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ROKY PLAST is a company located in Lebanon that specialises in the recycling of plastic materials.
Whilst working for branding agency Brandon Ideas, Lebanese graphic designer Joe el Helou was set the task of rebranding ROKY PLAST’s corporate identity.
Joe tells us the initial source of inspiration was actually the universal recycling symbol with its three half-twisting arrows. If you're a designer wanting to submit your work, click on the ‘SUBMIT YOUR WORK' tab above. Our group on Facebook to discuss with other digital marketers latest news and strategies in SEO and SMM. Producing bespoke design work for our clients is not just about creating something that looks aesthetically pleasing.
Here at Tigermonkey, design is muscular—it works hard, transforming a sketch, a wireframe, or a blank screen into a living, breathing experience that communicates powerfully and creatively, reaching out to your users so they can effortlessly get what they came for.Our job is to bring your project to life, to attract and guide your clients, to communicate your message, to infuse the project with your identity, yet somehow be invisible, so your customers are magically wowed without ever knowing how. Thrive online — get best unbeatable interactive experience based on the smart design and innovative technology.
Working with Tigermonkey has been great  They really listen to what we say and have come back with great ideas and creative ideas. The staff came in and consulted with some of our clients about image and content and this was a real success especially with our young persons forum.
Tigermonkey have undertaken many important tasks for Nicholl Oils and the quality of work has always been of the highest standard. At Accent, we help you create your own unique program that will get the correct message to the right people and achieve your goals. In an industry of 5,000+ suppliers of wildly varying quality, and almost a million products, the search for “lowest price” often leads to poorly imprinted product, missed deadlines, and worse than anything – a waste of money. Visual identity and strategic branding for Sydney consultants business in the form of company naming, logo development and corporate brochure design.
Incept Labs are a company based in the Sydney CBD that specialise in strategic innovation consultancy for large corporates. Percept were hired as branding consultants for this new Sydney venturea€™s visual identity design. We then progressed to working on their corporate logo design which visually represents the unique way in which they work. Percept were heavily involved in the strategic positioning of the company and used design as the tool to conceptually communicate with their target audience in an effective way. Winning the branding of these awards, Percept were chosen by the NSW Government and designed the logo and website to last whilst the event theme, look and feel changes each year. Every year, the NSW Government hold their Premier's Awards which recognizes outstanding achievement within the public sector. Percept won out from a shortlist of design companies with government branding experience to create the logo for the awards themselves as well as the look and feel of the event from year to year.
This branding project began with the logo design for the Premier's Awards and we intended it to convey feelings of prestige and excellence that are befitting of award winning achievers. The icon in the logo represents a trophy that the entrants are striving for and this has influenced the actual award as it has now been modelled on the the logo itself. The look and feel of each year's event was also part of the design brief, kicking off with the theme of innovation in 2011. Percept created a branding styleguide for both the corporate identity of the event as well as the theme for the year. Once all the branding was planned out, we then applied it to the various items of print collateral such as posters used to promote the awards as well as signage and banners that branded the event on the night.
To supplement the printed promotional material, Percept designed a website which continued in the same look and feel and provided an online resource where participants and interested parties could access more information about the awards. People always remember fresh & creative logo design at a much higher rate than nearly any other advertising design element. If you would like to recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe.
These days the internet has come to host a lot of websites and the only reason behind this many companies going viral on the internet with their..

This is a beautiful creative PSD business card template with a plaid, tartan texture theme.
In today's fast-changing eCommerce world, it's challenging for any web designer to predict the future.
After lots of web browsing we found that there are no resources for ready made blueprints of civil constructions available on the net. Recently Jan Rijkenberg raised some interesting points in an article in which he questioned the importance, indeed the relevance, of underpinning individual brands with the identities of their corporate owners.
Personally, I can see a case for corporate brands – but I think their roles are specific, and that there are clear responsibilities that come with running a diversified portfolio. The investor brand – if the company is publicly listed, then that entity needs to be speaking in a branded and clear way to investors and the markets. Corporate social responsibility – for the same reason it makes sense for the whole entity to discuss the programs it is running at a brand level and a wider corporate level. Internal – the people responsible for managing the brands within a corporate structure should be accountable to the same rules and behaviors as each other and the rest of the organization. However, I do think there are times when uniting brands under a strong corporate brand is worth considering.
If you find our thought pieces on brand strategy and brand management insightful and would like a deeper understanding for yourself, your marketing teams or leadership teams we can develop a tailored learning solution for you.
Brand Education is a core competency of The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands.
Subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider Now and get regular updates and two FREE Chapters of Brad VanAuken's best selling book Brand Aid direct to your inbox. Let Houston Graphic Design create your entire company image, setting the standard for your business from the beginning.
Our approach to great projects begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected. We pride ourselves in helping our clients find the right item for their program, whether it’s for a trade show, safety awards, corporate gifts & giveaways, or referral program. We began with company name strategy and brainstorming, which eventually arrived at an outcome of Incept Labs. This was followed shortly after by their stationery and finally the corporate brochure design. I agree with Rijkenberg that there are specific activities that are much more suited to the corporate brand than the individual marques.
So it also makes sense for example that, in an employer brand sense, a large corporate would want to talk about its collective values and behaviors. Where it becomes more knotty is when organizations look to overtly extend the ownership of the corporate entity into the brands themselves – as Unilever and P&G have done in recent years for example. I worked for years on a major company that got no mention at brand level, despite several attempts to introduce the idea, because time and again the research showed that any such revelation would send consumers packing. If you do decide to tie the brands closely to the corporate, then you need to reconcile contradictions in the wider portfolio.
However, linking them together inside a corporate portfolio quickly draws attention to the contradictions. If the brands are new or if they are underpowered in a highly competitive market, tying them back to the corporate brand can give them kudos and authority they might not otherwise receive. As practitioners and educators we deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands. Army and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have turned to The Blake Project for help in meeting learning objectives.
We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on brand strategy and brand management and fosters community among marketers. Our primary goal is to showcase identity design from around the world; we want to give designers the opportunity to share and publicise their creative work online.

We want to see iterative sketches, including discarded preliminary and prefinal designs, wherever possible.
In so doing, he maintains, they lose their individuality and therefore their specific appeal.
By allocating this responsibility to the owner rather than the individual brands, the corporate entity is able to talk to the investment market about the same entity they have invested in. We could debate for some time as to whether in many cases these amount to little more than platitudes, but there’s no denying that this too is a corporate-level responsibility and therefore should be linked to that brand. From a corporate investor point of view, this makes sense because it provides a clear portfolio footprint.
If you don’t, you risk impacts on your corporate reputation – or at the very least you muddy the waters around what you actually stand for. In fact, I believe that if you are going to link brands to the corporate owner then you can only do it if you’re truly prepared to align all your brands to a consistent ethos. Equally, as David Aaker points out, “A corporate brand can be a powerful endorser because it is uniquely suited to capture the organization’s heritage, assets and skills, people, values, citizenship, and performance.
But doing so requires care, patience, the willingness to build equity in both marques and deep discipline. A fun, competitive-learning experience reserved for 40 marketing oriented leaders and professionals.
BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy based in the United States, serving marketers around the world. We develop matching color themes with cooresponding typefaces, helping you keep a set standard in your future advertising and marketing efforts. It’s a well-argued and reasonable case that cautions against big picture corporate brands overshadowing their assets and diluting their valuable personalities to fit with a bigger body’s self-aggrandizing agenda.
Consumers can see which brands are part of which entity and the hope of the marketers is that the goodwill will halo to the corporate brand, and vice versa. It was just that consumers were extremely clear in their own minds about where the relationship lay and with whom.
But – and this is Rijkenberg’s point – the challenge is to do that in a way that still keeps the brands interesting.
On the other hand, if its presence adds to the brand it is paired with (as Marriott does for example when it is paired with Courtyard) each adds to the credentials of the other.
When you allow Houston Graphic Design to develop a corporate branding standard for your organization, you are ensuring everything is uniform, neat, and professional.
So, if you are a large beverages company for example, and you are publicly listed, it makes sense to feed back to the markets on how the portfolio as a whole has performed. In a well articulated and thorough appraisal of the Dove campaign, Angela Celebre & Ashley Waggoner Denton make this great point about the relationship between what the brand espouses and what other brands in the wider portfolio espouse. Having Axe and Dove in the same branded portfolio, it could be argued, doesn’t make sense ethically. Or the corporate – because (they would argue anyway) that’s where the governance and the wider reputation is housed. My reading of Rijkenberg’s concern is that if you subjugate the individual brands to the corporate branding (by featuring it so prominently), you risk homogenizing the assets into a bland corporate soup where their personalities give way to what HQ feels happy with rather than what customers love.
These brands promote messages that are in direct contradiction to the message that Dove is attempting to promote, which is positive body image”.
And what does having them together in the same portfolio say about Unilever’s commitment to its purpose? The danger is that you turn your products into corporate billboards and in so doing transform them from powerful and trusted assets in their own right to small pieces of corporate real estate.
But if you do sell one off to get the ethical alignment, and it’s a market leader and highly profitable, how do you justify that to shareholders?

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