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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Jenny I have printed lots of things a virgin chef can make, your programs are a joy to watch and that wicked twinlie in your eyes makes me think you are only speaking to me. It looks like you are referring to the no knead bread and a convection (fan assisted) oven is not needed for this recipe but you can make it with the fan.
I watched your show and am now an ardent admirer of your cooking talents and down to earth delivery. Thank you for all the brilliant recipies, and moments on your videos!Maybe it sound a silly beginner question, but I just go for it.

Convection ovens get very hot and if your pot is not thick enough, I can see how the bread could be overdone. Fist I heated the pot to 230C, when I took it out I reduced the heat to bit less then 220C, and after I followed your procedure.
I wish you much success in continuing to share these great recipes and techniques with all of us that enjoy you. If that’s what you are using, you could try reducing the temperature to 220 but do not change the time. The inside is fantastic, but the outside is way too hard.I just always worried if I take it off earlier than you suggested, I will have problem with the inside.

To use a fan assistated oven it looks like I need to increase the heat, like with the other recipies.

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