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This content below was written for marketers and advertisers that are looking for an agency to manage some or all of their digital Recruitment Advertising initiatives.
Digital advertising agencies are as varied as the needs of the advertisers and marketers who hire them. Digital advertising agencies also can be differentiated by their focus on professional services versus proprietary technology platforms.
Agencies that develop and offer proprietary tools view their platforms as a competitive advantage over third-party toolsets that are widely available. The decision to hire a digital agency is a significant investment that requires a rigorous evaluation of your business’s and any potential agency partner’s needs, resources, and cultures. Deciding whether or not your company needs to hire a digital advertising agency calls for the same evaluative steps involved in any significant investment, including a comprehensive self-assessment of your organization. What are the primary objectives we want to achieve? Working with an agency can help advertisers that are looking to scale their digital initiatives but lack enough in-house resources to do so.
Do we need a full-service agency or boutique? Traditionally, advertisers have hired an AOR to handle all of their advertising needs. Who will manage the agency relationship? Every successful partnership needs a champion who is invested in that partnership’s success and can pull together the disparate groups that have a stake in the outcome or a role to play. Fee-based or retainer-based models are quickly gaining traction, most often at the expense of commission-based compensation among large brands and their agencies.
Fee-based models have become more attractive because they provide predictable expenses for marketers and advertisers, particularly on long-term accounts that require ongoing maintenance, such as monitoring SEO rankings or social media content. Once you’ve decided to hire a digital agency, the next step is to develop a list of potential agency partners to contact – whether by phone, request for information (RFI), or request for proposal (RFP). Many digital agency executives report that the majority of their new business comes from referrals rather than RFPs. Therefore, before – or instead of – initiating a more formal RFP process, you may want to begin by contacting some of your marketing peers to find out which agencies they are using and why they chose the partners they did.
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Job listings powered by the CATS Applicant Tracking System - ©2010 CATS Software, Inc. One of my key takeaways from SmarterChild was understanding the power of super smart, visionary computer scientists. Finally the meat: I want to support a blog post I wrote a few weeks agoA for Advertising Week Social Club. One of the points I make in this short post is about the need to rethink the advertising agency business model. My second piece of advice is that an agency needs to use the assistance of experts in making the more technicalA hires.
This entry was posted in Agency of the Future, Marketing and tagged ad agency, digital marketing. I work closely with small and medium ad agencies to deliver customized strategic business development plans. Second thing from a CIO perspective is that it is important that you align your department goals with the overall objective of the organization. In my case, my productivity stays high because I am extremely methodical and extremely detail oriented. Business mentoring and coaching for new and existing recruitment agencies in Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.
The goal is to help the audience navigate the many choices available and make a more informed decision within the current agency market, including what digital recruitment advertising capabilities and services are most important to their organizations.
At the high end, for global enterprises, are the agency holding companies with hundreds of full-service digital agencies around the world. Agencies that emphasize their professional services capabilities recommend and use third-party technology such as PPC campaign management platforms, SEO tools, and social media management platforms to manage their clients’ data and digital campaigns.
The following sections discuss five steps involved in making a more informed and successful choice. But one-stop advertising shops may not represent best-of-breed expertise in every digital channel. For example, marketers may voice different wants and needs than an IT department, but both may be important to campaign development and execution. It is not uncommon for a client to compensate their agency using different fee structures for different types of media campaigns. The Association of National Advertisers’ 2013 Trends in Agency Compensation Survey found that fee-based agreements have grown to 81% of all compensation agreements, while commission-based compensation has fallen to just 5% of all compensation agreements.
Retainers may also encourage agencies to test new campaign strategies and tactics, knowing that they will be compensated for their time regardless of results.

Agencies today are becoming more selective about managing their resources and investing their time and talent to pursue new opportunities, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the Association of National Advertisers. Then call any recommended agencies to discuss your business needs and whether or not they might be an appropriate fit. Before signing any contract, you should clearly understand the pricing, contract length, and renewal status. I returned to workA as Business Development Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising New York and as it turned out, it was my 16th and last year at the agency. I have lots of conversations with my clients about how advertising and design agencies can grow their digital expertise.
To be frank, a non-digital agency CEO simply does not have the knowledge to make important digital decisions.
She is a math major by education, programmer by choice, and then later moved on to advertising only to make her mark in the highly competitive and fast-moving industry.
Once you have that defined very clearly, you work backwards to arrive at possible solutions. You have to understand all the solutions that are there in the market, but you also need to have the wisdom to understand what fits the need of the organization right now.
If you are considering hiring an agency for one or more digital recruitment advertising channels, these bullet points below will help you decide whether or not you need to. There are also boutique and specialty agencies that provide channel-specific digital marketing services such as mobile messaging programs, social media marketing, or SEO link-building campaigns.
These agencies view their role as strategists that can analyze and interpret data to provide actionable results and achieve their clients’ goals. By providing technology platforms that are built and customized to client needs, these agencies believe they are providing unique and critical automation tools that collect, analyze, and optimize data for their clients.
If your digital programs are falling short of management’s ROI goals, an agency’s expertise may be able to help you improve campaign or channel results.
Many advertisers hire both AORs and boutique agencies with expertise in SEO or social media, for example.
The two compensation models have been on opposite trajectories since 1994, according to the ANA survey, when commission-based models represented 61% of all agreements, and fee-based models accounted for 35% of agency compensation agreements. I found Ted through the 4A’s Michael Donahue another early digerati (you could say this word then without cringing).
One of my co-founders, Tim Kay, was a super nerd who showed me that one brilliant computer scientist was worth at least 3 decent ones. It isn’t easy (again, read the Advertising Week post) and mistakes can be very expensive. In recent discussions on this subject, I’ve recommend that agencies find an articulate third-party to help go through the hiring process. I travelled around the world quite a bit in my childhood, as my father was in the Foreign Service.
Once I moved from hardcore programming to ULKA, it was a completely different ball game; every day there was a new challenge and something different to learn.
You need have a thorough understanding of the existing processes of your business to be able to carefully gauge what increases productivity and reduces cost for the organization. And there are agencies that focus on strategy and professional services, such as branding or web design. If managing multiple agencies is too cumbersome or expensive, a full-service digital agency may be the right choice.
Typically, an agency will be paid 10-20% of a client’s digital media spend on paid search or display advertising campaigns. Running an online newspaper in an emerging digital platformA was fantastic and we went further to expandA our company to build corporate websites for clients like Nabisco, the Basketball Hall Of Fame and Microsoft. After school, I naturally enrolled myself in Statistics at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. But I always start with trying to clearly understanding the requirements and defining the problem. Smaller clients may pay a higher percentage, while enterprise clients may pay a smaller percentage due to the larger dollar volume of their accounts. One factor to consider is that many digital campaigns, particularly PPC and SEO programs, take several months to build results. Why are they leaving the advertising technology money on the tableA for advertising start ups that have, yup, you guessed it, smart developers, computer scientists and engineers on their staffs? Advertising agency is fairly chaotic, everything is open for debate, there are no rules and that is how creativity works. There are obviously days when your stress levels are high, but at the end of the day you must love the core of your job.

I don’t have all of the answers here but I do know that shaking up the business model is critical to the 2014 and beyond advertising agency.
Being exposed to various projects at ULKA gives me a 360 degree understanding of an organization and a sector.
Advertising agencies are paying heed and they have to be able to cater to digital and social in a big and creative way. Maybe when you come back you might be a couple of years behind, but you can make up for it in the long run. If the leader herself is not motivated, there is no way team members are going to run for a cause.
For women, it is easy now than ever before, given the sheer penetration of technology and internet.
It exposes you to a lot of different cultures and that is a very good thing in your initial years. I didn’t want to take hard core IT job because at that time outsourcing was the in thing, and I didn’t want a job where I had to travel often for long periods. Once you decide to go back to work, plan who is going to take care of the kid or the house, and how you and your partner are going to divide the tasks between each other. Because once you return to work, you need to be there fully, not always physically, but mentally. Let us help discover new audiences, build marketshare, maximize media strategies and grow your brand equity. Our advanced web design, search engine optimization, social media and marketing services will help your brand discover new growth and success. Our agency is well versed in traditional media such as broadcast, outdoor, print, direct mail and others. Let's talk! Creativity and innovation from one Ad Agency that can build your brand with all media. Find out More Web DesignCreating responsive and mobile friendly websites for businesses, organizations and individuals.
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