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The Predator CNC Editor is the most popular 32-bit CNC code editor available on the market. Dozens of CNC intelligent editing commands make changes to your CNC program quickly and easily.
The Predator CNC Editor includes a side by side file compare which identifies each G and M code difference and fixes them with a single click of the mouse.
Send, receive, and dripfeed to one machine at a time, via switch box or direct connection to any compatible CNC machine.
NOTE: An upgrade to our full Predator DNC product provides support for DNC networking of multiple CNC machines at the same time.
Graphically verify CNC code by quickly backplotting a wire frame model of any CNC program in a true 3D environment.

NOTE: Predator CNC Editor Enterprise licenses do not include licences for Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.
A set of PSD web elements, all of which colorful and stylish, and as a vector file, they are easy to use and apply, download is free. It includes hundreds of features to improve the day to day productivity of CNC machine tools, yet it is extremely easy to use.
In addition, editing multiple CNC programs at the same time is supported, with the ability to cut, copy, and paste between them. The Predator CNC Editor is the ideal choice for a small job shop or the largest manufacturer. Microsoft® Word compatible menus, toolbar, and shortcut keys make Predator CNC Editor easy to learn.

Should a tool break, an easy to use DNC Restart command automatically re-creates the CNC program from any point. Within the graphics window eight predefined views, zoom in, zoom out, pan and fit commands provide complete control of the process. You can make your photo cards and other photo effects without any headache, just choose an effect and click on it, then download your photo.
Copy the backplot or 3D animation to the clipboard and quickly add graphics to your setup sheets.

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