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OJOsoft Total Video Converter is your ideal Windows Media Player VOB codec to convert VOB to Windows Media Player.
On the DVD, all the content for one title set (VTS) is contiguous, but broken up into 1 GiB VOB files in the computer compatible file systems for the convenience of the various operating systems. Audio format conversion can be achieved by OJOsoft Audio Converter best, like FLAC to WAV, AAC to MP3, WAV to WMA conversion.
VOB (DVD-Video Object или Versioned Object Base) - формат файлов, используемый для хранения DVD-Video. EDIT: PLEASE NOTE - This guide is intended for people who are interested in creating entirely brand new edits. I have not been able to get a true straight answer from the video community about 23.976 calculation.
The screens may look different, but you can follow this in any Premiere Pro version 1 to 3. Because our source is 1-channel MONO, we can't mix and match it in the current set of tracks (well, you can, but it will create a brand new MONO track. I would just like to know does the avi file you created loose quality to the original DVD or is it just a reference file that links to the original vob file? Will I see any quality loss, as when i publish my home videos I record with my camcorder with cruddy software like Power producer the quality is awful.
Second, you will always go down at least 1 generation if you want to burn the file back to DVD. Oh, and depending on how you want to deliver the audio, it will either remain first generation DVD (if you keep it a way file). Also just wondering what format am I going to export the file as when done editing in Premiere, will it still just be a reference file or will it be a complete video file of it's own at this point?

Do I need to use encoding software or can I just dump that file straight to a 8GB DVD & play it in my DVD player? But, of course, if you are wanting to burn it to DVD, you will have to use whatever software supports the strict standards required for DVD authoring. Is there any reason not to just load the VOB into ReJig, (or DVDShrink) select a compression factor, and click "process"? If you want to cut sections of the video, you can use an MPEG editor rather than going through AVI and encoding back to MPEG. When exporting with no compression takes 30GB for like 10mins of footage & I don't have AVI lossless codec option, will try download.
And yes, I export a lossless AVI from Premiere, then use a second program to create the final VOB. It helps you play VOB files in Windows Media Player and can support Windows Media Player VOB files playback. VOB codec for Windows Media Player can support VOB to Windows Media Player conversion and Windows Media Player VOB format playback. VOB can contain video, audio, subtitle and menu contents multiplexed together into a stream form.
It can not only convert VOB to Windows Media Player, but also support HD file format conversion.
VOB - это мультимедийный контейнерный формат файла, основанный на MPEG-2, и способный содержать в себе несколько видео и аудио потоков. Madonna - Me Against The Music (Peter Rauhofer's Electrohouse Edit) (2003) (VOB) поставьте пожалуйста +1!Please vote for videoclip Britney Spears Feat.
Inside Premiere, if your file reads 23.98, this is wrong, and will cause audio sync issues and slipped edits.

You can choose anything, but we want to pick the proper preset that suites our video source.
Just bare with me as I'm fairly new to video editing, i've use Premiere at college putting together my showreel but when it comes to redediting DVD's it get's tricky.
Even though your timeline will want to render to DV, Premiere will always point to your original files when you export. If you cut enough, you might be able to fit the movie on a DVD with no further compression. I see the files you posted above are in vob format, do you publish back to vob after you export from Premiere? IFO file contains important navigational information, such as where a video chapter begins, where audio and subtitle streams exist within VOB file. Since the CENTER channel is mainly dialogue only, this will allow you to seperate it from any music that might be present.
The only way to change it would be to delete the file from ALL timelines, and we don't want this. So you don't have to worry about the generation loss that will ultimately happen in your rendered timeline. Madonna - Me Against The Music (Peter Rauhofer's Electrohouse Edit) (2003) (VOB) убедитесь что выбранная вами ссылка рабочая. Madonna - Me Against The Music (Peter Rauhofer's Electrohouse Edit) (2003) (VOB) по следующей за "битой" ссылке.

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