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As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you are well versed with various online tactics to catch a lead, convert into a potential customer, and retain the customer with wonderful services. Don’t you wish to read your clientele in detail, so that you can offer the best of services that you have? Observe if the client is associating with you for a short term business or long term business.
If your client has given a deadline, propose a plan, priorities things and proceed accordingly. Haven’t you thought of a unique proposal to sell your product to the client?  If you have, a crackling idea is all you need, and the market is all ears to listen to it. Being in a digital era gives you an advantage to turn that idea into something big like a business. Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics on the related field.
A hashtag, for the uninitiated, is a # symbol placed before a word or series of words, with no spaces in between. Do you sell organic seeds and want to increase your branda€™s awareness in the organic gardening community? Encourage Twitter users to visit your business by using a unique hashtag to communicate a great offer. A Webinar is a Web-based seminar where you present via computer a€“ in real time – to your remote audience.
This year may very well go down as the year that live streaming video became a marketable asset.
Just by its name, BLAB sounds like it could be an ongoing live-chat discussion that goes on and on without any end in sight. Like any form of marketing, a good plan has to be laid out ahead of time to get the most benefit from the effort thata€™s invested. One option is to host a session where a company representative answer some of the most common questions asked by your customers.
You can also host a Q&A session where you company spokesperson answers questions that prospects and customers submit either via messaging while the BLAB is going on, or as participants in the video-feed on the BLAB. There is a risk involved with collecting this feedback in real-time, but think of the impact that this type of content could have for your business.
A BLAB can be used to create a series that updates prospects and customers on the latest wins within your organization as well as the top business trends within their industry to keep an eye on. You can also conduct interviews of company employees or loyal customers or provide value and usable content to promote your business. You can also test replacing some of your more traditional digital marketing methods with a BLAB.
In addition to embedding your file onto a blog post, it can also be edited and repurposed as an Instagram video, or it can be left untouched and uploaded directly to your YouTube channel. Once youa€™ve determined how you want to use BLAB, the next thing to do is to put together your strategy for how you will approach live streaming to augment your existing marketing strategy. Should there be a more serious tone, like a professional broadcaster or a serious infomercial, or instead go with a lighter more casual tone thata€™s less structured? Since its video, what should you or the company spokesperson wear while presenting on BLAB? Lighting, should there be primarily natural light, is there enough light in the space to be used or does additional light need to be installed or temporarily brought into the space?
Does a set time need to be set firmly, or is a rough idea of 30 minutes or an hour good enough?
How much time should you or the company spokesperson speak, and how much time should be set aside for other contributors, and for comments and input from other followers of the BLAB? Are bullet points as to what needs to be considered enough, or should it be more scripted so that key points are covered in a specific way? BLAB is another form of social media in the marketing toolbox full of options, but it also can be a form of usable content that can highlight various aspects about you and your company. If youa€™ve participated on a BLAB or other sort of live streaming platform, what did you find to be the most interesting about this new form of interactive marketing? The main driver of corporate adoption of digital marketing is the consumer adoption of digital- specifically, the shift to communicating and buying through digital channels. According to the survey, 28% of marketers say they've reduced their traditional advertising budget to fund digital marketing activities.
A big reason marketing execs are shifting to digital is that it is proving to be more cost effective than traditional marketing.

Recognizing the utility of inbound marketing channels such as social networks, customer forums, and web-based blogs, marketers are spending heavily on inbound and on the content that fuels it. As consumers continue to integrate digital into their daily lives, the demand for multi-channel content marketing will grow apace, putting more pressure on marketing organizations to deliver greater amounts of high-quality content. Given the increased demand for inbound marketing and content creation, coupled with the rapid pace of technological change, many companies are opting to outsource some, if not all, of their digital marketing. When asked which three digital marketing activities are most important to their success, the marketers surveyed listed a corporate website, digital advertising, and a presence on social media.
Interestingly, only 9% of survey respondents said that analytics is most important to their success. The technological complexity of digital marketing has created a need for a new type of marketing leader, the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT). As businesses become more dependent on technology to attract, acquire, and retain customers, they must have digital marketing leadership who knows how to design the customer experience across web, social and mobile, integrate data into the decision-making process, and manage paid and organic search, social, mobile marketing campaigns. The rapid pace of technological innovation will continue to drive the shift to digital marketing.
Understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a digital presence, which includes a fully optimized business website, active profiles on the relevant social media channels, and a seamless user experience across web, social, and mobile.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Not only it opens a world of possibilities but there are high chances of online growth too. If your client is planning for a new PPC campaign and you are to suggest creative inputs for that, you can’t talk about the significance of email marketing, to boast your expertise. You would have come across many mobile phone companies introducing many new models in a period of 6-9 months. There is no better opportunity than this to be ranked among the known digital marketing experts who are on demand, and on fingertips of the clients as well. He is passionate to share ideas, tips on the search engine, social media & reputation management. The practice originated on Twitter, first pinoneed by Chris Messina in August 2007 as a way for users to carry on a conversation or search for messages pertaining to a certain subject (channel).
Start by searching on hashtags related to your business – #seeds, #garden, and #organic. It began with the launch of Meerkat in February of 2015, then the launch of Periscope in March and BLAB in April.
That could work if youa€™re wanting to kill some time on a Friday night or over the weekend, but that application wouldna€™t work well for marketing most products or services. After the live BLAB, the video can be edited and repurposed as content for social media posts or on FAQ pages.
Because BLAB has the capability to combine up to 4 video feeds at 1 time, one feed could be the narrator, another can be showing the product or service, and another could be a brand influencer or customer sharing their comments while the presentation is That way you are providing valuable product information while showing practical use or best practices to your audience. A BLAB can be used as a tool to get real-time feedback about what your customers would like to see more or less of as well as things theya€™d like to see made available in the future. Then you can just embed the file onto your blog post, which can be a big help if youa€™re a better visual presenter, rather than typing out your thoughts for a blog post. Video can break through a lot of messaging and present the most authentic view of you and your business to your audience, while engaging your prospects and customers in the process. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
As consumers continue to embrace the Internet, social, and mobile, companies are scrambling to beef up their online presence, spending on external marketing services such as search, web design, content creation and management, social media, and mobile marketing.
Fully 40% of marketers acknowledge they are realizing savings from digital marketing; many are reinvesting these savings into more digital marketing. As marketing automation technologies grow in sophistication, marketers are expected to deliver content that speaks to each element of the companya€™s target audience in just the right place at just the right time.
In fact, the companies in the Gartner survey are outsourcing up to 50% of all digital marketing activities.
Not surprisingly, web optimization is top of mind for most marketers, as they experiment with customized landing pages and different types of marketing content.
The disparity between content creation and the maintenance of a corporate blog is also noteworthy.
Somewhat surprisingly, 70% of companies in the Gartner survey have a CMT; 80% of them report to marketing. As SMBs struggle to figure out how best to adopt digital, they can glean insight from bigger corporations.

If you dona€™t have the internal talent or resources, outsource to a company that specializes in integrated digital marketing.
The market is welcoming many new entrants with open arms, for they are bringing bright ideas to the table.
There are tactics to woo the customers then there are strategies which help in retaining the clientele. If they require an idea to transform their halted business area into a cash flow machine, you will be able to give them better insights on SEO, PPC and other marketing tricks, only if you know how to influence the client. Here you need to understand that the end result that the client is expecting is financial growth. This is one way through which you can tap the market, retain the customers, and make you name among top innovators. With the help of smart digital marketing techniques, you can build a powerful online presence and pave way to enter the global arena. It has spilled over onto Facebook, in email, in print and has even become a hand gesture – with twoA  fingers placed crosswise over two fingers. From major toy retailers to parent bloggers, industry publications to celebrity moms, introduce your toys via a hashtag.
Whether youa€™re launching a new product or announcing changes to existing services, leading a training session or demonstrating how to use an item, ask participants to include a specific hashtag with their questions or suggestions. Overusing hashtags dilutes your message and may annoy followers to the point where they unfollow you, or worse, consider you spam. Unlike Meerkat and Periscope, a BLAB can feature up to 4 people live streaming at one time, and allow followers to comment and give a€?digital lovea€? to the participants.
There has to be some kind of structure or outline in order to achieve success with this platform. Here are 5 insights from Gartnera€™s report that virtually any-sized business can use to help shape its digital strategy.
Many companies are not reallocating traditional budgets to digital, but simply merging the two together. As one might expect, the CMT is familiar with marketing techniques and the technologies that underpin them, including marketing software, data, and analytics, social and mobile platforms, digital advertising networks, and website design. They are all expected to raise the bar high when it comes to providing effective digital solutions to the clients. Another example can be a situation where the client has given you the complete SEO of his website. That way, you can answer participants plus you may generate more seminar interest in the Twitterverse beyond the invited group. Interact with users in a meaningful and professional way and your business will benefit from the marketing power of the hashtag.
The first thing to remember is that not only can BLAB help you connect with customers or potential customers that watch the video stream a€?livea€?, but it can also be turned into a video or be edited into several videos, in which case it then becomes a reusable piece of content for your business.
A significant number (20%) of companies surveyed have already integrated digital and traditional marketing budgets and functions.
It is understood that you boast of an aggressive approach to face the cut-throat competition, go miles ahead by cracking the code right as far as digital marketing skills are concerned.
Needless to say that online engagement is necessary if you aim to go higher on a digital platform. Once you are good with the digital marketing tactics, you will manage to come up with something new that would woo your audience. Instead, recommend that a farmer attend the Organic Seed Growers Conference or explain how you preserve heirloom seed varieties. Or use a hashtag to convey humor or a toy benefit: a€?Can you put our handmade Soma cube back together before your child can? A well created LinkedIn profile or a professional Twitter account may work wonders in this case. With the entry of each start-up comes a fresh idea, a unique approach to capture the market share.
Make sure your Twitter page includes a link to your business site, enabling you to gain more visitors and traffic as your Twitter following grows.

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