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March 6, 2012 By Hair Romance 44 Comments Hope you’re enjoying this week of hair tutorials! Inspired by NYFW and the the recent hair trend for faux bobs, as seen a Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta (pictured below).
This is new style for me as my hair is only just long enough to make this work, but I think it will become a regular favourite. Now that style could prevent me from going the chop (as I’m inclined to do every few years!). Thanks to Auke at 'TutBasedotcom' for contributing this new tutorial gives you some cool techniques along with some rather nice textures created by Auke. In this tutorial you will get a detailed, step by step, tutorial of how to create Rusted Text.
Now select your Type Tool (T) and write the text were you want to apply the rust effect on.I've used simple Arial for this tutorial, but you can choose whatever font you want. Regardless of if it is a hot date, opening night at the opera, or just a night in the town with the gals, it’s always the right time to accessorize. When aiming for the perfect smoky eyes, go with the colors that best accentuate your eye colors. Working around the eye is a tricky business and it isn’t going to be conducive to using a foundation brush. Take a brush, sweep on a layer of the lightest color of eyeshadow closest to the lash line. Now, take the slightly darker color and gently cover the middle of your lid fanning outwards.
The important thing to remember is that using the right brush is going to make a big difference.
Additionally, when applying the foundation or concealer to prep the lid, make sure to use a concealer brush as it applies a thin coat to the lid.
Mastering the smoky eye appearance can be tricky at first, but like most things the more practice the better it will look.

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The braid underneath is great if you have long hair or thick hair, as it makes it the bob lighter and keeps most of your hair out of the way. This was a lifesaver for me since I had to have a bob for my play and my hair was to my waist.
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The Design & Publishing Center is a Spam-Free web site and welcomes your articles, comments and contributions. Gray and plum colors go really well with green, whereas gold or copper can really make blue eyes pop.
One will be a creamy light color, second will be a medium base, and finally a dark smoky color. Smoky eyes can be just as fashionable in winter as they are in spring, but spring colors don’t exactly match the Christmas tree mood of winter.
They also give the best blending opportunities, which is imperative when trying to create the appearance of a smoky eye. Sometimes, you can go dark and dramatic for a party and other times light and pastel for a summer picnic.
Do not use old brushes, as they will not give smooth lines which will lead to discoloration when blending the colors. Use a thin makeup brush handle or pencil and place it from the outer edge of the nostril, in line with the outer corner of the eye and towards your brow (your brow should also end at the end of this line according to modern beauty standards). If your eyes are very hooded or deep set you may want to bring the line out a liitle more horizontally, otherwise your eyelid will distort the shape of the flick when you open your eyes. I wonder if you also braided the ponytail you tuck under, that might help hold more hair up? To may it easier to tuck your hai runder you can also may three ponytails – one at each side and one at the back and tuck each side up separately.

And also for that tip on how to make it secure, going to school tomorrow with to scare the hella out of my friends even more! Women know what works for them and they know how far a little eyeshadow can go from making their tired eyes seem vibrant and awake. If loose powders cannot be used, just be careful about putting a lot of eyeshadow on the brush. Before finishing up, take a fan brush and sweep away excess powder that might have fallen onto the cheek and other areas. I get asked this almost more than any other question, so I’m going to show you a quick and easy method of getting it just right (with a little patience and practice on your part).
Now, you can leave it there or you can now work on the shape a little more, making the liner thicker or winging it out further etc. It will help if you have shorter layers in your hair that you can leave loose at the front to make your faux bob look more real. This covers not only the lid but part of the crease as it makes the eyes pop, looking white, colorful and beautiful. There are other ways to do cat eye liner but this is just an easy method to teach and for people to practice until they get more confident with it.
This means I can get a very fine point on the outer edge of the flick but I can also turn it and use the thicker side for filling in and shaping the liner.
I also like to break the process down into stages and work a little on each eye at a time to make it easier to achive an even look. Doing one whole eye and trying to recreate what you just did on the other side is more tricky.

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