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Click here to order the October 2013 issue in which this article appeared or click here to download it to your mobile device. Even though most direct sellers classify themselves as either party plan companies or network marketers, the truth is that the lines aren’t so clear cut. Take a lingering look at many companies in the industry and you’ll find that many use predominantly one style or another, but they aren’t at all rigid about it.
When asked about their practices, companies in this story proactively called themselves “hybrids.” But every company noted that their sales and recruiting styles were developed because they made sense for them. Princess House President and CEO Connie Tang is a veteran in the industry, having held several executive positions before taking the helm at Princess House last year. Today’s party plan company has evolved to look a little more like a network marketing company than it did a generation or two ago.
She notes that when party plan consultants broaden their practices beyond finding hostesses and holding parties—and they grow by building teams and coaching new recruits—they accomplish a couple of important things. For Tastefully Simple too, recruiting gets started at parties where guests nibble from the company’s wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives. Even for a proud party plan company committed to group selling, one-on-one interactions are still part of the process. Tastefully Simple relieves some of that pressure by offering something more associated with network marketing companies: an auto-ship program called Simply Stocked. Bautz admits, though, that even for a proud party plan company committed to group selling, one-on-one interactions are still part of the process.
As much as Tastefully Simple and Princess House are clearly party plan proponents, a few companies in the industry are harder to classify. Chastain notes that the flexible sales approach was developed to adapt to the needs of customers. Having options for how consultants run their businesses helps them be successful, and Chastain notes that most successful consultants run a pretty evenly balanced business. Arbonne’s hybrid system works for them; 2012 net sales were $377 million, up from $353 million in 2011.
Self-proclaimed hybrid Vemma is a network marketer that builds its fast-growing business through get-togethers it calls home events, even though they’re often not held in homes.
While their fellow distributors from an earlier generation hold more traditional Vemma tasting parties, millennial distributors’ events may be as short as 15 minutes.
The “kids” Patterson is talking about are Vemma’s Young People Revolution (YPR), an exploding group of millennials whose leaders coined the term The Five M’s—More Meetings Make More Money. Even though many events are held on the go, Brand Partners actually do hold events in homes, as well as in larger public places, often collaborating with other distributors to maximize impact.
Scott Schwerdt, Nu Skin’s President of its Americas Region, says that regardless of a company’s marketing methodology, it’s still all about customer acquisition. Nu Skin has provided replicated websites to its distributors for almost 10 years, but over the last year has migrated toward mobile devices and apps.
The combination of technology, group sales and a strong auto-ship program creates loyal customers as well as distributors who stick around. The skill is the same one Tastefully Simple teaches so its consultants can effectively drop “sprinkles” throughout a party. Then when consultants follow up to talk opportunity individually, Tastefully Simple provides them with numerous tools—both print and online—to increase their comfort and to support the conversation. No matter which camp a company identifies with, if they adopt a technique from the other method, it’s a practical decision that they adapt to fit their own culture.
Vemma’s Patterson says it well: “I don’t think people are opposed to adopting good ideas, no matter where they are. Two-year-old Chloe + Isabel (C+I) defies description, at least in traditional direct selling terms. C+I’s distributors, called merchandisers, disrupt not only the direct selling industry but also the brick-and-mortar retail industry.
Waterbury developed C+I with tech-savvy Gen Y in mind, and virtually all merchandisers—average age of about 26—sell online through the company’s unique e-boutiques.
It also seems clear that Avon had not been actively advocating for change within the association prior to its withdrawal. In our view, it is unfortunate that Avon decided to walk away from its seat at the industry table. As political leaders on both sides of the aisle continue to promote ways to return America to its former strength, there is a growing population of people who are looking to the future rather than the past—direct selling entrepreneurs. Historically, there are two paths for new entrepreneurs—launching a startup or purchasing a franchise business. Under her leadership, Team National has also started its own subsidiaries to support its business.
In light of these challenges, many reports indicate that traditional entrepreneurship has been in decline for some time.
More and more unemployed Americans are now realizing that their old jobs may not be coming back—particularly among seasoned executives and older professionals. While some of these business leaders are now turning to entrepreneurship as a way to capitalize on their decades of experience, many lack the financing to launch a startup or secure a franchise due to the impact of their prolonged unemployment.
While many lament this transition in the structure of the American economy, Olson believes that this crisis also presents a unique opportunity for the direct selling industry. Doug DeVos, President of Amway, says: “People who want to build a traditional business put a lot on the line—their time, their money and their future. Olson adds: “The skills that you need to succeed in business are the same skills that you need to succeed in direct selling. Particularly during this political season, tremendous attention is paid to the jobs report.
With the Direct Selling Association (DSA) reporting that there are around 16 million such direct sellers across the country, this is an enormous number of people who are creating their own form of employment that is likely not included in most job reports. Amway’s DeVos adds: “It’s our job as an industry—and as individual direct selling companies—to make people aware of direct selling as a viable opportunity. When asked how the slow economy affects the viability of direct selling, Chrysler responds that there is no bad time to be involved in direct sales. In fact, Chrysler claims that one of her primary roles as CEO is to be the “Chief Encouragement Officer,” since the primary effect of the economy is a psychological one. Compared to other forms of entrepreneurship, direct selling presents fewer barriers to entry, a faster return rate and a more stable long-term strategy.
Beyond the economy, three major trends are driving aspiring entrepreneurs toward the direct selling industry. First, as DSN explored in its January 2012 cover story, “The Big Shift: The Next Great Generation Has Arrived,” direct selling is becoming very appealing to Generation Y—those born between 1980 and 1994. Many people believe that college is no longer the vehicle for a guaranteed career that it used to be.
Professor Pullin describes how this trend is beginning to affect not just students, but the universities they attend: “Many universities, including OU [University of Oklahoma], strive to make entrepreneurship courses and programs available to a diverse group of students across all academic backgrounds.
In addition to changing the classroom, Pullin claims that higher education has rapidly advanced the number of real-world learning experiences for its students, including programs designed for students to launch their own businesses as part of their coursework: “At OU, we have at least two such programs, the Integrated Business Core (IBC) in the Price College of Business, and the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW), an interdisciplinary program. Second, in addition to an influx of younger direct sellers, the industry is also seeing a change in the typical demographics of its new entrants. At Team National, Chrysler is also seeing a trend within the company’s traditional base of 30-45-year-olds. Third, even before the economic downturn, social and cultural trends began creating an environment that was better suited for direct selling than traditional entrepreneurship or a corporate career. Beyond seeking a way to survive in a changing world, many of the newest direct sellers were attracted to the industry by the personal-development aspect.
Despite all of these trends, the industry still struggles with some common misunderstandings about the nature and integrity of the direct selling model.
As Olson argues, the industry needs to “weed its own garden. The biggest thing we can do as an industry is operate with integrity. As the head of the second-largest direct selling company in the world, Amway’s DeVos agrees: “Community involvement is another way we can spread the word about direct selling. As a very active leader in the DSA, Team National’s Chrysler believes that the industry needs to get more involved in the work and mission of both the Direct Selling Association and the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF). She says, “We need every direct selling company to join the DSA so that they can be aware of legislation that will affect us. Princess House’s Tang also believes that the industry can promote educational efforts to help IBOs at any direct selling company to learn how to grow their business into a full-time job. The Direct Sales industry in Canada has tremendously increased for the past years considering the significant growth of Direct Sales companies in the country.
We surveyed our online shoppers and Ishopathome Party Plan consultants to tell us who the top direct sales companies are  in Canada to give our visitors an idea on what companies they should consider joining (Disclaimer: Ishopathome does not promote any of these companies or warranty the accuracy of this survey, we advise that you do your own research and choose a company that is close to your heart). Thank you for this Ishopathome, surely gives us a heads up on what direct selling to choose from.
I am surprised Norwex didn’t make the cut as it has wonderful chemical free household and personal products. Just adding my thoughts to what Michelle said, Steeped Tea is a fast growing company and should be listed on this list That’s also one of the reason I am one happy user and rep for Steepedtea!
Check us out – as THE most awarded direct sales food and drink company in the world, we are sure to be followed quite quickly! Ishopathome is Canada's online shopping network of over 100 independent direct sellers and boutique owners. Click here to order the June 2013 issue in which this article appeared or click here to download it to your mobile device.
Direct Selling Association is the name for several national trade organizations that represent companies marketing goods and services through group demonstrations or person-to-person methods. Throughout the world, more than 65 million women find direct selling to be the answer to gaining control of their own time, often while working in other full- or part-time careers and while being wives and mothers—managers of households. In celebration of their efforts, along with the celebration of all women in the corporate home offices, Direct Selling News asked 20 of the most influential executive women in direct selling questions about motivation, inspiration, leadership, career advice, opportunity and mentorship.
The path each woman took to the heights of direct selling corporate management is as unique as the individual. Direct Selling News selected this group of women based upon their executive leadership roles in companies that achieved the DSN Global 100 list and $100M Club.
Mona Ameli’s executive career path was a deliberate one, with written career goals and a timetable before she graduated college. Ameli relocated to the United States 16 years ago for a consumer packaged goods job and worked for a woman who embodied passion and commitment, but struggled with balancing personal, family and work commitments.
It takes increased flexibility and better understanding from corporate to help women juggle motherhood, family and corporate life. Ameli’s Belcorp Foundation gives 100 scholarships based on financial need to women for entrepreneurial training and to young girls to become their family’s first generation to graduate from college.
Lima, Peru-based Belcorp is the 10th-largest direct selling company in the world, even though it didn’t expand into the United States until 2005. The company was started by Eduardo Belmont—still its international CEO—45 years ago, to make beauty, prestige and economic opportunity accessible to women in Latin America and the United States.

Among other benefits, direct selling can provide consistency for families who relocate due to a spouse’s job.
When Sunrider moved to Torrance, Calif., in 1987, Oi Lin Chen closed her medical practice and joined Sunrider as its President.
Sunrider has grown into a global company doing business in 42 countries, with around 2,000 retail stores. Sunrider independent business owners (IBOs) in the United States, Canada, Israel, Western Europe, Hungary, Eastern Europe, Russia and East Asia operate direct selling businesses with multilevel compensation structures.
Angela Loehr Chrysler strives to be the person who sees more in someone else than they do in themselves. Loehr Chrysler takes pride in the varied roles of women in direct selling companies, including those who choose to distribute, lead or launch. Team National has unlocked the power of volume purchasing to provide savings in more than 20 industries.
The idea for the company was the brainchild of the late Dick Loehr, who founded the company in 1997. In 2000 Dick enticed his daughter Angela to join the business, grooming her to become its President and CEO when he was ready to step aside. Team National’s ability to help consumers save money, plus its mid-2011 rollout to the Hispanic marketplace, helped it reach $230 million in net sales last year. Inspired by its vision, Isagenix focuses charitable efforts toward protecting and uplifting children. Fine’s legal acumen led her to become the DSA’s first ethics and self-regulation committee chairperson.
Fine grew at Shaklee with every promotion, expanding beyond legal to the direct selling side. Doris Christopher: “She taught me it’s possible to be a great businessperson and great human being, simultaneously. Shaklee was providing premium-quality, natural products in nutrition, personal care and household categories when “green” was just a color—since 1956, in fact.
A thriving company with 2011 net sales of $515 million, Shaklee has more than 1.2 million members and distributors around the globe. Shaklee’s commitment to being green is so pervasive that it even extends to its distributor incentives.
They’ve often adopted an element or two from the other style, and they don’t see it as so unusual. In fact, those practices have resulted in solid finances and growth that any company would covet. She notes that party plan companies developed as an opportunity for women to earn a little “fun money.” The focus was on selling products at a home party, not on recruiting. First, they increase their immediate earnings opportunity beyond what they can produce by their individual efforts.
Princess House said Happy New Year in 2013 to 40 percent more consultants than it had a year before.
Whether consultants talk to their customers one-on-one or in a group presentation, they’re making a business decision based on customer preferences. Arbonne’s data shows that about 60 percent of their business comes from individual discussions.
The language was carefully chosen to be inclusive and appealing to the broad demographics of its distributors, or Brand Partners, especially the youthful cadre that builds businesses on Vemma’s energy drinks. While their fellow Brand Partners from an earlier generation hold more traditional tasting parties, the YPRs move fast. Scott Schwerdt, Nu Skin’s President of its Americas Region, says that regardless of a company’s marketing methodology, it’s still all about customer acquisition. Nu Skin is a social business model that uses network marketing as a method of compensation for customer acquisition. It already offers several Internet-related tools and continues to expand its mobile platform, providing distributors with an increasing number of methods to know exactly what their customers are doing so they can respond appropriately. These companies make sure that their distributors know how to party and that they also know how to recruit. Neither party plan nor network marketer, it has an omni-channel approach, according to its Founder and CEO Chantel Waterbury.
They sell C+I’s jewelry primarily through online storefronts, social media, pop-up shops that provide a temporary physical presence, in-home parties if they wish, and by building an individual clientele.
The branded websites are completely customizable, allowing the merchandiser to choose collections, individual pieces of jewelry, or even tips on how to style the jewelry. First, prospects apply to become a merchandiser, and C+I interviews them to be sure they’re the right person for the opportunity.
Heinonen’s letter does not provide any specific examples of the issues on which Avon feels DSA is overly focused nor the Code of Ethics updates Avon seeks.
And that is a disservice to everyone involved, including the thousands of Avon representatives the company says it wants to protect. Shares in the company (NYSE:AVP) have fallen into the $13 range as it has posted net losses for the past two years and a turnaround effort has failed to reverse declining domestic sales.
While corporate America continues to shed jobs nearly every quarter, the majority of new hires are within small and mid-sized entrepreneurial ventures across the country. According to the New America Foundation, “the number of new entrepreneurs and business owners has been dropping—as a percent of the working-age population—for more than a generation, declining by 53 percent between 1977 and 2010.
Could the nation’s persistent unemployment and decreasing levels of traditional entrepreneurship present an opportunity for the direct selling industry? While the rate of new business formation has been increasing in less developed countries in recent years, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported that “total U.S.
As reported in The New York Times, serial entrepreneur Mike Farmer of Leap2 says: “I think we’re all headed toward an agent economy, where everyone becomes an agent or a service provider instead of an employee at some big corporation. The vast number of unemployed business professionals presents a major opportunity to expand the ranks of direct sellers who are looking to replace a significant salary.
Pullin, University Vice President for Strategic Planning and Economic Development for the University of Oklahoma, says: “Direct selling is one of the purest forms of entrepreneurship.
But these reports frequently overlook the number of people who turn to self-employment, particularly direct selling. It’s a thriving industry, and it continues to grow as more and more people discover the rewards of being an entrepreneur. She says: “When the economy is up, customers have more money to buy products, so sales are a bit easier. As Olson explains: “The industry is really hot with young people who are more mobile and independent. IBC allows students to start a product-based business, the revenue model for which revolves around direct selling experiences to consumers, while CCEW focuses on the commercialization of technological advancements.
Through the advent of social media and mobile technology, people are more connected than ever before.
We will also have more power to address things like losing the independent contractor status of our IBOs, which would crush our industry.
This situation has influenced many women and even men to join the Direct Selling business, leaving them a significant number of companies to choose from. We have included all 55 companies listed on Ishopathome’s website and also recommended respondents to suggest companies which are not listed on the survey. May this survey give those who want to join this business an idea on what company to build their direct selling career on. They offer 35% commission on all personal sales with opportunities to move up in the leader board.
They have an amazing product line, naturally based, cruelty free and some are even gluten free and vegan!
72 that requested withdrawal from the list at the time of the Global 100 announcement on April 3, 2013. Products sold by companies in such organizations include clothing, food, appliances, toys, housewares, jewelry, cosmetics, and reference books. In the United Kingdom, the Direct Selling Association was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in London. All 65 million, and the hundreds of millions who have gone before, demonstrate the special skills and attributes women bring to an industry built upon the power of relationships.
Yet all 20 are inextricably linked by the influence they have on the lives of hundreds of thousands, even millions of women across the globe who work in direct sales to enrich their families, make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others, and reach for their own dreams. Ameli says, “In our industry, I’m not really sure we’ve been great at providing this internal flexibility. I’m not saying become direct selling feminists, but having a more balanced executive management would be healthy for growth and a better reflection of the industry,” Ameli says.
It motivates Ameli every day. She’s seen how women change and become more empowered, regardless of the challenges and long hours. It now offers its prestige beauty products through more than 938,000 beauty advisors in 16 countries throughout the Americas. Five years after it established its San Francisco headquarters, Belcorp USA made a strategic move: It broke away from its single-level business model and adopted a multilevel compensation structure, which awards team building as well as personal selling. The Foundation has helped thousands of women and young girls create a better future for themselves and within their communities through two key programs: The Amazing Woman program, aimed at providing scholarships to disadvantaged women for comprehensive business training, and Women Enlightening Women, a program providing financial aid to young girls to help them get access to quality education. Oi-Lin Chen is a medical doctor, a mother, a wife, an immigrant and President of Sunrider International. Tei-Fu Chen, a world-renowned herbalist and founder of Sunrider International, immigrated to the United States from Taiwan with suitcases in hand, and through hard work and determination they built a $100M Club direct selling company. Oi-Lin Chen worked part time as a physician at a Utah clinic while raising her family of five children. Elizabeth Blackwell: In 1849 she became the first woman to receive a medical degree from an American medical school and later opened a hospital in New York City with two other women doctors. Tei-Fu Chen ate and learned about herbs from his paternal grandfather in order to improve his health. The company manufactures more than 415 award-winning health, beauty and household products. In China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan Sunrider authorized business owners own and operate Sunrider retail stores and sell brand-name Sunrider products. He lured her away from an unfulfilling career in medical sales and marketing to do “free research” on the travel industry for Team National. Products range from automobiles to furniture to face creams—or even electricity or natural gas, which the company announced as new products at its August convention. Dick’s initial focus was simply to provide savings to people who purchased “benefits packages.” In 1999 Team National became a direct selling company. By the time he died of prostate cancer in May 2008 she was in full stride as the company’s leader.
Hers is a field leader success story—three times over—culminating in starting her own wellness company, Isagenix, with husband, Jim, 10 years ago.

Network marketing is a worthwhile career path for men and women, but Coover’s experience told her she needed the right people, the right vision and the right focus on the needs of the field to give Isagenix a culture worth believing in.
Coover says, “I believe that 82 percent of the field are women and 82 percent of the people who make six-figure incomes in direct sales are women. For Isagenix® International Founders John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover, it was because they had a vision: to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and through that goal, create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world. But growth skyrocketed when Anderson created the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System and the company teamed it with the IsaBody Challenge. In August Isagenix became a supporter of Make-A-Wish®, the organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Her responsibilities to the company’s legal department proved a stepping-off point for a unique set of internal job responsibilities and external involvement at the Direct Selling Association, which eventually led to industry-wide changes to the DSA’s Code of Ethics.
At its August convention Shaklee kicked off a new car incentive program that included extra incentives for those who lease or purchase hybrid vehicles.
Second, and just as importantly, they protect their business from unpredictable factors such as economic downturns. Relax and Savor is a traditional party where consultants share products and information and then take orders at the end of the party; and Mix and Mingle is a less-used and less-formal come-and-go gathering where guests and consultants float from product area to product area, socializing, snacking and sometimes selling each other on delicious products.
Users can choose whether their favorite products are shipped to them every two, three or four months, and they can change their order at any time. But whether the discussion is between two people or 20, Chastain notes that it’s still about people, products and opportunity.
After taking seven years to reach the $10 million monthly sales mark in July 2012, Vemma has now doubled that just 12 months later. While that number indicates strong customer loyalty, it also provides both the company and its distributors a predictable income.
Direct selling is an industry that freely shares information and where member companies learn from each other.
As a result, every merchandiser’s site is unique, even while they maintain the Chloe + Isabel brand. On the second point, Heinonen’s letter emphasizes that Avon is not exiting the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and will continue to abide by the WFDSA Code of Ethics. DSA Chairman Truman Hunt, President and CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises, has said Heinonen had not raised the concerns she listed in her letter with him, nor with any other members of the executive committee nor with DSA management.
CFO Kimberly Ross resigned earlier in the month to take on the CFO role at the oil-field services giant Baker Hughes Inc.
DSA will continue to work to foster the best interests of the companies and independent contractors from all walks of the direct selling life.
Considering that only one out of every 10 current direct sellers approaches their business as a full-time job, this should be a welcomed opportunity across the industry. It even provides access to business training that can be used in all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally.
Direct selling provides the opportunity to run a business where financial success is tied directly to the effort expended and the impact created.
They may only have one to two employees, but entrepreneurs have to keep themselves engaged in the community and giving back. People are doing better than last year and not realizing it, not giving themselves credit for it.
I call it the ‘anti-cocooning effect’—they do not want to be tied down and they want to travel more. Their recent establishment of the Harvard iLab business accelerator is designed to foster university-wide entrepreneurial activity. In both instances, OU students have the opportunity to conceive and launch their own business enterprises.
They are building networks that they can tap efficiently and effectively, in addition to being exposed to many business opportunities outside of a traditional career. I have received emails from moms who said they were becoming a better mother because of their involvement in our personal-development and training programs. 500’s aggregate revenue is $15.7 billion, with a median three-year growth of 1,431 percent.
But be reminded that choosing a Direct Sales Company is not like a survey or multiple choice to choose from, it can be your lifetime career that is at stake. Also there are chances to earn FREE product as well as business catalogs every month for consultants. Direct selling associations may conduct marketing research or offer seminars and workshops on consumer affairs, marketing, and sales training.
In Australia, the Direct Selling Association of Australia was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Sydney. But as companies with distributors, shouldn’t we reflect that same value and opportunity for the women at the corporate level, so they can rank, advance and shine?” Belcorp USA, the company Ameli leads, believes so and proudly boasts 75 percent of managerial positions filled by women. It also blends its focus on philanthropy with its growth strategy through its non-profit arm, Belcorp Foundation. Flexibility was a priority for her and she understood how fortunate she was to have the part-time option. Isagenix associates in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand may make tax-deductible donations to Make-A-Wish to impact young lives in their own communities.
We updated it and put teeth into it, so that bad actors could be expelled from the DSA,” she says.
But the thing we have that’s missing in other companies is the people side of our business—the ability to help develop people and transform their lives. He helped pioneer both the nutritional supplement industry and the direct selling business model. It currently operates in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. But today’s party plan company, including Princess House—especially since Tang arrived—has evolved to look a little more like a network marketing company than it did a generation or two ago.
While most sales are made at parties, the Simply Stocked program adds an element of predictability to consultant commissions, making life even simpler for customers. In addition to making heavy use of social media, they use Vemma’s business app to send texts—the preferred communication method for their generation—to their contacts. In addition, Vemma monthly customer and Brand Partner enrollments reached the 30,000 mark for the first time this July. Take the Biophotonic Scanner, an innovative tool Nu Skin developed to measure blood antioxidant levels without actually taking blood—an irresistible way to pique interest in Pharmanex supplements.
For years, the company had stellar skills at retaining distributors, giving it an experienced salesforce.
C+I doesn’t want to oversaturate a given market and place merchandisers in competition with each other.
Avon is, after all, the world’s second-largest direct selling company (behind Amway) and an iconic U.S.
So we at Ishopathome suggest that you visit these companies’ pages here in our website to give you a glimpse of their profiles and products and do your own research from there.
But by proudly honoring these 20, Direct Selling News salutes every female leader—corporate or field—who strives for more, respects those who blazed the trail, and reaches out to those on the way up. It’s rare to have this harmony between your true values and what you strive for in life and what you do for a living,” she says.
Chen, using hands-on management skills learned while running the Utah medical clinic, steps into an operations role and helps create the kind of flexible, moneymaking opportunities mothers need. But access to those discounted products is available only through a membership savings package that U.S. It achieved 2011 net sales of $262 million, fueled by its approximately 200,000 independent associates in eight markets. Isagenix has helped fund the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-Child, since 2004.
In 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral™—certified to totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net-zero impact on the environment. Tang shifted the focus at Princess House to place more emphasis on recruiting, holding network marketing-style hotel opportunity meetings and training consultants to talk a bit more about the company’s earnings opportunity during parties, even as they sold its high-quality, durable products. The text may include a video of an experienced leader making a simple business presentation. In its first generation in 2003, “You almost had to move into someone’s house to do a scan,” Schwerdt jokes. When it started placing more emphasis on recruiting, its success in attracting so many new consultants changed the face of its salesforce. DSA Code of Ethics has tighter, more specific controls than the WFDSA Code of Ethics, which was constructed to serve as a model for local market DSA codes. Success in direct selling is a function of the combination of effort, ability, creativity and adaptability. Norwex provides a chemical free way of cleaning and products that clean and trap bacteria with silver infused microfiber cloths. His initial mission with Sunrider® was to make a franchise-like opportunity available to anyone without that person needing to invest millions of dollars. As the organization’s sole sponsor, Isagenix and its independent associates, customers and employees have raised nearly $3 million in support of the organization.
With the business side of the “home meeting” already in place, they can appear with their cooler of Verve products, tell their story, maybe show their new car and close the deal.
Now in its third iteration, it’s smaller and operates using an iPad and a Bluetooth connection, making it the perfect conversation starter for spontaneous one-on-one interactions. Consultants with relatively little experience needed to learn skills from the ground up—how to hold a party that results in sales, how to work with hostesses and also how to recruit. But the real news came three days later, when Avon posted a letter signed by Senior Vice President Corporate Relations and Chief Communications Officer Cheryl Heinonen and addressed to other U.S. In fact, the WFDSA code calls for companies to comply with the codes of the DSAs in the countries in which they are headquartered.
These components describe history’s great entrepreneurs, most of which began selling a product or service directly to a customer.
Princess House consultants typically recruit during individual conversations after a party, but less experienced consultants had to learn how to plant the opportunity seeds while they ran a party—a skill that can be tough to master. College students, whose needs are unique, get enrolled in a special training program called GEM, Growth and Empowerment through Merchandising. Every new merchandiser is assigned a mentor, who does everything from providing moral support to answering ad hoc questions, to connecting the new merchandiser with a like-minded community of other merchandisers.

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