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Since its release last year, GeForce Experience has been installed on over 35 million GeForce GTX PCs. For in-depth details on each of the new features introduced by GeForce Experience 2.0, read on. With the launch of GeForce Experience 2.0 we’re extending ShadowPlay’s capture capabilities to the desktop, enabling footage to be recorded or streamed from windowed games, borderless windowed games, and from the desktop itself. These capabilities also extend to Twitch streaming, enabling uninterrupted League of Legends broadcasts, and broadcasts of any game run in windowed mode.
Now notebook gamers can capture their greatest gaming moments everywhere they go, with GeForce Experience 2.0 and its new GeForce Shadowplay updates. To enable this game-changing functionality, the SHIELD April 2014 software update is also required. Last but not least, GeForce Experience 2.0 enables desktop and notebook gamers to stream gameplay to SHIELD at home, at the office, at a friend's, or on the road via the new Remote GameStream function.
Remote GameStream Beta enables you to enjoy PC games from anywhere in the Wi-Fi connected world. Desktop Adviser is an invisible and easy-to-use PC activity monitoring and surveillance software. Desktop Adviser (Desktop Spy) is a surveillance software that takes screenshots of computer screen in stealth mode: recording all active and inactive applications, all the web sites browsed in Internet Exporer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and others, chat conversations, E-mail activity, and everything what visible on the computer screen. Desktop Adviser can capture only active windows and can be easily installed into employee PC for work time controlling and employee activity monitoring. Desktop Adviser have full support of DirectX and openGL and can capture images and video from games in full screen or windowed modes.
Desktop Adviser is password-protected, so if someone learns the hot keys, he or she will not be able to disable recording or modify any of Desktop Adviser settings. There are options for capturing brings real flexability of Desktop Adviser - you can select image format, video codec, area of capturing and capture rules and time. Capturing Windows Desktop - This feature allows to record all the applications opened, web sites visited, chat conversations, E-mail activity, and anything else that is visible on the screen. Multiscreen Capture Support - No matter how many video cards are connected and how many monitors there are in system, data from all of them will be captured by Desktop Advisor in the order you have selected. Making screenshots in JPG, BMP, WMF image formats - Screenshots can be stored in various image formats depending on your preference. Recording video from desktop - All captured data will be stored in a Video file in selected video format.

Start capturing at Windows startup - This function allows to start capturing automatically on start-up.
Stealth mode - This feature allows to hide Desktop Adviser, for better safety of captured data.
Once you have your 360-degree scan, 3D Capture is where you edit, play with, share and print your creations. The software arrives in July, both on new machines and as an automatic software update for people who already own a Sprout. This expansive update enables the capture of any game in Windows, gives streamers complete control over their feeds, enables fullscreen gameplay capture on notebooks, and enables GeForce GTX notebooks to stream gameplay to NVIDIA SHIELD, just like desktops.
In addition to ensuring seamless capture from champion select to in-game action in League of Legends, desktop capture also enables the recording of OpenGL, Java, and web-based games in windowed mode, borderless windowed mode, and borderless fullscreen mode. All of the most popular features are available to Kepler and Maxwell based GTX notebooks, including Shadow mode capture and Twitch streaming. Today, GeForce Experience 2.0 extends those options to ShadowPlay’s Twitch streaming feature, giving streamers complete control over the quality of their broadcasts. For complete details about its many features, in addition to GeForce Experience-to-GameStream functionality, please check out our SHIELD April 2014 software update article.
Work speed and minimum technical requirements and user experience makes Desktop Adviser fastest and easiest software in Desktop Spy software class.
Desktop Adviser very useful for parents who want to control their children activity in the Internet and for employers who are concerned about inappropriate use of the company’s PCs. No matter have you widescreen or few monitors Desktop Adviser will capture anything without any problems. Among the various use cases -- gaming, visual projects, teleconferencing -- 3D modeling was one of the more obvious scenarios. That's the selling point, really: Unlike the existing workflow, this gives users a one-stop shop where they can do everything they need to do without having to open another program, or export any of the data.
In other words, you can now capture gameplay from Minecraft, OpenGL Unity games, older games, popular indie games, and anything else you can think of.
For the latest SHIELD updates, download the SHIELD April 2014 Update from your device’s ‘Software Update’ screen.
Surveillance is very hard for employers and parents, but with help of Desktop Adviser it's became trivial task. For efficient capturing and saving disk space you can select what exactly you need to capture: whole screen, active application or only defined windows.

You can set time to capture upto 10 minutes and after review a time spent for game and game violence level. Imagine: Just put an object in front of the depth-sensing camera, and boom, the computer creates a 360-degree, 3D model that you can view and manipulate onscreen.
Press a button and the stage will start to rotate, tilting up to 15 degrees to ensure there are no blank spots in the final image. As far as editing goes, the program will clean up artifacts, as well as let you export and also save as a 2D image. Recording of chat and email messages help to define is important information shown to concurrents, other employees or strange peoples. Unfortunately, the process was far from user-friendly and indeed, HP said at launch that it was working on an app that would make the workflow easier.
But he told me that he can’t capture the screen shots without screen capture software. Don't forget that keyloggers may not work or may be detected by special software, but Desktop Spy software can't be detected anyway and it's only one reliable surveillance software. Without the stage, you'd have to manually position objects under the camera to get a clean image that covers every surface.
If you send through email, your friend will see an auto-generated gif preview, as well as a link that allows them to view the scan full-size in their browser.
HP just unveiled the software, called 3D Capture, as well as an optional $299 "stage" accessory that should make 360-degree capture easier in the first place.
This seems easy to screw up, and it would also be a shame if one were to spend $1,900 on a PC, only to settle for amateurish scans. It's a small price to pay anyway, considering how much you'll probably spend on a 3D printer that can actually produce your prototypes. 4) Edit the image (cut, crop and add text) 5) Click save as other image format , choose gif or jpg format.

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