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The purpose of developing a marketing strategy is to focus on target markets that present the best opportunities. The most effective marketing strategies promote the things that differentiate a company from the competition. Once you’ve identified one or more competitive advantages the next step is to identify those who will be the most interested in them. Once you’ve identified your competitive advantage and those who will be interested in the benefits it can provide the next step is to define how to tell them about it. Knowing your competitive advantage, your target market and developing an effective way to communicate your offering will not bring the desired results if you don’t determine the best way to reach your audience. Know your competitive advantage, define your target market, create your message and deliver your message the right way and you will have an effective marketing strategy. Get the latest tips and best practices for running your auto repair shop or tire shop with our monthly newsletter. For online business owners, using social media is especially vital to building your online reputation.
Ready to learn more about marketing on the world’s most popular social media platform and how to maximize your Facebook marketing strategies?
When you start marketing on Facebook, this information will help you tailor your content to a receptive audience. Treat your Facebook business page post updates like headlines — that’s what they are!
It’s essential your audience feels that they know you in order to develop trust and purchase from you. Without effectively tracking your accounting, you don’t know how well your business is performing.
Whether your dental office is in a big or small city, your online marketing efforts should use similar techniques. Potential patients often start with a search engine like Google or find reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List. Is your phone number prominently displayed on your website, without the need to scroll, squint or read?
If your office is located in a big city or competitive area, you’ll likely need to claim even more listings (citations).
Publishing a blog shows that you care about communicating with patients and keeping current with the healthcare industry.
Facebook, Twitter and other social media are valuable for customer service, prospecting and public relations. Could worries about rising health-care costs be unfounded? According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Altarum Institute, there’s been a dramatic slowdown in healthcare costs due to the economic downtown. The study found that between 2008 and 2012, spending only increased by 4.2 percent annually. The medical blogosphere has evolved to a point where doctors or dentists who ignore their personas in healthcare social media are doing themselves a disservice, according to a new book co-authored by the popular physician and blogger Dr. According to Pho, a medical professional’s failure to manage his or her presence on the web could mean losing prospective patients or even existing ones. When it comes to figuring out how to stretch a marketing budget to perform well at both attracting new patients and holding onto existing loyal ones, it’s important to know how to employ the most effective marketing techniques for your practice.
According to a 2012 survey of more than 1,300 small business and nonprofits by the online marketing service Constant Contact, three key factors — blogs, websites and social media engagement — are viewed as critical for enticing new customers while also retaining existing ones.
Should patient communications by email be considered part of normal care or a time-waster fraught with potholes? Some doctors find it saves them time and money since it prevents annoying phone tag or helps direct patients to better Google search results and information. Companies have long been preoccupied with efficiency; that is, the ratio of outputs to inputs, for example, how many wine bottles were sold relative to the cost of producing them.
People naturally tend towards what they view as the norm; for example, when hotel managers left information cards in their rooms informing guests that “75% of customers reuse towels,” the reuse rate went up over 30%. Finally, finding common ground—even superficial things like the kind of car you drive—promotes favorable outcomes in business negotiations. If you just started a blog or have a collection of published posts, check these top 5 mistakes to gauge whether your small business marketing blog is an effective marketing strategy, or an obstacle to success. Small business blog’s usually fail due to a lack of commitment, meaning not allotting the resources needed to succeed. Local business ads managed by Yellow Pages apparently offer a lower cost-per-call than Google AdWords campaigns, based on a recent report. There are multiple ways to generate online leads, including placing ads in search results, and on directory or local or theme websites. Besides local business owners wanting to control spending on advertising, a common goal is also generating more leads via phone calls because serious prospects tend to call for information and quotes before making purchases.
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Even if you do it for your own business or a client, developing a responsive opt-in email list is a main part of success online. Today’s medical professionals can attract and maintain clients with several effective online and offline marketing strategies. Whether you’re tapping into the online sphere by listing your practice on a doctor directory or reaching out to your existing client base with a direct marketing campaign, there are several ways to keep your customers engaged and interested in what you have to offer, and also continue attracting new business. When a patient is put on hold during a phone call, you can play a pre-scripted message that provides useful information about your practice.
Make sure your support staff is well-trained to handle all types of calls and inquiries, and that they are comfortable with suggesting services or asking the patient to come in for an appointment. Let patients learn more about the services that your practice is most popular for when they are sitting in the waiting area. Some patients may be comfortable tweeting or posting a status update about their visit, talking about a new treatment or linking to your blog. Maintain a small library of current information on your core services so that current and prospective patients can learn more. In-office marketing strategies can help you attract and maintain more clients over the course of the year. Contact a PracticeDock specialist to learn more about ways to market your practice effectively. This entry was posted by Sabah Karimi on April 13, 2011 at 1:46 pm, and is filled under General Information, Practice Management. Parker Kat: Honolulu plastic surgery are very helpful in enhancing the beauty of the body. October 31, 2011 by Melonie Dodaro Comments Have you been struggling to find ways to attract new customers by marketing on Twitter?  You’re not alone!   This article offers proven tips and strategies for anyone who wants to use Twitter marketing to grow their business. Social Media Marketing You’ve probably heard all the reasons your business needs social media. Social Media Strategy Social media is a wonderful tool is for attracting more leads, customers and sales for your business. LinkedIn Marketing LinkedIn is #1 business network and an absolute must if you are an entrepreneur, professional or sales person. Marketing without a defined strategy may be effective but focused marketing will always bring the best results. The offering and target market should be as specific as possible without limiting the effectiveness of the strategy. The potential reach for online businesses is astounding, and yet many business owners are not using Facebook effectively as a marketing tool.
Do it right and you’ll drive more traffic to your websites, engage more customers, build brand equity, and increase sales. This information is crucial to tracking the success of your marketing strategies (we’ll discuss measuring success with analytics a bit later on). Make sure whatever you give away on Facebook is going to be perceived as valuable to your niche audience! Luckily with Facebook ads you can specify a limit for your campaign to stick within your budget. Whether you’re offering a tip or tutorial, discussing your vacation, or promoting a product, your message will be more compelling with a visual.
Spend some time on them, and brush up on techniques copywriters use to keep people reading past the headline. Your overall Facebook marketing strategy should include posting regularly, hanging out and engaging with your audience, and always providing shareable content suited to your friends and fans.
Facebook indeed is a very useful way to build your customer list and bring the ranking for your website. Most want a nearby dentist with a solid reputation and many patients with positive experiences. Do you prompt them to do what you want on your website, blog, ad, social media page or local profile? If a quick skim of more than three seconds is required then the call is often forever lost.
Your full contact information should be available on your home and contact pages, including full address, phone number and an embedded Google map. To remind patients about your services, distribute an E-newsletter regularly with helpful tips, promotions, coupons or seasonal reminders. Brophy is a principal consultant at Web Ranking Sherpa, an online marketing company located in Fort Collins, Colo.
That’s because patients are able to log online and gauge their doctor’s level of responsiveness by reading blogs, or even decide whether the physician is right for them based on internet reviews from others. A recent survey covers a gamut of doctor and patient experiences, laying out its pros and cons related to patient care, marketing, costs and legal implications.
While it is easier to count sales dollars to costs, the ratio fails at measuring its resulting benefit or value.

Instead, it must be assessed by leaders who are adept at judging whether the desired effect was produced.
Many business owners are not aware of a blog’s potential for bringing qualified prospects to their business. The dilemma for most business owners is deciding which types of online advertising deliver leads that are effective and in sufficient volume.
As the more people you send a marketing email or newsletter, the better opportunity you have of producing more revenue. When patients visit your office for the first time or call to inquire about your services, you can present them with several options and even promote some of your services and benefits. This script can include any awards or accolades the practice has received, highlights of new services, and can also outline some of the benefits available to patients at the practice. Creating a high-quality, professional video that showcases some of your key services or highlights the staff and practice can keep your patients interested and also give them ideas for future services. You can also encourage patients to subscribe to an email newsletter or your blog feed while they wait. Offer complimentary guides or magazines to certain patients, and keep a stack of brochures and other marketing materials from the companies and manufacturers you work with.
Consider adding some of the above strategies to your marketing plan, and you may be able to attract more clients in a whole new way.
This will help you to attain success in a fastest way so that the revenue will rise more than you’ve expected. Target markets that will be most responsive to your unique service and product offerings will achieve the best results for you and your customer. Mapping your competitive advantage to prospective customers will maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. The message itself should draw attention and highlight your competitive advantage in such a way as to pique the interest of your target market. With the information you have about your target audience, do some research — then develop a marketing strategy for your online business. Facebook ads are targeted precisely to your audience, so this strategy can yield good results. Give your people what they want, and you’ll attract more interest in your online business and enjoy more success online.
Practices in large or competitive cities need a wider variety of marketing techniques and must publish more content, as compared to small or less competitive markets. When visiting your website by phone, there should be easy access to a map and directions to your office.
You usually need to add citations for your locale (newspapers and associations), industry and general directories such as review, social media and mobile websites. The value of a quality blog has increased recently due to changes Google made in its search ranking algorithm. Keywords and descriptions, however, contribute to rankings and search results, and help Google categorize your website correctly. Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools to engage with existing and prospective patients — if you wield them the right way. Those using text messages have risen from 12% to 18% between 2010 and 2012, according to CDC’s National Health Interview Survey. If so, what can you do to improve  it, so it brings more qualified leads through the front door?
If there is a product or service that you offer but your competitors don’t, you have a unique advantage.
Knowing the shopping methods your target audience uses is critical to delivering your message. The benefit of the marketing strategy must justify the anticipated costs in order to be worthwhile.
Fewer people today open a telephone book or ask friends because it’s much easier to consult a cell phone or computer that immediately makes suggestions. Their searches occur at their convenience, whether it be on the lightrail, the couch or in bed. There are many types of requests that will initiate relationships such as offering a “how to” or newsletter in exchange for their e-mail address or encouraging a response to your social media post.
Weekly or biweekly blog posts often suffice for practices in smaller cities or less competitive markets, while dentists in more competitive markets should post at least weekly. You can add followers and lift search rankings by sharing interesting articles, images and advice. Effectiveness should be evaluated based on the business’s purpose, preferences and desires relative to what management is willing to spend.

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