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I was reading a discussion in one of the Linkedin Groups I belong to entited “Have a favorite business Quote? Guest Blog for RMB! What to write and submit marketing content to Restoration Marketing Blog? Not a bad price to pay, if it means you getA to become the world's biggest smartphone company. Many entrepreneurs and small business executives either don’t have the time or the staff to adequately plan their marketing activities.  For most they would simply jump straight to the end of the story and start talking tactics.
While all these tactics may be effective for your business how do you know which ones to use if you have not taken the time to properly set objectives and plan your strategy? Like a general going to war you need to have an end goal in mind – your mission.  Once that has been developed you can then set your objectives.
Contact me if you are interested in discussing a strategic marketing plan for your business.
What do you think about ranking on the top slot of Google for a question thanks to two free services – Squidoo and Prezi? Ranking high in Google is certainly desirable, a top 5 ranking is what you should shoot for.
A performance-based marketing, Affiliate Marketing promotes the rewarding of one or more affiliates, based on each customer brought about to the business by the sheer effort of the affiliate himself. To a certain degree, Affiliate Marketing is present with other methods of internet marketing, since most of the affiliates utilize traditional advertizing methods, like organic SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing, and in some cases, display advertising. Frequently, Affiliate Marketing is largely ignored by Business advertisers, since Search Engines, e-mail, and web syndication are often more preferred, but despite this, Affiliate Marketing continues to play a very important role in online marketing strategies, especially today, since retailers are realizing that this strategy will not incur expenses unless they get a desirable result.
As for compensation for affiliates, a rough estimate of 80% of affiliate programs today utilize revenue sharing or PPS as their way of compensation.
To summarize, Affiliate Marketing, though its existence had already been for over a decade, still needs to grow in popularity.
February 28, 2011 by Bryan Trilli 5 Comments Michael Gerber in The E-Myth Revisited and Sam Carpenter in Work the System both talk about developing effective systems, processes, and scripts in your business to help create a consistent front for your customers and also to develop a business that works without you.

The front line system in your business is your system for generating leads through your marketing.
Just like every aspect of your business, your Marketing Manual has to start with your company vision and mission. Revenue Streams – What product lines or services does your company offer to generate revenue? Implementation – Each lead source has several pieces to it including what it will cost, how long it will run, special offers, training of the sales staff, copy, and most importantly a method of tracking. Instead of making this blog exceedingly long, I decided to break this concept up into a few pieces. Keep in mind that when your Marketing Manual is finished, you can pass it off to someone else to take the reins, they can pick up where you left off, and keep growing the business.
Most of what you're told about your website, PPC, SEO, and Social Media for service-based businesses just doesn't work. This industry possesses four core members, primarily: the retailer, the network, the publisher, and finally, the customer.
Still, Affiliate Marketing should not be confused with Referral Marketing, even if they both use third parties to increase sales for the retailer.
It’s actually not that complicated, with the potential for lucrative results, but its true potential is yet to be revealed and harnessed.
Brad Sugars wrote an entire book dedicated to systems called, Instant Systems, because he believes so strongly in their value.
My chart only has 5 revenue streams because, for most businesses, that’s all you can reasonably handle and become excellent at. They hear the word marketing and think of where they can run ads or what they can do to generate leads. Your homework for this week is to start thinking about your company’s vision and mission.
To get things done you need both KNOWLEDGE and ACTION and the reality is few people with the knowledge take the action.

Some of these quotes submitted by group members were too good not to turn into a poster… so, posters they were made into!
Because, having worked in the industry for years, I've yet to come across a great solid resource solely dedicated to an industry as large and changing as property restoration!
But throughout the years, with the increasing complexity of the markets, it had allowed the existence of a secondary tier of members, a few of which include: affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates, and certain specialized third party vendors.
To differentiate one from the other, their main difference is that Affiliate Marketing relies solely on money for motivation, while Referral Marketing relies on trust and personal connections.
Sure it might make you feel good to see your name on a billboard or hear yourself on the radio.
The first 3 were brick-and-mortar service-based businesses and the 4th does internet marketing for service businesses.
I’ll give you more tips on how to create a Vision, Mission and Culture and then identify your Target Customer, Unique Selling Proposition, and Positioning Strategy in the next few blogs. My team at Optimized Marketing guarantees to double your business' internet contacts in just 90 Days. Otherwise, when you get to this point, there’s no real way to know if your marketing is actually working. Donations and charity work would be an exception since you’re not doing it to generate leads but just to be a good member of your community. One of these days the blogs will be removed and replaced by books so get ’em while you can.

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