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Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit is lower cost package identical in editing features and performance. Include Rankings, Reviews, Side-by-Side Comparisons, Articles, Hot Topic, User guides and more. Aimersoft DVD Creator serves as the most professional DVD Burning Software which lets you burn videos to DVD easily from all popular video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, M2TS, TP, etc.
Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate combines a DRM Media Converter, DVD burner, DVD ripper, video converter, 2D to 3D converter and editing tool into one powerful program letting you conveniently manage all your video in one place. Effect: To make your video special than others, this feature lets you drag slider to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Watermark: If you want to claim the copyright of your video or simply want your video more special, this feature enables you to startup watermark by either image or text.
Transition: For a better visual effect, you can select from more than 62 different transition effects to your DVD.
Preview: The built-in player lets you preview and know exactly the editing effect whenever you make an adjustment.
DVD Creator support more than 50 different Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day menu templates as the two important Festival's coming! To enhance your DVD project, there are +32 DVD menu styles specially designed for you to personalize your disc. Customization has never been so finely taken into account; even Frame, Button and Text on menu are able to be customized at your finger tips.

To totally control your DVD menus, you may add your very own image to the menu background and add music to the menu.
Select the burning disc between D5 and D9 according to your video volume and output quality with Low video quality, high video quality and highest video quality in the main interface. Sony promises that the dozens of additional feature enhancements and performance improvements will make the upgraded Vegas Pro 12 that much stronger. There is also Color Match that quickly matches the color characteristics of different video clips, perfect for the multi-camera shoot. You can specify an area either by dragging the frame on the video or setting the crop values: Left, Top.
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