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When you are working on an HTML file in the Editor you are just one click away from seeing the results of your work - at any stage of work. Download a free trial of the fast PHP EDitor and robust Integrated Development Environment for PHP. Magicscore gives wide range of musical symbols is accessible through the program’s interface. Our IDE comes with WYSIWYG features for HTML elements and tags, full support for Dynamic Syntax Highlighting , Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting of HTML and other languages and other Editor Tools.

You can select HTML tab to see the display of the entire tree of HTML tags of your document and their attributes. You can select HTML Preview tab of the editor and see how the file will be rendered in the browser.
For ease of use, the sets of symbols that are less frequently used can be minimized and maximized when necessary.
Hot keys are a useful way to quickly switch between entering modes and the symbols added to the score.

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