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Recently, Hiccup NY’s Umatter division completed a comprehensive survey to discover the impact of branded video content research. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. This study was conducted to identify the effectiveness of video presentation to students’ learning. This white paper from Hiccup reveals the survey’s findings and identifies key characteristics that were impacted by the addition of branded video content. We feature hosted white papers and E-Books, original research, and webcasts on digital marketing topics -- from advertising to analytics, SEO and PPC campaign management tools to social media management software, e-commerce to e-mail marketing, and much more about internet marketing.
This was derived due to the changes and updates the world has to offer on enhancing student’s wisdom. IntroductionLearning is the acquisition of knowledge and skills possible through systematic interaction between teachers and learners.
While this form of therapy is used in attachment based therapy with children, it is also used to increase parental sensitivity in populations with adopted children. Digital Marketing Depot is a division of Third Door Media, publisher of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, and producer of the conference series Search Marketing Expo and MarTech. Instructors and even students rely or use educative videos to learn, compare and understand concepts. It happens every day and involves teacher, learner, and methodology and materials interaction. David, Effectiveness of Video Presentation to Students’ Learning, International Journal of Nursing Science, Vol.
Effect of Video on the Teaching of Library Studies among Undergraduates in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. It was proposed that videos are effective when used to develop information literacy, using a student survey to measure the effectiveness of video lectures. Akerele, et al, 2012) [1].Technology nowadays is common among schools, offices, and to every individual, as this supports learning and helps in developing knowledge, wherein, integration is the use of technology to enhance, reiterate, present, and assess how students understand the syllabus or the program (Edutopia, 2005) [2]. Access to video can help motivate students and create a distinctive context for their learning experience. Questionnaires were administered to 224 students of Benguet State University to measure effectiveness of video presentation to student’s learning. They date back to prehistoric times when cave instructors used 16mm projectors to show cave students examples of insurance company marketing commercials in business courses (Berk, R. From the outcomes, it was found out that there is no significant difference on students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of video presentation to students’ learning when grouped according to sex. Part 5 Until recently, children who have difficulties in understanding emotion have not been examined in relation to the development and maintenance of psychopathology. Moreover, results revealed that a significant difference exists among students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of video presentation when grouped according to their academic level. Video as a change instrument in the classroom has undertaken a unique cycle of adoption over time.
Furthermore, it is revealed that the level of effectiveness of video presentation to students learning is highly effective.
Broadcast television and film were first used sparingly, primarily as out-of-the classroom forms of enrichment (A.D. Training mothers to use more emotion rich, elaborative conversation styles is beneficial to the psychological development of children. Difference in Perceptions of Effectiveness of Video Presentations among the Different Year Levels5. However, both previously reviewed studies instructed mothers to spend additional time with their children during training. Presenting the cycle in the year 1960-1970s, television films were on trend, 1980, video tapes were used, and 1990s marked booming of Two-way videoconferencing, camcorders and video CDs. In the year 2000, DVDs, streaming videos, the popularly youtube, and camera-enabled smartphones were in fashion (Zanetis, J.

From my previous series, Your first day of school will be scary, we know that anxiety disorders affect the way that mothers’ converse with their children. Teaching experiential learning: Adoption of an innovative course in an MBA marketing curriculum. Based on a true story- the incorporation of video in the classroom, it has allowed Broadmeadows students and teachers to help in broadcasting school announcements, use pre- recorded classes to overcome teacher shortages and influence Internet-based digital video to enhance self-directed learning (A. The  of this sub-series showed that  can heighten maternal sensitivity within the context of adoption. More recent research has examined the effect of video feedback on mothers with psychopathology.
This study will impart a relevant idea on how to enhance comprehension through learner control and multimedia interpretations. While this form of therapy is used in attachment based therapy with children, it is also used to increase parental sensitivity in populations with Messaggio pubblicitario Messaggio pubblicitario « PrecedenteLa percezione di un cambiamento possibile. This study will open opportunity for instructors and students to use multimedia presentations especially with the use of video- based materials to create stronger memory. Instructors and even students rely or use educative videos to learn, compare and understand concepts.2. BackgroundVideotape recorders can be used in a number of different ways to enhance teaching and learning in both large groups and small groups. Early intervention in adoptive families: Supporting maternal sensitive responsiveness, infant-mother attachment, and infant competence.
A carefully arranged video can be a good starting point for initiating student discussion of important issues in medical practice. Example includes illustrating clinical conditions, showing clinical skills, and stimulating student discussion.
When illustrating clinical conditions, it is important that students become familiar with the principle signs and symptoms of common clinical conditions. It’s also a medium for collaboration, and a language unto itself that is of universal appeal (A.D. Generally, it implies that video usage increases and enhances students’ learning.Furthermore, a study entitled, “Learning through Digital Media Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy” states that videos don’t have to be long for it to be captivating. Exploring the use of video podcasts in education: A comprehensive review of the literature. Actually, shorter segments may place greater emphasis on close viewing and resultant comprehension. Video-based materials on specially produced educational videos, documentaries, NEWS and films appear in many programs these days (R. Using on-line video clips to enhance self-efficacy toward dealing with difficult situations among nursing students.
They achieved a significantly higher percentage of involved students and their average grades increased. Another method to engage and to motivate students is showing entertainment videos (Steffes & Duverger, 2012) [9].
As Steffes and Duverger reported, showing supplementary videos within an entertainment context at the beginning of the class can be used to increase the positive mood of the students. An important issue is establishing a methodology of embedding video clips in multimedia teaching material in order to improve the learning process (Kay, 2012) [11]. The selection of appropriate video clips and methodology for their display within the teaching materials represents an important issue for curriculum design, leading to positive learning outcomes (McConville & Lane, 2006) [12]. Using appropriate teaching media and methods to organize and present only relevant information may also increase the efficiency of the self-learning process (Ruiji, 2012) [13]. Moreover, findings of the study “Effect of Video on the Teaching of Library Studies among Undergraduates in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo” revealed that when video is used in teaching, it enhances learners’ positive attitude towards the course. The effectiveness of using podcasts as teaching tools has been investigated to identify how these educational videos could be used to help with exam revision (Hill & Nelson, 2010) [14]. Hahn (2012) [15] suggests that videos are effective when used to enhance information literacy courses, using a student survey to measure the effectiveness of video lectures. Hahn’s study showed that the majority of the students found the videos useful in supporting the lectures they had participated in. Students are also comfortable using written materials, since these are often quicker and better designed, but the students who preferred written materials also used the recorded video lectures.The social learning theory of Bandura emphasizes the importance of observing and modeling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others.
Bandura (1977) [16] states, "Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. Because it encompasses attention, memory and motivation, social learning theory spans both cognitive and behavioral frameworks. Bandura's theory improves upon the strictly behavioral interpretation of modeling provided by Miller & Dollard (1941) [17].The highest level of observational learning is achieved by first organizing and rehearsing the modeled behavior symbolically and then enacting it clearly.

Molding modeled behavior into words, labels or images results to better retention than by simply observing.
Individuals are more likely to adopt a modeled behavior if it results in outcomes they value (Bandura, 1993) [18].Therefore, copying modeled behavior into words, labels or images mark better retention of ideas, concepts than by simple observation. Through the use of video- based materials retention and motivation of students are enhanced.3. Design The researcher used quantitative research specifically the descriptive design to measure the effectiveness of video presentation to student’s learning.
SamplingThe study was conducted in Benguet State University- College of Nursing, La Trinidad, Benguet, where respondents were selected. The researcher selected students currently enrolled in the College of Nursing for the school year 2014- 2015. With that, Slovin’s formula was used in identifying the number of students to be selected per year level and random sampling was used in selecting the respondents in all year level. Using Supplementary Video in Multimedia Instruction as a Teaching Tool to Increase Efficiency of Learning and Quality of Experience.
The survey tool was based on the Michigan State University- IT services: Learning Design and Technology. The effective design of supplementary video resources for postgraduate academic writing classes, academia.edu.
The second section is the survey questionnaire itself, composed of ten (10) items that embodies the concept of effectiveness of video presentations such as 3D video presentation, animations, and return demonstration video clips. Ethical ConsiderationsThe researcher personally administered and distributed the survey questionnaires to the respondents. No identifying information was recorded on the survey instruments to ensure the anonymity of each respondent.
Afterwards, the instrument was collected and consequently prepared for tabulation and analysis.Participation in the study is strictly voluntary with implied consent assumed with return of the completed survey.
Statistical TreatmentThe data were analyzed using the statistical program of Statistical Package for the Social version 20 (SPSS Inc., 2011) [19].
Descriptive statistics including arithmetic mean and standard deviation were used to identify the level of effectiveness of video presentation to students learning in the four (4) different academic levels.
In mean scores, higher scores implied the higher effectiveness of video presentations to the student’s learning and lower scores implied less effectiveness.
T-test was utilized to determine if a significant difference exists between male and female’s perceptions on the effectiveness of video presentation. Moreover, analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used in identifying the differences in students’ perceptions when grouped according to their academic levels. Results and DiscussionThis presents the results of the gathered data necessary to answer the statement of the problem. Level of Effectiveness on Using Video Presentation to Students’ Learning ProcessAs seen on Table 1, level of the effectiveness on using video presentation to students’ learning is highly effective.
In a study by Brecht and Ogilby (2008) [20] who worked on video lecture and teaching strategy found out that, students who used video were 73% of the respondents.
The high use rate suggests that students broadly accept and use video lectures as a form of computer-based instruction and as an enhancement of traditional classroom courses. On the other hand, a significant difference is also shown in level II when compared to level III, whereas, all lower levels differed significantly with the seniors, excluding level II. The results revealed that in general, perceptions of all levels differ from each other and a significant difference was observed. On the part where 1st year were compared to 4th years, shown in Table 3, a significant difference was observed. It is supported by the study of Murtaza, G., et al, 2011 [22], when it revealed that there is a significant difference between perceptions of freshmen and senior students about visual aid usage in presentation.
The results of this study indicate that the view point of freshmen and senior students about visual aid usage in presentation is different.
Moreover, it implies that freshmen perceive the use of visual aids in presentation, the degree of complexity in visuals, and text size preferred to color significantly more favorably than seniors.
It has been empirically proven that seniors and freshmen have different views regarding usage of visual aid for presentations since they belong to different levels of earning. However, no further specific studies have yet been made regarding the effectiveness of video presentation when year level is mentioned.Table 3.

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