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The concentration of market share for the Top 3 game developers has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. The head of the UN climate change secretariat, Yvo de Boer, held a press conference yesterday to mark the halfway point of the Bonn talks.   The meetings in Bonn are meant to make progress on a final global climate change agreement due to be signed in Copenhagen in December. A governance structure for adaptation and mitigation aid that gives developing countries a voice in how money is spent. This type of regional decision making power is essential to minimize the negative consequences that accompany the typical fragmented land use decisions seen elsewhere in North America.  If it seems like the Highlands Plan is really influencing the trajectory of development in northwestern New Jersey, it might be a useful model for other states to follow in order to bring some coherence to metropolitan development. Normally, governors or state officials who recommend regional planning with teeth meet significant levels of resistance from legislatures and municipalities.  The Highlands Act seems to have been an exception.
Tomorrow US State Department climate change negotiator Todd Stern will head to Bonn to join the UN-sponsored climate change talks.  The Bonn meeting is seen as a key step towards the goal of coming to an international agreement at Copenhagen in December.
How the Obama administration is going to address the China issue, therefore, has been a matter of interest.
He was asked by reporter to clarify specific actions the US might be looking for from China and responded that whatever it is, it must be substantive and verifiable.  To me this suggests that maybe there is some commitment on the table whereby China would reduce energy intensity or hit an emissions target below business-as-usual projections. We probably won’t get too much clarification in the short term, but it is likely that there will be significant behind the scenes discussions in Bonn between Stern and his Chinese counterparts about ways to move forward. While the negotiations are underway many NGOs are highlighting the domestic positions of various countries.
Prime Minister Taro Aso indicated that he would announce Japan’s midterm (2020) reduction target sometime in the next couple of weeks. Today a major Japanese business group suggested that domestic industry could meet a 15% reduction.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As the online financial services market in China heats up, traditional joint venture or local financial services providers are eager to seek an expedited path to move online too. After the fourth quarter of 2012, online video playing on the website experienced longer time than the client side, and this gap is widening further in the first quarter. In the first quarter of 2013, competition in China online video industry became more intense.
According to iResearch, the trend of merger and acquisition in video industry will continue. The analysts at iResearch describe the Chinese games market as lacking lots of new blockbuster games so gaming revenue is simply concentrating into a handful of the top developers and operators.
Money is being spent by the largest developers to lock users into existing game franchises by offering incremental game expansions and updates.
If the market leaders are no longer spending as much to develop new  hits, SMEs would hopefully pick up the slack.
Here the author tries to explore a viable strategy from the empowering technology perspective for those financial services firms. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Meanwhile the industry is also seeking for diversification in the business model, supplying several premium services including E-commerce, video show and video-on-demand, etc. With intensified integration in video industry, the convergence of video platform becomes more obvious in both user size and revenue.

Some video companies cannot make quick adjustment due to capital market factor or other, which leads to slowed traffic growth.
Brand advertisers have realized the great value of mobile video, and the number of advertisers in food and beverage, traffic and IT product also rank a lot higher. Maintaining and pursuing the market share, online video platforms expanding in multi-device support such as on mobile and television, are becoming one main direction in current video industry. After Youku and Tudou, several video media have the opportunity to compete for the second in the industry. By focusing on existing games rather than new development these market leaders are also improving the operating economics.
Unfortunately the economics of game development and the overwhelming influence of the market leaders will make it even harder for SMEs to develop new games.
On the other side, the value of video media receives acceptance and acknowledgment continuously. Instead of funneling higher  profits into  new development these companies can instead increase the marketing of their current franchises. In fact, the SMEs may end up following the leaders by trying to improve the economics of their existing game franchises rather than launch new ones. If that happens the overall game market growth will slow down since new games are the best source of revenue growth.

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