomeKit, Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, and Siri Stops Working appeared first on Barbs Connected World. Philips Hue has some awesome lights and devices for decorating your home with light and providing home automation.
It sure was great to push a button on my Apple Watch and let Siri turn on some lights, especially from my car as I was pulling up to my front door. And I’ve got a bunch of color scheme scenes for the stairway going from the first floor to the second floor. If you do choose sandbox, make sure to change it to live when your site is ready for general public. Below that you can configure your auction options like opening price, minimum bid, buy now price, and auction end time. The beauty of creating an auction site in WordPress with a plugin is that you DO NOT need a specific WordPress auction theme.
If you want to build a small community of buyers and sellers in your specific niche, then Ultimate Auction plugin is perfect for that as well, but you will need the Pro version.
With pro version you will be able to manage users, allow them to post auctions, and charge them listing fees for each auction. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. About the Editorial StaffEditorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Our HD-Quality tutorial videos for WordPress Beginners will teach you how to use WordPress to create and manage your own website in about an hour. Considering this to supplement a silent auction for a college theater department of multiple high end items to raise money for scholarships.
Thanks for sharing this I was working on my university project of Auction website but I was unable to understand that from where should I start.
Thanks for the article, Please can I get the Video Tutorial I think that will help me better. Not all that long ago, whether it was an eCommerce website or not, you had to know both design and development. If your domain name is too long or too complicated, a potential visitor could all too easily make a typing error, and never reach your site.
A few years back, choosing a hosting company was simple, and hosting services were relatively inexpensive.
Shared hosting is often the choice of first-time website owners, small businesses, and startups. With Managed hosting, the host still serves a variety of users, but it manages its resources in a way that keeps bandwidth and overcrowding issues to an absolute minimum, or avoids them completely. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers are the choice of large companies, institutions, and other heavy users. Once you have selected a hosting, and acquired a unique domain name, it’s time to build your eCommerce store, a task you can easily do yourself. Shopkeeper is an eCommerce WordPress theme that has all the features you need to build a website and sell products online. Once you’ve selected a pre-made layout, it’s a simple matter to customize it using the popular Visual Composer page-builder. Take a good look and these examples, and revisit the pre-made layout samples that were presented earlier, and you can get an idea as to how you can edit a pre-made layout to get precisely what you want. Shopkeeper is constantly being updated as its features are improved upon or enhanced, or new features are added. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Thanks Iggy for providing step by step tutorial to create an eCommerce wordpress website and I liked the way you gave example of shopkeeper wordpress theme.
Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs. Have you ever been on the receiving end of an “urgent” marketing request to change a Google Analytics or other script on your company’s website? We’ve got this marketing campaign coming up, and we really need to get this new, different Google Analytics script on our website. We’ve just developed a new set of landing pages, which need a custom script, together with a KissMetrics script, and on certain pages we also want to add CrazyEgg. I know we’ve asked you to add this script, but we’re mid-campaign and we URGENTLY need to optimize this script, before we run out of marketing budget. If you’re like most web developers working with a digital marketing team, the above or similar situations probably sound familiar. Well show how Google Tag Manager can improve the efficiency of both website developers and online marketing teams. Any company which has an independent marketing team knows how critical digital marketing is to their success.
Google Tag Manager allows users to define and decide what scripts (“tags”) are shown, and under what circumstances, through a UI.
Allowing the marketing team to tinker with your beautifully coded website may sound like a horribly bad idea. What you’ll need to do as a minimum, is sign up for Google Tag Manager and add the GTM script to the website pages where you want to allow the adding of scripts.
Built-in tags for different services allow for customizations as necessary for that specific service.
Even if you, as a developer, are handling the adding of the scripts, you can appreciate that you don’t have to perform the server-side coding required to fire the tag under different scenarios. The amount of conditions available under which the tag can fire is enough to handle all kinds of complex scenarios your teams may demand.
Here we’ve used a broken tag to show you how GTM stops you when it detects an error in the script. There is also a preview feature that allows you to preview what the current set of tags will look like on your current site. Share Preview also allows you to send a URL which will actually contain the same preview, so that you can share with your peers for approval.
The benefits of using this approach rather than messing directly with the code every time should be evident from the example above.
Whilst creating the example above, we showed for a moment that you can use triggers to decide when the script should fire or not. Quick Aside: We’ve seen example of scripts which are up to 500KB in size, which is overwhelming. Let’s say you want to trigger a specific event, include a tracking pixel, or show a customer survey to visitors who have converted. Let’s create a Google Customer Survey, enter our site ID, and then choose “Some Pages” instead of the “All pages” trigger. We’re going to use a Regex to match the URL of our Thank You page, but there are plenty of other conditions you can use. As you can see, our tag will now only get populated when a Thank You page is being displayed.
As with any service which touts itself on being flexible and customizable, GTM supports the use of variables. Variables can also be used in triggers, say to define the page URL under which to fire a page view trigger event.
Our plan is to trigger an Adwords Remarketing campaign specifically to the customers who we know have already spent $1000. We’ve seen that it is difficult for a user to “break” the functionality of the site when introducing new tags. Although performance might be a potential concern, we do believe that if the digital team is assisted by a developer, triggers can be used to ensure the performance hit is only taken where necessary.
Animated GIF showing the non-wrapping text preventing the flex parent from getting narrower.
Not only might this prevent the narrowing of a container, it might blow a container out super wide. According to a draft spec, the above text should not fully collapse when the flex container is resized down.
When Im the CSS lead on a project (kinda my thing), I feel most comfortable when Im intimately familiar with everything happening in the stylesheets.
For the teams out there that dont really have a CSS lead, or dont have one that is excited about that being their job, you can likely get a lot of productivity out of a framework.
There are also about 20 billion of them because of this weird thing that happens where people that have some success writing CSS from scratch want to turn their thinking into a framework for the rest of the world. Also, if its not clear, Im a founder at both CSS-Tricks and CodePen, but many people work on both projects. FRED COPELAND: WHAT MADE CODEPEN A HUGE SUCCESS, GIVEN THAT THE FRONT-END WORLD ALREADY HAD JSFIDDLE, PLUNKER ETC?
Based on that, we decided to make the homepage of CodePen a showcase rather than the editor itself. So whenever you remove a component from inside a button then the button itself should still work. With the rise of ultra high-definition displays and devices that enable browsing the web via smart TVs, the internet is increasingly being accessed and viewed on screens that dwarf traditional desktop displays. Take for example the image above, which depicts a small sampling of popular websites that were each captured at a screen size of 2560x1600 pixels.

The challenges of optimizing for large-scale displays center around how to scale and manage content.
Content choreography refers to how content is adapted proportional to screen size, serving the best possible experience at any width. Generally speaking, the way content adapts on small screens is pretty straight-forward: we stack content within a single column and adjust the visual order if necessary.
Now that we’ve identified the various challenges that come with large-scale displays, let’s take a look at some approaches to optimizing our content for this scale. Ive created a site to demonstrate each technique we’ll be looking at for optimizing for large-scale displays. The method you use to optimize your content for large-scale displays will vary, depending on your content. For our demo, I chose to start with sketching out the general idea for the layout and content. Relative units such as percentages, EMs, and REMs are essential to responsive web site because they provide us a way to build on a flexible foundation. Next, we apply these variables to our element and increase both font-size and line-height gradually as the screen gets larger. Screenshots at 2560px wide illustrating the difference between not scaling text up globally (left) versus scaling text up (right). When it comes to controlling content, there are few tools in the responsive web design toolbox as useful as the ubiquitous ‘container’. This approach works but, but it doesnt scale to large screens because the maximum width is too dependent on a specific width. How you manage images on extra large screens is entirely dependent dependent on your project needs, but you will most likely need to serve up higher resolution variations of each image to ensure images aren’t too small. For background images, this is quite simple: define the background image on the appropriate element, give the element dimensions, and define higher resolution sources of the image within media queries. For inline images, we now have an HTML specification that allows us to extend the img and source elements to provide a list of available image sources and their sizes.
I caught wind of a friend making the transition from in-house designer to freelancer or proprietor of a small design studio and looking for advice. Using a web font service doesn’t necessarily mean that your web site will use best practices. I got to thinking that with everything I’ve voice enabled here, I had not done anything with my home theater equipment.
The TLDR; version of this post is that AnyMote, which takes concentration and time to set up (and is pretty geeky when it comes to advanced functions), coupled with the Alexa AnyMote skill is awesome. I thought about getting another Harmony Hub for the Living Room to use with my iPad Air, but was concerned that when I got to voice enabling it that there would be conflicts with the Bedroom Harmony Hub (see below on the Master Bedroom) AND I’m not very fond of the individual device control interface for Harmony on the iPad. It’s a geek treasure hunt (like peeling back layers of an onion) that leads to discovery of the many things this little gadget can do when coupled with a supported device and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I started with 4 so that I could control my set top box and my BD ROM player; one each to turn everything on and one each to turn everything off. I was itching to try the Alexa AnyMote Skill, so I stopped there and got that up and running. When I tested them, I found that Alexa didn’t like some of the names I’d selected – neither MAX HD or MAX was recognized by Alexa, but CINEMAX worked fine.
Inside the remote editor, I can change themes, button colors and text and use built in icons.
I remembered that SmartThings was supposed to work with Logitech Harmony Wi-Fi based remotes, so with nothing to lose, my first task was to see what I could accomplish with my bedroom home theater gear.
The components are properly powered on and the handheld Harmony remote actually changes to reflect the running Activity so that I can use the buttons to Play, Pause, FFW, etc. I’m using maybe 25% of its capabilities and as time goes on, I’ll be experimenting with other functionality.
And I’ve often cursed out Siri for not turning on lights when I’ve summoned her to action this  from a distance using HomeKit via my Apple TV.
Press and hold the button, watch the animation, add items to my shopping list, turn lights on or off. I’m continually amazed and pleased by how developers, like the Lexi team, are extending the Alexa experience and making my life so easy (and fun). Amazon’s Echo Smart Home covers an amazing number of products and gets better all the time. I don’t ever seem to turn on all my Hue lights (which are spread over the three floors of my Condo). Alexa is far more dependable than Siri (like 99.9%) and I was able to solve this last piece of my Connected Home with Yonomi. The Connected Home landscape is still filled with detours and roadblocks, but Amazon’s Alexa (Echo) is what Siri should have been and there is support for far more devices and vendors on the Alexa platform. That was my opinion even before the nice folks at Yonomi sent me a LifX 1000 color bulb and a Vita Copenhagen EOS mini feather lamp to add to my connected home. It’s about getting disparate devices from a variety of vendors to play nice together and create scenes that include mutliple vendors. You can create these and use them from the Yonomi App AND run device discovery in the Amazon Echo app to allow voice control via Alexa for these same routines.
The location based (geofencing) routines just work automatically, as do the time based routines.
I found a “wow” solution for DLNA control using JRiver Media Center and a powerful Alexa skill called House Band.
I’ve got Pandora Radio fav’s, Amazon Prime Stations, Tune In Radio, plus some of my own local playlists. I downloaded the Yonomi app and set up and account and then ran Discovery and it found my Sonos Speakers. I created a new routine without a location or time based trigger that sent my Favorite:Abba Radio (Pandora Station) to my Living Room Sonos and named it “Fun Stuff”. I’ve got Yonomi for streaming station Alexa voice control and House Band that can actually search my local collection and put together on the fly playlists by artist, album, etc. Here’s a short demo where I’ve used the intro to a track called Boats for Sale from a CD I own (so as not to violate any copyrights) to showcase this Skill.
I knew that JRiver MC included some DLNA functionality and wondered if I could tie all of this together.
During setup, a six digit access key is generated, which you will need when activating the House Band Alexa Skill, as shown in the image below (no, this is not MY access key). Use your mouse to drag a player under Playing Now on top of the player you want to link and release your mouse. Go to the skills menu and search for House Band or use THIS LINK, and enter the 6 digit code to enable it. And I get back a couple of extra hours a week that I don’t have to spend dragging the old canister around my home. Only iOS and Android are supported (same story for the Neato Botvac), but I’ve become accustomed (sadly) to lack of Windows and Windows device support in the Connected Home arena. While the bin needs to be emptied after each job and the HEPA filter banged against the inside of a trash can a few times after every job, other Care tasks can be done weekly or monthly, depending on usage. A nice long power cord (really a long USB adapter and wall wart plug with USB slot) is included.
Usage will depend on camera location and the kind of traffic you expect and when you expect it. Friends can be granted limited access to some of the settings and features on your Arlo account. I’d lose connectivity, WiFi would disappear, cellular would disappear, Bluetooth would disappear.
The hotfix leads to a requestable fix that is incorrectly labeled as for Surface PRO 3 and not Surface 3 LTE. The unlocked Surface LTE is only available to business customers with a 5 line minimum commitment and two year contract. When I heard that the first devices would be AT&T only, and then T-Mobile I was disappointed. They need to turn WiFi OFF on the demo iPad and wait for the SIM to activate on the network and verify by successfully browsing the web.   Making the connection to the Internet with the activated SIM is a critical step.
You may need to wait a few minutes, but as long as you or the VZW tech followed the first 5 steps above, you should get connected to Verizon’s LTE network.
If you tap the Network Settings box above, on a successfully activated and working connection, the Network Type may show as Global. Don’t let them tell you they have to send your device IMEI and other info in to a special team to be added to a database of devices. And now, I’m happy to say that Insteon has made it possible to incorporate Sonos speakers in my little connected world. You can add up to four speakers; they all should be discovered, but you will need to go back and add them one at a time (those already added will be greyed out). Previously, I could set Sonos Alarms to wake me to music and separately set some schedules scenes in Insteon to turn on lights at the same time. My home office is a loft room that shares a cathedral ceiling with the master bedroom, and the Office Sonos sits on the railing and fills both the loft and the bedroom with sound. Reading the release notes on the editing capabilities of Able2Extract 10, I started experimenting on contracts and other business documents, but then remembered that I had a few more interesting things saved to PDF that I would love to revise. The original Philips Bridge enabled me to control lights via an iPhone app and a few third party iOS apps let me sync to music and movies. I’ve set up some scenes, defined by color and lights, so when I tell Siri to turn on TV time, I get red and blue Hue Bloom lighting turned on. Next, click on the Add to menu button, and you will notice an Auction page appear as a tab on the right hand column. You may also want to check out our guide on how to create a job board, image rating site, coupon site, and a questions and answers site in WordPress.
Can you set it to select a winning bid and then allow them to mail a check or do they have to pay-online?
My question is can you accept a winning bid without going to an online payment portal (they may not have one yet). But I’m looking for something else, what about a plugin that allows user to sell their digital content on the website? Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow.
Today, building an eCommerce WordPress site is relatively easy when you have the right tools for the job, and you follow a few simple steps. Your selection of a domain name will usually be a critical factor in terms of how many people will visit your online store. You can still find low-cost providers, but beware of the fact that, in the website hosting world, you tend to get what you pay for. It is inexpensive; but since you will be sharing a server with a number of other websites, you may encounter bandwidth limitations, overcrowding, and occasional slow response times. If your host provides VPS service, you will be sharing hardware with others, although it won’t be obvious.
Select one that focuses on eCommerce website-building and provides pre-made layouts like those shown here, to get you off to a fast start. Since it is a fully responsive theme, the ever-increasing number of mobile shoppers will have easy access to your store as well. There is ample documentation to guide you along the way, and dedicated user support is there when you need it.
These can serve as the foundation for the look and feel of your website, and for various special pages you intend to incorporate into the site. It’s a matter of drag and drop and a click at a time to create a custom page, without any need for coding. On-going updates come with the package, so you will always have the most up-to-date tools to work with. Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows.
Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.
Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. I only recently became aware that Google Tag Manager was a thing_, but didnt know exactly what it was, what it did, or why I might care to use it.
And how many of those times have you had to change, and redo the scripts, time and time again during the campaign. It is different from the one used by corporate, so that we can track specific parts of the websites ourselves. Google Tag Manager is the solution to create a system which works for both web developers and marketing teams. There are no shortage of tools for adjusting, monitoring, improving, analysing marketing campaigns.
You might have various approvals to move from development, to staging, to pre-production testing. I wouldn’t want to let anybody who is not a member of our development team anywhere near our code. Adding too many tags will slow down the site’s performance and it will all come back to development team to fix. Anything which can be customized in the native script can be done via the Google Tag Manager. You can have different tags fire based on different conditions or different sections of your website. By visiting the site where the tag will be deployed from the same browser where you are performing the Google Tag Manager changes, you’ll see a preview of what the deployed script will look like. Let’s assume that at the end of your sales process, you send your customers to a Thank You page.
Once we do this, we are presented with a “Choose Pages” UI, which allows us to define the trigger conditions. As per normal code variables, this is simply a value which is populated or defined at runtime. Anything from the ID of the product being bought, to the username, email or other user data. Say, were trying to grow sales by having a promotional offer for those who spend more than $100. Well trigger the remarketing code only if the transactional value of the shopping cart is more than $100. It will match the trigger only if the transaction amount is greater than $100, and at that point inject your Remarketing tag. Our full-time immersive web development course six months long and designed to prepare you as a full-stack developer on a software team.
You dont want that text to wrap, you want it truncated with ellipsis (or fall back to just hiding the overflow). Without this, the flex child containing the other text elements wont narrow past the "implied width" of those text elements. We had this consideration: "What are the coolest demos people have made on jsFiddle, TODAY?" How do you find them?
We decided to have user accounts and make CodePen a social network in addition to a code editor.
Even if we dont call it OOCSS much anymore, Nicole was way ahead of the curve on this stuff and influenced how the community thinks about CSS immensely. Coping with less predictable elements reveals pesky issues of spacing and alignment inside. But this isn’t just important for buttons really, it’s important for any component that we’re building. According to W3Counter, screens with a device width of 1366x768 pixels are the most common large device resolution.
This width is what you will find with most high-definition desktop displays that start with 27” monitors.
As you can see, none of these sites are optimized for this scale: text is too small, the volume of content packed into a relatively small space makes it difficult for the eye to know where to focus, and everything seems to be dwarfed by the whitespace that surrounds it. The answer is sure to vary by team, but there are definitely a few technical challenges at this scale. On the other hand, the way we approach this on large devices can vary greatly, depending on the content and the space available. Since most large screens are also higher resolution, we must manage additional variations of each image to ensure the appropriate image is served.
Given the topic, I chose a theme that seems appropriate in the context of scalability, the Death Star II. One option is to simply adjust the layout in order to present your content in a way that takes advantage of the additional screen space. By planning ahead, you are minimizing surprises and ensuring that everything works together before diving in, at which point its harder to make changes.
By doing this first, I got a sense for how I should break the site down into sections, and how the page as a whole could be structured to accommodate these sections. By using relative units everywhere, we can ensure that measurements will remain proportional, regardless of the font size set by the user. By defining our media queries in EMs, we are ensuring the design scales proportionately without enabling awkward scrolls bars in the browser if the user was to adjust the zoom level.
Font-sizing can be controlled globally by adjusting the font-size property on the element, as long all text on the site is defined in relative values like EMs. As you can see below, the first step is to define what the base value of your font sizing will be. As mentioned before, this will scale up the text size everywhere if you have set font sizes in your content as a relative unit like EMs.
This element has one purpose, and that is to control the maximum-width in which our content can extend to. Even if the max-width value was increased to something much larger, it isnt relative to the viewport width.
This is because we must leverage a polyfill to enable support for srcset and sizes in browsers that do not yet support them. When it comes to optimizing our content for large-scale displays, we shouldnt stop short of common desktop resolutions. It looks like a Sass mixin, but its really more like extending a placeholder selector, but because its native, without the selector insanity that extend can cause.

Meaning the new features will be available, unprefixed, in development versions of the browser (i.e.
Ive never truly done the freelance thing, so I outsourced the advice thing to yall on Twitter. We must be knowledgeable about the internals of the tools we use in order to best utilize them to our advantage. I’ve got a bunch of stuff downstairs in the Living Room and a bunch of stuff in the Master Bedroom. I used my iPad Air to set things up (and will also be using my iPhone) as I wanted the larger screen for first time set up. I used longish delays between powering on and off components so that I could properly test (see image below) and have been adjusting the delays as I go.
Pairing with Alexa is built in to the AnyMote App; a phrase is displayed that you speak, and Alexa complies and acknowledges. I tried speaking slowly, quickly, but Alexa kept offering to play songs from my Music Library or other responses.
This is Alexa “on the road”, giving me control of my Connected Home when I’m miles away from home. One of the missing ingredients for my needs was the ability to change the colors on my Hue bulbs and Lightstrips. I can turn both off by telling Alexa to “turn off the Kitchen” as this command IS covered using Alexa groups natively.
I’ve got some Hue bulbs, lightstrips and Hue Blooms, and I was already enamored of what color does in my home. Insteon made an initial attempt to support the platform, but has seemingly abandoned it, as their Windows App broke around October 2015 and has not been fixed, nor has it been updated with the new functionality available to iOS and Android. Alexa has groups, but they don’t handle everything, especially fine control of my Sonos speakers.
At the simplest level, you can create a routine without a time or location dependency by configuring (or leaving on the default setting) Date & Time without any parameters.
So once configured, while I could run routines from the Yonomi app, I prefer voice control. What was missing was a way to summon and play my cloud based streaming stations using Alexa’s voice control. What’s really cool is that once Alexa starts playing music to my Sonos, I can use other Alexa functions without stopping the music (like asking for the weather as in the demo below). The folks at Sonos haven’t announced any plans to enable Sonos with Amazon’s Echo and given their recent announcements and staff changes, I think it’s unlikely that this will ever happen. So, I downloaded the (Windows) trial version of the app (the app is available for other platforms as well). If you don’t save it when prompted, it will be available from the JRiver Media Center Tools, Options menu. The amazing House Band Alexa Skill works with JRiver Media Center and lets me send music to individual Zones. If your port forwarding is correctly setup and the firewall is set to allow communications with the app, you should get a confirmation. While Neato’s vacuum was cheaper, iRobot has been in the business a long time, and I ultimately used that plus reviews and am the happy owner of a Roomba 980.
This vacuum comes with these two battery powered virtual lighthouses that work in two different modes that allow you to “mark” areas off limits. The app provides all the info needed to perform these tasks, including videos on “how to” do these things.
The early cameras were for geeks only (like me) and required knowledge of networking protocols like port forwarding and more to get the most out of these first and second generation cameras.
While there’s no PTZ (pan and tilt) the field of view is very very wide and gives more than enough coverage (and this avoids the device being much heavier). This camera supports two-way audio, so if you’re in another room or miles away, you can kick the dog off the sofa.
You can select which cameras friends can see (if you have multiple cameras) and what administrative rights are available to them“, so you don’t need to share your credentials will your kids but you can let them access features. Device manager would cycle through some weird messages when I checked the properties of the  modem adapter and the wifi adapter, ending with Code 38.
You’ll see an icon in the task tray indicating signal strength and should be able to visually confirm your connection in the Action Center.
As announced at CES 2016, Insteon integration makes it possible to incorporate music into your Insteon scenes, control scenes and playback via keypads, mini remotes and more, and use the Insteon App to control speakers. With this new functionality, I’ve been able to create a scene that turns on lights and wake me to the Doobie Brothers Pandora station and use Insteon to schedule an ON time and and OFF time. Using an 8 button Insteon mini remote, you can assign a preset to each button and have an arm chair remote for your favorite 8 stations.
While I won’t bore you with dull business contracts, I did take a peace of personal “history” and change a few things I thought could be better.
While I’ve always found that conversion with A2E is extremely accurate, I’m told that accuracy has been improved and enhanced in this new version.
Trial versions of both Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional are available so you can see for yourself. Sandbox allows you to test your website payment workflow and run test transactions in PayPal. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s). Short and catchy is best, although it may be a challenge to find a name that someone else isn’t already using.
Working with this WordPress theme is so intuitive however, that you will seldom encounter problems as you go along.
You never need to start with a blank screen and waste time trying to figure where to begin. The goal of Shopkeepers’ authors was to create a tool that anyone could use to build best-in-class online store, and they succeeded. In developer speak, Google Tag Manager is a script which handles the injecting of _other_ scripts into your website, through a friendly interface.
As the marketing teams react to the new tools which come along in their industry to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll get more and more changes in the website. For example, you can have a specific tag for your websites corporate page, different tags for sales landing pages, and yet again different tags for documentation and support pages. This can prevent lots of headaches, broken sites, panicked administrators, and many frustrated people. If you are in the industry of creating scripts, you’ll be doing everybody a favour if you keep them lean and mean. While setting the trigger, we can choose what fires the trigger (and hence the loading of the script). We’ll give a quick example of how to use transactional data as a variable in a real-world scenario. We can define a GTM variable which reads off the transaction amount from a JavSscript variable containing the value which exists on the page.
Our graduates pursue roles with some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies as full-stack software developers, quality assurance engineers, front-end developers, and product managers. Bootstrap is kind of amazing and I feel like the "ugh, bootstrap is everywhere blah blah" sentiment is overblown and unnecessary.
As such, buttons are where you apply a design language’s base attributes in ways that’ll ripple throughout more complex component later.
In short: asking questions about how a certain element might break visually, or in terms of interaction, is vital to the process of building an effective design system. But if youre building responsive websites, it’s likely that the tools you need to scale your content are already in place.
It is also the range at which most websites begin to struggle because of excess screen real-estate.
Each of these factors contribute to a decrease in legibility and less than optimal user experience.
This is a problem for a few reasons: 1) the awkward space that results is distracting, 2) the excessive space can dwarf the content, which makes the content seem smaller than it is, and 3) legibility will most likely suffer as a result of being too small. If you avoid adapting your content to the excess space made available on large-scale displays, your content will most likely seem dwarfed in comparison to the negative space that surrounds it. I will be referring to bits of code from this demo, but you can see it in it’s entirely here on CodePen. Another method is to responsively upscale your content so that it fits the space proportionately.
If your design process involves working in a design application in order to visualize how you want content to behave, then do so by creating a canvas size that represents a extra large screen alongside your other comps that represent more traditional screen sizes.
Next, I explored design aesthetic a bit by creating a high-fidelity composite in Sketch, which allowed me to identify design elements such as fonts, colors and proportion.
This is in direct contrast to explicit pixel values, which will not scale relative to a users settings, and therefore measurements will not be proportional if the user scales up or down the default font size. This is especially useful when it comes to large screens because it allows you to proportionately scale type up globally as screen size increases, thus avoiding the text in your design from seeming too small in relation to the screen.
In our case it is set to 1em, which means we are defaulting to whatever default font-size is set by the browser. Take a look at the image below, which illustrates the difference between our demo when font-size isn’t scaled up on the body (on the left), and when font-size is globally scaled up (on the right) at 2560 pixels wide.
A better way to approach this is to define the left and right margins as relative units and gradually increase these values as the screen size gets larger. Notice that we are setting the height property to 0, providing bottom padding, and setting the background-size property to cover. The image below details how this is implemented on our demo, in which we are defining additional image sources and their sizes with srcset and sizes attributes. Browsers without support will prefetch the imgs src if specified, often causing wasteful overhead. With the proper planning, we can leverage the tools already available to us when building responsive websites to scale up and adapt our content for large-scale displays. They often used every prefixed variant of a feature, which makes CSS less maintainable and JavaScript programs trickier to write. At the end of the day if you don’t want to put any effort into it, it’s safer to use TypeKit.
Plus, AnyMote allows Alexa voice control of individual “buttons” (which is not the case with using the Harmony routines) as well as macros (activities).
I pretty much found built in codes for most of my (aging) home theater components; I had to use the record a button feature to get a few things to work properly, but I got the basic functions working and tested fairly quickly. I’m probably missing something obvious, but for now I can tell Alexa “Ask AnyMote to execute HBO” and the channel changes. Alexa handles turning these on and off and dimming the bulbs, but color changes are not currently in her repertoire.
I turn each of the two Lightstrips on to 100% using Actions and set the color to Blue (or Yellow). I suspect that when my list of routines gets big, I’ll need to depend more on the app to remind me what I’ve configured, but over time, I intend to use voice control whenever possible.
Last night I found a great solution in the Yonomi App (available for iOS and Android) that just this week added Alexa integration.
When I ask Alexa to ask House Band to play Boats for Sale, there is a short delay after acknowledgement because the software is actually SEARCHING my collection for this track. I’ve become spoiled with all the home automation Alexa voice control in the “Connected Home” Echo app, as I’ve got Insteon and Hue. Obviously, you will need to configure JR Media Center to point to your Music Library as part of initial setup.
In the screenshot below, I’m renaming my WDTVLiveHub (a different DLNA renderer) to Live Hub.
You can unlink and “Play To” an individual “Zone” (and the House Band Alexa Skill includes the capability to change zones so once enabled, you’ll be able to do this by voice).
So I don’t have to worry about that tangled mess of cords and wires around my Living Room home theater setup. Once you’ve configured your presets, if you’re familiar with the Insteon App, it’s very easy to setup a scene that includes Sonos speakers, and then configure a schedule. I didn’t like that the writer stated I blurted out a sentence and I didn’t like that they published more information about where i lived than I was comfortable sharing.
Then Philips released Bridge 2.0, a HomeKit enabled device that added Siri voice control from iOS devices and the Apple Watch. Many different themes can use WooCommerce, and many of them do, but Shopkeeper was developed specifically for use with WooCommerce.
The net result is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, and power and ease of use equates to elegance. As the size of a company grows, all these moving parts tend to become heavier and take longer to complete. Hint: Don’t include all of your functionality in the script whether I’ve enabled it or not. We decided well use algorithms to determine popular work, so you have a voice in what is popular as well.
In this article, we’ll take a look at the challenges and techniques for optimizing your site on large-scale displays. These values come primarily from desktop monitors, and most websites will adapt to these screens without much problem. But, if you attempt to fill the space with content by introducing more columns, you risk visually overwhelming the user by presenting too much content in a relative area of the screen.
Images that don’t scale with the screen can leave awkward gaps of space between them and other elements.
If you prefer to design in the browser, then plan how you want your content to behave on large screens by first sketching out your ideas.
The key here is to stay loose and don’t worry about pixel perfection — the important things like interaction, scaling and even font-size should be decided in the browser.
Not only is the scaled-up version more legible, but all elements on the page have been proportionately scaled up to activate the space.
As a result, content will be contained in relation to the screen width and feel more at home if the screen is extra large. This is a technique known as “Uncle Dave’s Ol Padded Box”, and allows us to maintain an aspect ratio by percentage padding based on the width of the parent element.
This enables the browser to switch image resolution based on screen size and pixel density, thus providing the most appropriate image. Sites frequently used just the prefixed version of a feature, which made it hard for browsers to drop support for the prefixed variant when adding support for the unprefixed, standard version.
There are lots of other options, including dimming, fading, random colors, but these are the two I wanted to start with. Running Smarthome discovery again in the Echo app got my new Feather Lamp discovered immediately. For purposes of using the Alexa House Band Skill, only local music content is supported (no cloud based music services). Connecting to your wireless network is wizard based, including a neat QR code process where you place your phone 8 inches away from the camera which reads the generated QR code, wait for a pleasant chime to signify “success” and wait about 30 seconds while the Wi-Fi network you specified is provisioned and ready to use. The email includes a still image from the captured video and a link to view the full captured video event in your library.
I already had Insteon and Lutron HomeKit enabled bridges and products and went rushing around to buy the new bridge. All of this sounds easy enough, but the real challenge is that your domain name must be unique. I think its approach is probably my favorite (I get good results applying it to raw semantic markup.) Its starting to get a little weird though recently with all the different varieties native apps and stuff. In contrast, images that scale too large can take away from other elements and become overwhelming.
In our demo, we will responsively upscaling our content in order to provide a superior experience for users on larges-scale displays. These features have long existed in Sass, Less, and Stylus, but theres no way to do it in regular CSS. Ultimately, browsers felt pressured by compatibility concerns to implement each other’s prefixes. I know Yonomi also can link to Harmony, but I wanted to first try my neglected SmartThings Hub.
Once again, Yonomi comes to the rescue, and Alexa can now color my world and set my Hue devices to predefined (or even random) colors. Once these were done, I open the Echo web app and ran discovery so that these two new routines were discovered and added to my device list. LifX app setup is a little quirky as you need to go and reset your password as no password is configured at all when you set up your light(s), which I see as a huge flaw.
While it is ready to use “as is” after this, you can go into settings and fine tune schedules, and you can rename the camera from its default alpha-numeric (useful if you have more than one Arlo camera). Just as two houses can’t have the same physical address, two websites cannot have the same domain name.
Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges that images pose, you must carefully consider how you want to manage them based on the unique needs of your content. You’ll notice we are leaving off the unit at the end of these line-height values, also known as ‘unit-less’ values. I’m sure Yonomi will be smoother, but again, only the Activities (macros) will be supported. Most consumers won’t figure this out as resetting a non-existent password isn’t exactly logicial. I’ll be adding my Hue gear to the Yonomi authorized list soon and create some more complex “routines” involving turning on lights and Sonos music. By setting line-height this way, we ensure that child elements can compute their line heights based on their computed font size, instead of inheriting this value from its parent. But, all in all, my LifX color bulb nestled in my new feather lamp in the guest bedroom is a nice addition to my connected home.

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