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Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Essential Functions are those functions that enable an organization to: ? Provide vital services. Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Essential functions include all functions: ? Explicitly assigned by law or order of the President.
Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Alternate Facilities are: Locations, other than the normal facility, used to carry out essential functions in a COOP situation.
Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Interoperable Communications are: Communications that provide the capability to perform essential functions, in conjunction with other agencies and organizations, until normal operations can be resumed. Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Vital Records are: Electronic and hardcopy documents, references, and records needed to support essential functions during a COOP situation. Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Vital Records ? Every Federal agency must have a vital records program. Elements of a Viable COOP Capability Human Capital Management is: The sum of the talent, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm that people invest in their work. Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Presenter: Lee Foster VP, Information & Disaster Mgmt Brought to you by KPMG Foundation. Principles of COOP The key to COOP planning is to be sure it addresses All Hazards What are some of the Hazards we face?
Principles of COOP 6 Goals of COOP Ensure timely and orderly continuous performance of essential functions during and after an emergency Protect facilities, equipment, records and other assets that support essential functions. Principles of COOP 6 Goals of COOP (cont.) Facilitate reconstitution and devolution after an emergency Minimize loss of life, injury and property damage Provide family support planning for agency personnel during an emergency.
Principles of COOP COOP plans should: Be operational no later than 12 hours after activation Be able to maintain sustained operations for at least 30 days.

Vital Records Definition of Vital Records: Records, systems and equipment that if irretrievable, lost or damaged will materially impair an organizations ability to carry out essential functions.
Vital Records Emergency & Legal Records Emergency Records: Essential to the continued functioning of an agency during and after an emergency to ensure continuity of operations. Vital Records Building a Vital Record Go-Kit: A hard copy of key personnel and disaster staff phone numbers. Alternate Sites Lets define a Hot Site A hot site is an alternate facility that already has in place the computer, telecommunications, and environmental infrastructure necessary to recover the agencys essential functions. Alternate Sites Lets define a Cold site: A cold site is an alternate facility that has the environmental infrastructure necessary to recover essential functions or information systems, but does not have preinstalled computer hardware, or telecommunications equipment.
Alternate Sites Tele-work Tele-work is another option for continuing operations if your facility is inaccessible. Training & Exercising A few other points Training and exercising provide excellent opportunities to update your plan. Training & Exercising Improvement Planning (cont) Youll want to use the items that need improving and construct your Improvement Plan An improvement plan is a chart that lays out what was identified as needing improvement, how it will be improved, who is responsible for the improvements and when will the improvements be completed. E ASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Department Training Jason E. Continuity of Operations Planning for Public Health and Medical Services Greg Morgan Contingency Planner Stacy A. Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness IS-546 Amelia Muccio Director of Disaster Planning NEW JERSEY PRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATION. 1 Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Training NOAA Homeland Security Program Office.

IT Service Delivery And Support Week Nine - BCP IT Auditing and Cyber Security Spring 2014 Instructor: Liang Yao (MBA MS CIA CISA CISSP) 1.
CISA REVIEW The material provided in this slide show came directly from Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Review Material 2010 by ISACA.
American College Health Association June 3, 2011 University Disaster Preparedness and Mission Continuity Plans Session FRO30 John Andrews, MD, MPH Assistant.
Legal: Essential to the protection of the legal and financial rights of an agency and of the individual directly affected by the agencys activities. The National Archives and Records Administration estimates no more than 7% of records are vital (likely 3 – 5%).
The agency must make arrangements for computer and telecommunications support within 12 hours of COOP activation to make a cold site viable.
If you have a function that would aid in the response to an emergency or disaster (sheltering, providing food, medical care) contact you local Emergency Management Agency for more information on how you can become involved. It helps to verify that the plan works and that staff are familiar with their expectations during COOP operations. By effectively simulating a COOP situation, staff will understand how to react when the plan fails.

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