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Web DevelopmentWeb development is a tedious process, but if you have the right kind of web development team, it can flourish your bottom line.
Managing events on any event management website is often rated as tedious task due to voluminous and vague data information scattered all through the website.
Ever since it was published in 2003, WordPress has enjoyed its share of popularity by receiving more than 60 million downloads. The release of HTML5 and CSS3 has made web animation as one of the hottest trends in website design for the current year.
Speed is the watch word in today’s world, where doing things quickly has become more important than doing them accurately. Pts Shopping is built with new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5. The powerful, intuitive and friendly theme control panel with all core features built-in (visual megamenu – live theme customization – compression …) helps the configuration and customization easier than ever so there’ no need to even deal with writing code, it’s designed for everyone.

Esthetically beautiful, eye-catchy, responsive web design and a fully functional web applcation–our web developers can provide a full-fleged package of these services. Given the complexity and level of management required, it gets necessary to implement a full-fledged Event Management System on the website. Its flexibility and comprehensive set up has lured everybody from TED to the NFL to TechCrunch to CNN use this amazing Content Management System. A framework that can be used to develop any kind of web-application, Yii, is specially the best for being fast and flexible. To beat the competition around, using the most popular and robust Content Management System- WordPress, is suggested by experts. Unlike everyone else in the team, web developers are usually seen putting up fires all day to juggle with development process. The theme is 100% responsive and more important, it’s optimized to make your site well performed in all devices.

The SEO optimization makes your site friendly with Search engines and help you with online marketing. This macro PHP framework comprises of great design, has a lot of functionalities, is easy to extent and easy to configure…. It comes with several popularly known e-commerce plugins and the recent arrival on the scene is Woocommerce. Existing functionality of JMeter and its provided UI allow us to simulate a load of 5 concurrent threads hitting the server with 10 and 5 ms delays. It supports multiple color themes (3 themes by default), flexible layout system to display content your way and ease of customization.

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