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In part one of a two-part series, creative professionals forecast how tech and social changes will impact marketing and how they are going to up their creative game in 2013. Anyone working in or observing the marketing world (and reading Co.Create) can predict a few of the bigger themes and issues that will be of increased relevance in the coming year. But how will these issues actually play out in the industry and what impact will they have on brand creativity? We asked several advertising players from different disciplines and creative companies to weigh in on what they thought would have the biggest impact on their job in the coming year.
What are the things (technological, societal, media-related, economic or otherwise) that you think will have an impact on the kinds of work you’ll be doing next year?
David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer, BBDO North America: To me, the thing with the most impact is that there are no set platforms anymore.
Neil Heymann, group creative director, Droga5 New York: More content, on more screens, in more sizes, in more places, more of the time. Michael Krivicka, founder, Thinkmodo: We are noticing that more and more people are watching our YouTube videos on mobile devices.
Jason Gaboriau, VP, executive creative director CP+B: We are in the midst of two giant cultural shifts. Over the last decade we have marveled at all the gadgets and gizmos… stronger, faster, smaller, better, and sleeker. The second thing I believe will have an impact on the kind of work we will do in 2013 is globalization. The past decade plus was about learning new technologies, new platforms, new threads of connectivity about brands. Jonathan Cude, chief creative officer, McKinney: Marketers will continue to ask for more ROI often with the same spending levels and sometimes less.
Adam Kerj, chief creative officer, 360i: Being mobile by design in areas such as shopper marketing is critical. As the lines between online and offline brand experiences become increasingly blurred, we will see brands focusing on creating content in a more strategic and agile way. Heymann: More work that bridges the physical and technology gap in interesting, innovative, QR-code-free ways. Meet more entrepreneurs, they drive my passion for technology, which I believe is at the heart of all great experiences and from there you can build great physical environments, great events, great live moments but it inevitably starts online and allows us to communicate with a diverse and broad audience. Krivicka: I want to do less explaining to clients what the difference is between advertising and what we do. I want to do less technological trickery and apps that make consumers have to click on a link that leads to a clue which then downloads a clip of the game you have to play then upload to Facebook to share with friends to earn points to get a coupon all through a QR code.
Not to lose focus on audiovisual media, as they end up creating the strongest emotional bonds with the consumer. Your creative year: What things will you do to be more creative in 2013, or how will you grow creatively? Heymann: Most of us started in the creative industries because of the sheer enjoyment that comes from flexing our creative muscles.
The proper plan starts as something basic and becomes a guide for your entire restaurant marketing strategy.
Marketing plans might seem intimidating at first, but they are very manageable and can even be inspiring to put together. Gather the main stakeholders in your restaurant (owners, managers, head chef etc.) and openly discuss the direction of your brand. The perfect place to start forming the actual plan is an internet search of other restaurants’ marketing strategies. The notes and ideas from the brainstorming process in step 1 will be useful in this process.
Make the steps as specific as possible, so that when it comes to implementing and evaluating them there won’t be room for misinterpretation. Include a series of steps like this in the first or last section of your marketing plan, so they’re easy to find.
PresentationPro was started in 1993 in Atlanta, GA building high end custom presentations for some of the world's largest and most successful companies.
Already positioned to lead the industry in innovation, Create-A-Card will provide the companies’ combined customers a wider range of services and value. IMC brings world-class marketing people and an established client base to Create-A-Card, Inc.
I have included a great overview, below, that initially appeared in Bloomberg Business Week. That confusion is unfortunate, because understanding the concepts and how they mesh is vital to every company’s bottom line. Rob Frankel, a branding expert and author in Los Angeles, calls branding the most misunderstood concept in all of marketing, even among professionals. And while many people think successful branding is only about awareness, it’s not, Frankel adds. Your product or service is not your company’s brand and neither is your logo or your business card. A brand is a promise and branding is the act of devising the promise your company makes to the world. Think of marketing like a toolbox containing branding, advertising, direct mail, market research, public relations, and other tools. A successful marketing strategy uses all—or most—of the tools in the box depending on the job at hand, Cecil says. If you offer free Wi-Fi and your customers use it to illegally download or share copyrighted content, you could be punished as Internet service providers step up enforcement, NFIB warned. Having a QR code in your promotional materials grabs attention, leading users to high-quality, high-value content instantaneously.
For businesses looking to differentiate themselves from their competition, QR codes should be on their radar.
Let Create-A-Card, Inc, your marketing specialist for the transportation industry, help you capitalize on this unique marketing opportunity and begin leveraging the potential of Quick Response codes in your business today! Digital documents (made out of ones and zeroes) are a lot less wasteful than paper (made out of carbon-eating trees). These days, a great way to draw in new customers is by appealing to their environmental awareness. Define Your Audience – Your niche marketing plan will be dead in the water if you don’t know who to aim it at. Choose Your Focus – You’ve already decided to focus your niche marketing plan on the green characteristics of your company, and of transportation companies in general. Present Your Points in a Clear Way – Whether your marketing campaign is going to be small or large, the main points that you’ve chosen to highlight should remain consistent throughout it. Practice What You Preach – Finally, make sure that you can easily back up any claims that you make. At Create-A-Card, we are very aware of the concerns surrounding the environmental impact of print advertising and understand why our clients are reluctant at times to include printed media in their media outreach campaigns. The most obvious place to start is with the paper that is chosen for all posters, envelopes, business cards, flyers, presentations and stationary. Because of the heavy metals and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) created by traditional ink production, many innovative printers have devised inks appropriate for digital reproduction that are durable, rich and quick-drying.
Just because your materials are green does not necessarily mean that your final product is going to be green unless consideration is taken about the practices of the print shop. The final step is to integrate your environmentally-conscious attitude into the copy, graphics and overall design of your print media.
Green Marketing gives your company a fresh perspective that many of today’s consumers have grown up to understand as necessary.
According to the New York Times, the green consumer tends to be inquisitive, suspicious, more open to new ideas and better informed than any other group of consumers in the marketplace. When Ford launched its “Kermit the Frog” advertising campaign for their Ford Escape Hybrid, they ran ads that said, “Green vehicles.

The green demographic is not one single entity that reacts uniformly to all environmental criteria .
The internet has changed the way consumers shop, and the word-of-mouth network can spread bad news like a virus through blogs, social networking sites and comments on posted stories.
The most important mistake to avoid in marketing?  Not calling Create-A-Card, Inc!  With our decades of experience, we help you avoid common mistakes that can wind up costing you more than you can afford!  Give us a call today.
Present Your Points in a Clear Way - Whether your marketing campaign is going to be small or large, the main points that you’ve chosen to highlight should remain consistent throughout it. The continued growth of mobile, the explosion of data, the evolution of content marketing—all factors that will shape the marketing landscape in 2013 and beyond. This creates a positive challenge for brands to create even better experiences for the consumer. Nothing is hardened in cement like TV or print was; figuring out how to create and deliver messages now is liquid, constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to get people to pay attention to and care about your message. The fastest growing brands are the brands tapping into the rapidly growing foreign market demand.
And what invariably happens is that different brands’ messages all begin to resemble one another.
Mobile will need to be integrated into campaigns from the get-go, and not be treated as add-ons later on in the process. You couldn’t do that even five years ago, not at the speed, scale, and effectiveness you can today. We are monitoring, curating, and building brands in real time and, if we can harness that world and still be intuitive, we will see ideas that carry much more weight in 2013.
But digital can be so much more than that and we’re seeing brands start to understand that having digital at the core of an idea can really help the idea spread and stand out in an increasingly cluttered environment.
There is a lack of give-and-take on the part of both, but responsibility lies 100% with the agencies.
What we mean by that is that we feel that advertising used to be much more entertaining and effective when the planning and creative departments were one in the same. You’ll learn to visualize your goals, identify your limitations and capitalize off of your best features!
You may also want to include one or two loyal or potential customers in this session, if they’re willing. You can check out Mplan’s sample restaurant marketing plan to get some initial ideas. They’ve also outlined the importance of setting a detailed financial budget to go with your plan.
These are tried and true methods of analysis that apply to most businesses’ marketing needs.
For each step, leave space to record your notes and observations as the plan is implemented. Become your own marketing strategist by following these four steps, and remember, don’t forget social media! Messina, the acquisition will fuel what has already been exceptional business growth in revenue and market share.
Studies show companies that market their products or services without first establishing their brand identities are not likely to achieve return on investment. While everyone’s familiar with megabrands such as Apple (AAPL), Nike (NKE), and Virgin, small companies can also develop potent brands and market them successfully, says Steve Manning, managing director at Igor, a branding and naming firm based in San Francisco.
Skillfully using this tool in conjunction with social media marketing, video marketing or a high-quality (mobile) web site can help companies stand out in a marketplace that craves variety.
Mobile phone users can be directed to web sites where users can download ads, ringtones, logos, videos and flash presentations. As a part of an effectively executed marketing plan, the promotion of your company’s eco-friendly advantages can help it stand apart from the competition in a dramatic and lucrative way. Many people rely on the services of transportation and limousine companies; many others are on the fence, but would use them quite often if the environmental benefits of doing so were made clear.
Now, you should zero in on a couple of ideas that you’d like to get across during your campaign. Exaggerating or stretching the truth about the eco-benefits of using your company can backfire in a seriously damaging way. Create a warm, friendly campaign for your print and internet advertising that emphasizes your commitment to sustainable practices so your target audience naturally associates your company with the green movement. Companies that are new to green marketing, admittedly, need some time to adjust their own perspective.
Low energy use is crucial in some form, whether it be how the final product or service directly benefits the consumer or how the product or service is made or delivered before reaching the consumer. Green marketing supports open, two-way, communication with everyone the company deals with, excluding vital information to competitors, of course.
They have value standards to uphold that are considered for every purchase, and they do their research before deciding on what product to buy. Needless to say, smart consumers caught on to the hypocrisy quickly and the campaign backfired so severely that the term “Greenwashing” became synonymous with Ford. A green consumer can range from 19 percent deep greens (who are totally committed to basing all purchases on green standards) to 33 percent medium greens (who are willing to make moderate sacrifices and pay a bit more for green products and services) to 16 percent light greens (who make green choices only if it makes economical as well as ecological sense). In a flash, millions of consumers are alerted to misdeeds or extravagant product claims, and the green community has extensive, sophisticated internet networks and they know how to them effectively.
This year, we need to make the most of these advances to really connect with our audiences in a manner that’s unique and relevant. The phone and tablet market is expanding and that is a major shift in the YouTube video viewing experience. The Kondratiev Wave (WikiGoogleBing it) is upon us… the next big thing is not coming any time soon.
It’s a phone, camera, TV, music player, garage door opener, periscope, personal assistant, and deodorant. Creatives were divided based on how technologically savvy they were: Art Directors, Digital Art Directors, Writers, Digital Writers, Designers, Web Designers, Digital Designers and so on. Every day there seem to be more and more similar ideas coming from different clients…even within different categories.
Our teams here at the agency work in tandem with one another—dropping the silos and alternatively embracing collaboration among community management, social strategy, digital word of mouth, content studio, creative and technology. I think Ben Silberman and the Pinterest guys are going to do some incredible things this year and I am keen to see where they take us next.
Which is why our greatest hope for the coming year is to maintain or increase the energy level we had in 2012. This means continuing to find new ways to collaborate, working with people with different skill sets and points of view, focusing on the fun of making things and generally enjoying the creative process as much as possible. They are used by professional marketing executives to strategize from one-person businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. For example, your restaurant’s main internal strength might be its use of only organic, local ingredients, which relates to the external opportunity of increasing health-conscious consumers in our society. Enter the 4Ps of Marketing – Price, Promotion, Product and Placement against each of the bullet points and press 'Enter'. We offer the best templates, animated templates, background themes, diagrams, videos, presentations and software plugins so everyone can look like a PowerPoint master. If you’re spending money to advertise and market without being connected to a brand position, you might as well pile the money up and burn it. Branding is about getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problem.
If your firm is a commodity, your customers will choose you solely on the basis of price or getting something for free. A more sophisticated QR code can be used to embed other useful data like videos, music or promotional campaigns.

Many businesses use QR codes innovatively to reach consumers via posters, billboards, ads, etc. Using QR codes on packaging is another innovative way to advertise products or offer information. But the campaign does provide an effective reminder that a lot of paper gets wasted out of plain old carelessness. If you operate a limousine or transportation company, you’ve already got plenty of green benefits built in to the way that you do business. Therefore, your target audience is mostly going to consist of people who either already use the services that your company offers – but who will become loyal customers if you promote your organization’s green benefits. You could point out that passenger vehicles cause a lot more pollution than large buses do, on a per-passenger basis, or you could choose a number of different points to emphasize. Besides, there’s no reason to do this: The limousine and transportation industry really does have many green characteristics that you can stress in your marketing campaign. We have discovered that by making eco-friendly advertising the basis of the campaign, our clients can actually save money while attracting new customers and helping to conserve our precious natural resources. To further make a good impression on your clients, ensure that your company engages in strict recycling practices that are obvious to even the casual observer. When you choose this kind of paper you can proudly display the recycle logo on all of your printed materials to show your company has a progressive and ecologically-minded attitude, a quality that can become a deciding factor in a customers’ decision-making process. Digital offset presses are considered superior because they are able to best utilize eco-friendly products to produce high-quality material that resists scratching and fading.
Such strategies greatly increase the effectiveness of the all forms of media, not just the print aspect, and are integral to a modern, successful advertising campaign. In the transportation industry, for example, focus is on how the transport is tied to efficient, low-pollution fuels and the use of non-toxic materials. Green marketing communication includes reporting to investors on performance and future opportunities, informing employees about the company’s role in the well-being of the community, educating customers on additional services or products provided, and showing prospective clients how the company can provide solutions to their problems. When you design material to communicate with this demographic, keep the following 10 tips in mind so you don’t lose business before it ever gets to your door. It is important to provide verifiable facts and figures for them to use in their decision-making process and appeal to their heads as well as their hearts. Greenwashing is a derogatory term that consumers pin on misleading claims in green-targeted advertising.
Make sure you know which demographic of this audience you want to address with your message and craft it accordingly. Consequently, a protest was organized against the dairy that damaged their credibility and allowed a host of other products with higher standards to rush in and fill the gap.
This is why advertisers targeting the green market have to display a sense of integrity that leaves the flashy sales techniques and come-ons behind. We’ve created and downloaded lots of apps and whiz-bang features that surprise and delight.
Innovation is taking a front seat and the brand’s architecture is being put on the back burner.
I am hoping to do more ideological expressions for brands to differentiate themselves from their competition and define themselves in the world. Your restaurant’s main weakness might be an outdated POS (Point of Service System), which relates to the threat of competitors who use sleek, new digital systems for wait staff. Those who rarely use your services, but would do so more often if they knew the environmental benefits of doing so, would be another part of your target audience. The choice to use environmentally conscious ink also means your final product is much easier to recycle because it requires less heat to break down. What green marketing does is expand that bottom line by adding a couple of factors that government and society have deemed important for the businesses in which they deal with.
Green marketing turns these factors into benefits for the customer in the form of health, low costs, and compliance with state and federal law. Pricing is looked at as a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties see results and rewards. A company once accused of greenwashing has to do serious damage control to attract environmentally conscious consumers back to their company. All it takes is a click of the mouse for word to spread like wildfire, so make sure the gossip about your product or service gets the right kind of reviews by forgoing hype and maintaining integrity.
I think our work will start adapting to a mobile experience more and more, starting with the ideation process.
Technology was the message and all advertising had to do was dramatize the latest and the greatest and consumers responded. I am personally excited by this moment in time because I miss the days of great crafted brand stories with a unique visual language.
We’re communicators and we should be focusing our energy on generating mobilizing discourse.
If you’ve been in business for a while, this model will be useful as a revision and refinement of your marketing plan. We look forward to the positive sales and earnings contributions that this acquisition affords now and in the years ahead,” said Messina. Messina has taken a leadership position in ground transportation and has built a reputation as an industry innovator and the preferred partner for market-leading transportation companies.
By making service available to the community and expanding it to the nation or world, green marketing can expand profit without impacting the environment. Storytelling is timeless and, as we’re seeing, how to deliver a story is very much of its time. Knowing that fewer people watch our videos sitting in front of a computer is a good thing—things will get more active and dynamic and, more importantly, a lot more fun. Today’s writer is also a digital writer who can edit, build their own website, shoot and make video games.
Just reminds me that sometimes the best things are right in front of us and that’s a good metaphor for our lives. Again, draw up a customized diagram, based on something like this, to visualize the four P’s specific to your restaurant. And the risk is that someone else will define it for you—probably your competitors,” Roeser says.
The 4Ps of traditional marketing are still recognized: product, price, placement, and promotion. Green cost accounting takes into consideration the true or full cost and the benefits reaped from ecological and environmental aspects of business. The winners in 2013 will be the brands who can tell the best brand story to the greatest number of people across the most media. I love learning about cultures and subcultures, and the thought of bringing those things together for our clients sounds like a lot of fun. Add your text:You can also choose to increase the font size of the text to suit your needs.
However, the bottom line is expanded into what is called by some people, the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.
So much has been done, seen, and heard that something has to be truly amazing to get the littlest bit of attention.
I met her early in her Facebook days and she has the most infectious creativity and drive, and the government are lucky to have her! All other trademarks and registered trademarks shown by PresentationPro are properties of their respective owners. They will be needed more than ever as brands try and differentiate themselves from the competition, visually, and across the globe.

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