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Businesswoman writing business process concept (vision - mission - goal - strategy - action plan). Participants in Inteq's Business Process Improvement training receive a comprehensive course workbook, supplemental materials, and a personalized Certificate of Completion indicating CEU (continuing education unit) credits awarded. Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Business Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers, IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and other stakeholders focused on transforming and improving business processes.
To create sustainable, long-term value for all the stakeholders of a firm, it is important to explicitly establish an appropriate stakeholder value target. The key to reach this target and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage is the alignment of business strategy, financial strategy, technology strategy, marketing strategy and investor strategies.

In Strategic Maps framework, value is created through 3 main organizational resources, namely Human Capital, Information capital and Organization Capital. There are many other strategic frameworks for the creation of value for businesses which have their individual merits and limitations.  Another popular framework for value creation is that of Prahlad et al.
Their objective could be to expand the revenue opportunities through entering a new market ,  decide a growth strategy for a product or market, or focus on Business Diversification strategies. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. For an investor in a firm, value may be seen as through higher market price of his stocks and bonds, where as, for a mid level worker, value may mean better returns in terms of satisfaction from the job, maybe in terms of pay grade improvements or in terms of job satisfaction.

In short, the role of the executives would be to evaluate various growth strategies for the firm, which could lead to huge revenues and thus economic value creation in the near future, upon realization of the plan post implementation of the strategy.

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