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Every time I am asked that question, I start going through old blog posts I have written on the topic with a list of good iPhone apps.
Having said that, I tried to include apps that anyone would find useful or entertaining and not apps that I use just because they work with my personal daily workflow. 1: Echofon Pro: After testing over 50 Twitter apps, this is the best Twitter iPhone app, hands down! Late response but I came across this post when searching if you had posted something on an app I was about to purchase.
Back to the original reason for my looking up this post, I was wondering if you tried Pushmail for push notifications.
That takes me a good twenty minutes every time, and this is a scenario that happens almost daily.

When I first got the iPhone, like many other people I started going on an app shopping spree just to see what was out there. Gives you notifications for almost all your services such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Just to emphasize again, I am sure if you use an iPhone, there are apps that you love that do not appear on this list.
I used to use E-lert on my jailbroken iPhone 3G and really liked the benefit of not having to open my mail app to see who sent me a new email. For this reason, I decided to compile an organized list of iPhone apps that I use and love. Apps such as Instapaper (which I use on the Web daily, just less on iPhone), Reeder, Evernote, Waze, and Airplay.

It is important to take into account that this is very much a personal preference and everyone is different. All these are great apps that I have used, but did not include in the list because they did not make the cut.
In fact, when I tweeted the question this morning (with a picture of my new twin boys) asking my followers what their favorite iPhone apps were, the answers I got were all very different than the following list. I hope this list helped you and of course, feel free to share your favorite iPhone apps in the comments below or on Twitter.

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