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People are producing more data than ever before, from a wider and wider range of devices and an ever-growing number of channels.
Cross-channel is a term that is used a lot when discussing this issue and it’s quite right that it is. Having a Facebook page, PPC campaigns and an extensive email strategy does not mean that those channels are working together. For example a cross-channel campaign would be when the same PPC and social media adverts are positioned in front of people who have also received an email. In order to move from a multi-channel approach to a cross-channel approach you have to concentrate on the individuals not the individual contact points. It could be that at this point you enrich your first party data from a third party source to get a fuller picture of your customers – Equally, if your data is comprehensive enough you may not need to do this. The key here is that improving the customer’s experience is paramount as offering specific segments the service that they prefer (whether that’s via email, SMS, social or display advertising) is more beneficial to them (who likes being shown irrelevant ads for stuff they will never buy?) and more beneficial to the advertiser. If you are in a situation where you think you are running cross-channel take a step back and ask yourself if you are treating each customer as an individual or as a series of contact points? This is the future of marketing – the brands that don’t keep pace will quickly fall behind. For a practical example check out how a cross-channel approach boosted social media sales for energy saving experts Mark Group. Experian Marketing Services is a leading global provider of consumer insights, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing.
Latest ThinkingLatest Thinking is the Experian UK blog that provides the most recent insight into the challenges that directly affect you and your organisation, covering innovations in areas such as, marketing and customer insight, credit risk management, identity and fraud, payments and collections. Why customer profiling and segments of one aren’t the same thing – are you treating your customers as individuals? Registered office address: The Sir John Peace Building, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham NG80 1ZZ. Along with Google AdWords, it seems like the common denominator in every search marketer’s tool stack is Microsoft Excel.
At the core of the issue is that most search marketers would love to not have all of the extra steps involved with importing SEM data into Excel and then having to pivot and filter it before even being able to start the analysis.
Clickable’s plan to deliver reporting and intelligence across many channels starts with its Widget Dashboard (now available in beta). Part of Clickable’s third-generation technology platform, the Widget Dashboard visually captures and displays all search and social marketing data. The Dashboard gives digital marketers and agencies an easy-to-use platform for tracking and modifying campaigns across Facebook, Google and Bing. Already connected to Clickable’s ad management tool, it also enables future data integration of additional channels across social, search and video, as well as proprietary customer data sources.
Their vision is to empower marketers and agencies to demonstrate ROI and improve decision-making through visually persuasive dashboards and intelligence that spans online and even offline channels. Not only search and social, but display, YouTube, television ratings data, and even customer CRM — providing a holistic view of the entire marketing funnel, from branding, engagement, direct response and ongoing customer engagement.
Let’s take a look at some screenshots from the current Widget Dashboard beta as well as some soon to be released features. As the tool’s name suggests, the dashboard is based on widgets which are the building blocks of the visualization features.
You can make your own custom metrics as well from any combination of data fields in the system. However, Clickable maintains that this is in fact just step one to aggregate all of your cross-channel marketing data in one place. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.

Onderzoeksbureau GfK voorspelde vorig jaar dat de consumptieve bestedingen in 2014 zullen groeien dankzij de online bestedingen.
De verwachting van de consument is dat in 2020 rond de 52% van de aankopen online wordt gedaan. Wanneer we om ons heen kijken in de gemiddelde Nederlandse winkelstraat, waar de leegstand van dure winkelpanden een steeds opvallender verschijnsel is, zouden we ons misschien zorgen moeten gaan maken over de toekomst van de traditionele winkels. Twee verschillende visies, maar dezelfde conclusie: online en offline hoeft elkaar niet te beconcurreren, maar versterkt elkaar. Interesse in nieuws uit de branche, opmerkelijke gebeurtenissen en handige weetjes over data? Invicta opereert op het snijvlak van sales, marketing, communicatie en ICT met als doel het optimaliseren van customer intelligence.
Because of this, as marketers, how we communicate with our customers is getting more and more disparate. However, it is important that we fully understand what the cross-channel view entails, why it differs from a multi-channel approach and what steps one needs to take to get there. Made possible by the development of sophisticated online intelligence analytics and complex delivery platforms, it is as a premise which is actually exceedingly simple. Many businesses have heard the term ‘cross-channel marketing’ and many marketers would mistakenly claim that they run a cross-channel strategy. It may be that the same messages are going out on each channel as part of the same campaign, but unless those channels are communicating with each other and affecting each other’s activity it’s a multi-channel campaign, not a cross-channel campaign.
The messaging in each would be slightly different, yet complementary, and each channel would benefit from the targeted support of the others. Stop thinking of customers as an email address, a phone number and a cookie tracking ID and start thinking of them as people – with multiple touchpoints.
To get a cross-channel view of your customers you need to be able to join up your data so that you recognise individuals rather than separate touch points. This opens the door to segmenting those customers and treating each segment in the ways that best suit them. Invest in online analytics, linkage and data enrichment to get that Single Customer View and look to profile your customers in order to create audiences. We help organisations intelligently interact with today’s empowered and hyper-connected consumers.
But for years, technology vendors in the search marketing industry have vowed to get us out of workbooks and have built workflow, analytics, and reporting tools aimed at doing just that. Most of the top-tier SEM platforms have very robust reporting tools—but the general consensus with search marketers is that they only go so far.
If a tool can go 80% or even 90% of the way, that’s great, but then it still means Excel is needed somewhere along the way so why not just do it all there? They know that once all of the marketer’s data in in one place, the next evolution of the tool will begin to deliver new business intelligence not only for search marketers, but for all key stakeholders in the marketing value chain — from account executives to digital strategists to chief marketing officers. Even though this is just the first step in Clickable’s plan for the tool, it still has some very strong functions that marketers are already leveraging for their campaigns. You can build them from any metrics and then manipulate them into different configurations based on the types of reports you want to see. This way ,you’re always looking at the right CPA and other revenue or cost related metrics.
Right now, the tool is a very fast and intuitive dashboard that is competitive with the reporting features of other platforms on market.
Once this has been accomplished, the idea is to bring in more outside data to bring context and deep business intelligence to the dashboard to make it a true SEM analyst’s dream tool. As a media technologist fluent in the use of leading industry systems, Josh stays abreast of cutting edge digital marketing and measurement tools to maximize the effect of digital media on business goals. Dit blijkt uit een onderzoek dat is gedaan in het kader van Shopping2020, dat de toekomst van online winkelen in kaart heeft gebracht.

Consumenten hebben met smartphones en tablets steeds eenvoudiger toegang tot informatie over producten en het bestellen ervan wordt steeds eenvoudiger. Having an active presence in a multitude of channels is not cross-channel marketing, its multi-channel marketing. When you look at it like this it is a lot simpler to understand how all the different channels, when working together, can help and support one another. A person may have up to three email addresses, a mobile number and two social media profiles – and to get a cross-channel view these need to be amalgamated until you have an individual rather than a list of channels. People are different and regardless of what you sell will not always respond best to the same messaging, offers and products. If they’re not then it’s likely you’re running more of a multi-channel approach and you need to up your game to stay ahead of the competition. By helping marketers identify their best customers, find more of them, and then coordinate seamless and intelligent interactions across the most appropriate channels, Experian Marketing Services’ clients can deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximise profits. He has a deep passion to monitor the constantly evolving intersection between marketing and technology.
Advies van verkopers is vervangen door reviews van bezitters van producten, lange rijen voor de kassa’s worden vermeden door steeds verder beveiligde en geoptimaliseerde betaalprocessen en flexibele logistieke processen zorgen voor bezorging waar en wanneer het voor de consument het beste uitkomt. De detailhandel gaat ervan uit dat de consument zich in de winkel orienteert op aankopen om die vervolgens online elders te bestellen. This is called achieving the Single Customer View (read more on SCV by downloading this free white paper here).
Combining segmentation with cross-channel capability will also mean you can remove people who are unwilling or unlikely to ever be your customers and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. It can be — if it is managed properly.So, what is exactly is holding marketers back from fully leveraging the value of cross-channel marketing? Er wordt veel meer online georienteerd, waarna de daadwerkelijke aanschaf offline wordt gedaan.
In a recent Experian Marketing Services global study, marketers reported that the biggest cross-channel challenges they face revolved around having the right technology in place to support a fully integrated cross-channel program, breaking down organizational silos to align marketing efforts around the customer and having budget to execute the right campaigns and activities in the correct channels.Furthermore, Experian Marketing Services’ Digital Marketer also reports that nearly two-thirds of senior-level marketers cite their top business challenge as effectively collecting, managing and synthesizing data. With consumers seamlessly moving in and out of a wide variety of marketing channels, it has become extraordinarily difficult for marketers to quickly collect — and make sense of — the digital fingerprints they leave behind. The challenge is compounded by the increasingly complex dynamics of online consumer interactions and affects essentially every part of a business, including marketing budget decisions.The pain is felt deeply within organizations that operate in silod teams supported by disparate technologies and uncoordinated processes.
With each new marketing tactic, channel or technology they implement, they subsequently create a new team for it. With that team often comes a new set of strategies, tactics and metrics that aren’t necessarily aligned.
Unfortunately, that not only limits the marketing organization’s ability to interact with customers on their own terms, it also generally results in fractured customer conversations and disjointed marketing messages.
After all, without the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing, it’s nearly impossible to coordinate efforts and operate efficiently. Point blank, business leaders are feeling the pain and the pressure to evolve.Identifying these major problem areas and opportunities for improvement is a crucial step in the right direction, and the majority of business leaders are leading the charge in that respect. However, converting an organization from a single-channel focus to a true, integrated cross-channel program often requires foundation-rattling change. Individual teams need to broaden their focus to put the customer — rather than their own channel-specific goals — at the center of everything they do. Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
Other product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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