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You are now on the page of a Charlotte's Web, which includes such genres as Comedy, Family, Fantasy.
Full Plot DetailsWilbur the pig knows how important friendship is - he learned that from a spider named Charlotte.
This is the sort of bland adventure that kids will have seen a hundred times before, with not-so-tense near-misses and not-so-exciting chases along the way. Imagery, artwork, logos, service marks, and trademarks used on this page are the intellectual property of their respective companies.
N?i dung phimNh?ng l? h?i c?a mua cu?i nam s?p d?n va di?u nay lam chu l?n Wilbur r?t s? hai vi di?u do d?ng nghia v?i nguy co Wilbur ph?i tr? thanh b?a an cho gia dinh nha nong Zuckerman.

White, a young girl named Fern rescues a runty piglet, raises it as her own and names him Wilbur. However, after Wilbur grows into a pig, she is compelled to sell him to her Uncle Homer Zuckerman down the street. At Zuckerman's barn, Wilbur meets a host of animals and later learns from them that come winter, he will be slaughtered for food.
Fearing for his life, Charlotte, a gentle and wise spider whom befriended the lonely Wilbur, vows to save his life. Zuckerman, in whose barnyard he's left yearning for friendship, but is snubbed by other barn animals.

Wilbur is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table.
He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a gentle and wise grey spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen.

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