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MIT CISR defines enterprise architecture as “the organizing logic for business process and IT capabilities reflecting the integration and standardization requirements of the firm’s operating model.” We view architecture as a strategic, rather than technical, exercise. Do you need business plan templates as you don't know where to start?Or more than likely you need the templates because you've been told you need a business plan by your banker, sponsor, investor or your accountant. Leave Business Plan Templates to explore critical checklists to help you in starting a business. Despite Costco's large store volume, it has been known to sell a fraction of the number of toothpaste brands as Wal-Mart, according toA The New York Times. ReutersWal-Mart and Target have blamed current woes on the cash-strapped American consumer. Huge Wal-Mart and Target stores lack the convenience of smaller dollar chains and drugstores.

Navigating through the issues to where you want to be This template for a cultural maturity model is not exhaustive nor is it meant to be difficult - it was designed to be [and has proven itself to be] a very useful guide to identifying and unpacking the differing cultures and sub cultures that comprise an overall organisational culture. The best test to find out if you have done this exercise accurately - is to see how other members of your team [especially junior members] react. It is important to know where you are going, but success is gained by knowing how you will get there.
Valens Point’s Business Strategy workshop is a one day facilitated, structured, walk-through of your business model, vision, mission, objectives and strategies, that result in a short (think one page) outline of your business plan, supported by an outline of your business model and a financial forecast model. Take our Business Assessment and receive a report containing recommendations that will provide a positive impact to your business. A firm’s architecture describes a shared vision of how a firm will operate—thus providing a shared understanding of the role of IT.
If it is accurate and authentic then the pictures and schematics that you create and the narrative and words that you document will be instantly recognisable and "ring true". Having established a cultural template of where your organisation is now, you can determine the template of how your organisation will look after your step change initiative and clearly see the gaps between these positions.

The result of the workshop is a clear and concise understanding of your business plan that you will be able to articulate to your management team, employees, customers, and vendors.
We have found enterprise architecture to be a critical tool for aligning IT and business strategy and for driving business value from IT. In other words, organisations migrate along a clearly identifiable and predictable path as their own business development skills evolved(4) That the structured template of this cultural matrix is universal and transcends our original business development perspective -i.e.

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