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The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. More than likely, you think of a blog post with at least 1,000 words and a few stock images. Content marketing is about creating something that will provide our readers with value, and sharing it with them in a usable way. The reality is that visual content marketing is something that you need to be paying attention to, even if you have to learn to flex some different content muscles to do it right. The first step to creating visual content marketing that has worth is to start thinking visually.
Here are a few examples from some of the best in the business to help you get some ideas rolling.
Not long ago, we tried our own hand at creating an infographic that covered the use of growth hacking and content marketing together. Infographics are a great place to start your visual content marketing journey because the are closely related to content you’re used to handling (facts), and because the tools are readily available. Target is a great brand that provides us with an excellent look at how businesses and brands can use sites like Pinterest to stand out. I am notoriously horrible with grammar, which means that I have tried everything under the sun to improve my efforts – including a paid subscription to Grammarly, an online proofreading and correction tool.
Some of their cards are better designed than others, which proves that visual content doesn’t always require high quality design chops.
The Home Depot provides an excellent example of how the social network Vine can be used to create engaging visual content for our audience. I particularly enjoy this example of one of their Vines for an upcoming workshop that will take place in their store.
While frequently showing off their products, Starbucks manages to do it in a unique way that truly represents their brand and not just a sales ad. Not only do the guides become highly sharable, but they also make a great landing page for search traffic.
You can take a look at Neil’s Beginners Guide to Online Marketing and get an idea of what this looks like. Over the years, Coca-Cola has been a leader and trendsetter in the visual content marketing space.
Their Tumblr page is fun, quirky, and even interactive with a variety of animated gifs and brand memorabilia. Evernote has done a great job of capturing the passion of their users and sharing it a visual way. Whole Foods Market has long been at the top of my list as one of the companies leading the way in content marketing. While their page features a few photos of their products, it primarily consists of great graphics like this one that provide helpful advice to their audience that they can use with what they might purchase at Whole Foods.
The GE Show is designed to help us understand the technologies that are changing our lives. Traditional content marketing provides value to its readers, and so can visual content marketing.
Visual objects are emotional, and they can reach viewers in a way that is difficult with the written word. Join one of our resident customer coaches for a 20-minute guided tour, followed by a Q&A session. Save time scheduling social media in bulk & work more strategically with premium integrations.
Work smarter with robust social automation, auto-pilot publishing, and data driven intelligence. A calendar that will give you more control and even better insight over your team's schedule.
If you want to build and execute a data-driven, agile content strategy to get massive results from your content marketing, this post is for you. Thank you so much for all this amazing content which will undoubtably help me with my website.
Chances are your business already has followers of its own, has made it big somehow in your own little corner or neighborhood, has a regular website, and even a Facebook page with a few thousand likes.
Among the most common business objectives is to make customers interested and keep them hooked. Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, stresses that for a content marketing strategy to boost interest and ultimately influence, a brand has to focus on who the customers are and what they need rather than what you are trying to sell. A research by Contentaid said that just by maintaining blogs in a website can give companies a bigger slice of the online pie.
At the same time, publishing the right content will make the audience feel that you know them well.
When you have scored your ROI and you have decent and consistent net profit, you probably rest on your laurels and say that your business is on good footing (until a competitor sweeps you off, of course). Jona Jone was a mortgage originator in Philadelphia, PA and is now a Business and Property Specialist.

About VistageVistage International is the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization, serving more than 18,000 CEOs and senior executives in 15 countries. By Patrick Drainer If you're new here, you may want to sign in to receive our email updates.
At several conferences I’ve used the image above to illustrate how a blog can be the centerpiece to a social SEO effort where objectives are focused on raising brand awareness and improving customer relationships in a way that is beneficial to search engine visibility. The increasing popularity of search within social networks presents optimization and analytics opportunities. Social networks and media sites that have social networking functionality offer prime opportunities to interact with communities of interest and can be particularly effective as distribution channels. If there were ever a legitimate way to automate link building, it would be the RSS disribution and syndication functionality to promote new content to people who are interested. The diagram above illustrates this situation well, where a blog is the central repository of content and social media sites around it are the developed networks of communities and channels of distribution for quality, keyword optimized content. Visual content marketing is really no different; it is just another medium for our content. We don’t need to look far to see that visual content reigns supreme on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.
Visual content marketing requires a different skill set, and you may even need to channel your inner designer (more on this later). On the KISSmetrics infographics page you will find dozens of examples of useful content that have been represented in a visual way. A simple Google search can help you gather the right data, and there are many tools out there that will help you put it all together.
Most brands simply post images of their products, which can work, but that method isn’t always as engaging as a graphic that combines images and text. They consistently create funny, engaging, and audience-pleasing visual content for their brand. It creatively demonstrates the process that will be used while pitching their workshop at the same time. Looking closely, you can see that they frequently mix up the feed with images that simply embrace their own values, and the interests of their followers. He is also the creator of some very pleasing visual guides that he makes freely available from his blog. I distinctly remember watching their 2020 initiative video which emphasized  their content marketing strategy as they transition from one-way messaging to content marketing that is optimized for audience interaction. This standout notes application has many passionate fans, and Evernote has done a great job of capturing their enthusiasm through video. Video may not be the easiest to master, but it is a very effective form of visual content marketing.
They have a passionate audience, and an excellent understanding of how to tell their story in a visual way.
GE provides stunning interactive games and interesting videos that tell the stories behind their technology.
The true value of visual content marketing lies in its ability to tell a story quickly, sharing information in a way that is easily remembered. I am rather isolated as I am an Australian woman living and trying to do business in Turkey (twitter and youtube have been blocked) and I know that I need all the help I can get. Let your business, however small; be among those businesses or brands that will “put a ding in the universe,” as Steve Jobs puts it. If you offer catering services, for example, stop promoting your menu and how good every dish tastes.
It is not enough that people are familiar with your brand; the objective is for your customers to engage with your brand. Inspire action through content marketing and make people want to go and check your store out. In building a relationship, acknowledging what your customers need and acting on them is crucial.
It is clearly because content marketing works not just in terms of returns or even engagement but the fact that it can turn things around for your business. There really are a lot of content marketing strategies that are used widely and variably by almost everyone that are knowledgeable about internet marketing.
Vistage members participate in Chair-led advisory board peer groups, receive one-to-one coaching, learn from expert speakers, and interact among a global network of CEOs. Of the top 20 search engines according to comScore qSearch in August 2009, 3 are search functions within social media web sites.
While great content is instrumental for great performance within organic search results, publishing in a vacuum is naive. Those same people are often publishers in the form of blogging, reviews, comments and new features like Google SideWiki with the ability to link out to what they’re interested in. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.
With the addition of sites like Vine and Instagram, the visual renaissance is growing ever more prominent.

How can you use graphics, photos, images, and video to share the content you’d normally write out as a blog post?
If you have some basic Photoshop skills, you can even buy stock graphics and put the inforgraphic together yourself. Target’s Party with Pinners board does an especially good job of sharing images that are fresh, fun, and engaging.
Grammarly is particularly excellent at creating memes that provide value and humor for their followers. Just be sure to share your vines on the appropriate social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These guides take the content and format of an ebook, but display them in a highly visual way right on his website.
The video itself was a killer example of visual content marketing. Another great example is the Coca-Cola Tumblr page.
Their gallery includes dozens of videos ranging from product tutorials to tips, and even customer stories. For years, their Facebook page has served as melting pot of content marketing inspiration and community spirit.
Each episode is an experience, and one that builds brand value and adds an element of play and fun to a viewer’s day.
Sometimes one photo or graphic is all we need to convey what we could have otherwise said in 1,000 words. Remember that consumers are fed promotional tactics everyday — when watching TV, while driving down the road, up to their Facebook timelines.
When you build your brand through content, you will see that goal of awareness is expanded to brand engagement. Regularly publish interesting content on your blog as it is among the top three reasons why consumers follow a brand. Make sure the content you publish is informative and helpful because according to the Major Purchase Shopper Study of GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of shoppers research online before making a purchase. When you build a genuine relationship, you don’t just create a market; your brand goes farther and creates a community. Suddenly, you no longer just want to be a brand people have heard of but a brand they actually trust. Content that is optimized and linked to, does well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Creating distribution channels for great content can drive awareness, traffic and inbound links. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. By now, you must have heard about content marketing and the wonders it can do to your business — from brand recognition to sales.
Do not get lost in the shuffle and make yours stand out by sharing content that is interesting and helpful. Your brand has to be part of casual conversations, it should be something they would share on social media, they must feel a certain connection, and it should be a part of how they live their lives. While online shopping is a growing trend, a Forrester research found that 51% still shop at stores as they don’t want to wait for their orders to arrive while 42% want to see the product in person before purchasing.
Therefore, optimized social content and the digital assets that are common to social media (images, video, audio and widgets) are all optimization opportunities. Optimized content with a quantity of quality incoming links results in superior search visibility.
We’ll also be liveblogging the event here, so watch for more posts later this morning and afternoon. Engagement is tricky, that is why it is no wonder that 69% of marketers rank it as their priority, according to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Your brand can reach a wider demographics and have the opportunity to win over even the sector that you didn’t think you can have on your side. Through credible and relevant content, you will have the biggest capital of all — reputation and trust.
In fact, Facebook’s percentage of increase from July to August was more than double any other search engine in the top 20. A well-planned and well-executed content marketing strategy can help your business be whatever you want it to be and go where it has never been. Let your business goals be bigger with the help of an aggressive and effective digital marketing campaign. Remember, “digital” and “content” are not just tools but a window of opportunities and immense possibilities.

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