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Enables you to record PlayStation or Xbox game play to a Mac or PC and share it with your friends and fans. The Elgato Game Capture HD enables gamers to record PlayStation or Xbox game play to a Mac or PC and share it with your friends and fans. The best way for most gamers to capture and preserve these moments are by using a game capture card. If you’re interested in streaming software head over to this page to read about viable and free options. Capture: The process of capturing live video and audio in analog composite video, RF modulated video, S-video, or digital video such as SDI (Serial Digital Interface) or HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface).
Stream: The process of transmitting or receiving data over a network as a constant, continuous flow allowing playback to proceed while subsequent data is being received.
It is important to note that the quality of the video you capture is reliant on the source you are recording from. For those of you with PS4 and Xbox One consoles, there are built in recording features in both of these consoles. There are two parts of streaming that require significant computer resources: capturing and encoding. It might sound like more trouble than it’s worth, setting up one of these capture cards. The software will enable you to display custom graphics and intros, show scoreboards, show chats, insert multiple cameras, and re-position screens and a lot more cool stuff. If you have a cutting edgeA system with a powerful GPU and CPU (AMD FX or i7 for example) youa€™re likely going to be just fine using screen recorder software to capture and record your game footage even while streaming.
Capture cards in single PC setups are pretty much completely useless unless you intend to do the encoding with the hardware encoder on the card, but the quality on anything under 200 bucks is going to be completely horrible. This is why for single system streamersa€”if you are considering a capture carda€”your money is probably better spent on a better CPU. The situation where investing in a capture card makes the most amount of sense is in those situations where individuals desire the ultimate solution: having a second PC that handles all the streaming. Initially getting this set up can take some time, but it is worth it if you plan on using it a lot. PS4 has some nifty built-in software that will record up to 15 minutes of gameplay at a time. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
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Tagged: elgato, gadgets, game capture, game capture hd, gaming, hd, playstation 3, PS3, Xbox. With so many different capture cards to choose from nowadays, my choice over which one to go with wasn’t going to be an easy one. Everything you need to get up and running straightaway (wire wise) is included, so you don’t have to rush out to the shop to get this wire or that adapter.
Secondly, you have to disconnect the device via HDMI and reconnect the Xbox directly if you wish to watch TV or anything through the console. I have not encountered a single crash or freeze up of the software as yet, and I have been using this A LOT since receiving it.
From what I have recorded so far, everything looks amazing – no noticeable stutters on the finished video or anything. I have included a short video that I had recorded literally straight after setting the device up. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment and I will answer it the best that I can. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Along with broadcasts types such as podcasting for example, video game streaming is one ofA the latest types of modern broadcasting. Obviously, therea€™s going to be a big difference between capturing N64 footage vs.A capturing gameplay from a PS4.

Even with the newest consoles, there are limitations to how much game footage you can capture and what you can do with it.
Your primary computer is the dedicated gaming machine which outputs it’s video to the capture card.
As is the case withA Sony, using a capture card lets you step outside Microsoft’s limits. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The folk over at Elgato were kind enough to send me one of their Game Capture HD devices, so that made my decision that little bit easier. This makes it easier to find select videos, rather than having to start up each one to see what it is. You would need to access the Elgato website in order to find help with any issues or hurdles that you may come across.
I can understand why you have to do this so there is no chance of being able to record TV, etc, but for someone like me who watches a lot of Sky and Netflix, it’s a bit of a pain.
As I said, you have access to your videos at a glance instead of having to remember when you recorded what. I set everything to the highest settings – very best and 1080?, just to see how my PC handled things, and also to see how the device performed. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Sometimes these are within establishedA social media platforms or on their own exclusive sites.
Additionally, quality is impacted by whether youa€™re using a high definition or standard definition connection. The better software can assist you in recording, setting up a gameplay library, and customize your Twitch channel. Big console streamers and YouTubers are still choosing to use game capture devices over the built-in software. Capturing is relatively low impact compared to the encoding process.A Game capture cards are a useful tool forA to help get these tasks done efficiently.
Capture cards may call for a more complicated setup initially, but will open the door to having more control over your recordings. For gods sake, you’re live-encoding video while playing a graphically intensive game.
The built in capture methods in OBS are already absolutely as efficient as possible, so the only way to lower streaming impact without losing quality is to build a second, dedicated streaming PC and use the capture card to grab the image from your gaming rig. This will allow you to maintain optimalA performance on your gaming PC.A This is particularly important for competitive gamers. You’ll be able to capture an unlimited amount of footage and send it to your laptop or PC where you can then use the software of your choice to stream, record, edit, etc. You can use the card to hook up to your computer to stream, record footage on the hard drive of your computer, and all that good stuff.A The Xbox One seamlessly switches HDCP mode automatically for you. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. The packaging that it arrived in was very easy on the eye, with its black, white and blue effects. The device itself was very straightforward to setup, which was an added bonus because I have had no previous experience with doing this.
Choose your preferred capture settings from the menu and click the big red Record button – it really is that simple! As soon as I started up the Xbox and had the device connected to both the console and the PC, the device starts to record the feed. The software included gives you access to the editing menu which allows you to trim down your clips, and even allows you to snip out a certain part of your gameplay. This is not something that would put me off purchasing the Elgato game Capture HD though – this is just a small issue and with most people nowadays having access to the internet, I doubt it would bother a large amount of them. Since I received the device, I have been recording non-stop, and even uploading on a more regular basis.

It is placed in line between the system and the TV and uses a single cable, and then uses a USB port to connect to the Mac or PC.
They help you share your in-game plays, set up a stream, create a YouTube Channel, build a library of video clips, and much more. Obviously Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch comes to mind for most of us, but there are tons of others out there. These capture devices help gamersA achieve their goals by providing themA with a variety of broadcasting and recording options. It may also assistA you in recording voice commentary along with the in-game footage when producingA videos. This is because they need more options and freedomA than what Sony and Microsoft is offering. But using one and the powerful streaming software alongside it is the best way to turn heads. When you get into the realm of broadcasting, recording, encoding, capturing, and all the other technical language thingsA can get complicated. GamersA who needA to play at a competitive FPS rate, capture & record, AND stream simultaneously. For those of you with lower-end systems (or very concerned about game performance) you have two options.
Consequently, the gaming PC is not affected by the heavy CPU-intensive encoding tasks when streaming. What you dona€™t want to do is record movies because the FBI will track you down and possibly shoot you (and you wona€™t re-spawn). If you are ever in game and something totally amazing happens and you have forgotten to hit that red button, you can buffer back through the past 60 minutes worth of gameplay and grab the goodness that you thought you had missed – amazing, right?!? Just choose where you want it to begin, choose where you want it to end, and hit the snip button. Being able to send your video to YouTube or straight to Facebook is great, as well as being able to just download straight to your PC or Apple device.
If you are looking to start or continue recording gameplay, then you need to have this device by your side as you do it. Included software facilitates recording, and allows time-shifting to retroactively record video. In turn,A those mad killing sprees, dirty no-scope trick shots, penta-kills, and hilarious moments hold more value than ever before. This will help you maintain a stable fps rate even when playing, recording, and streaming at the same time. WhenA watching a movie orA using a video service such as Netflix, HDCP is enabled to protect video content. This is because recording and compression work is done by the capture card and second computer,A not by the main gamingA computera€™s CPU.
Included Elgato Game Capture HD software allows quick editing and then transfer to other video editing programs. Some creative gamers willA even do cool editing and whatnot, then upload the finished video to sites like YouTube. This lowers your primary computera€™s load, focusing all its resources on the game youa€™re playing. If you’re looking to do some serious recording, it is going to be a pain in the ass stringing together 5 minute videos.
They then use this platform to provide game walk-through videos, gameplay highlights, game reviews, and other creative content.A If you want to learn the ins-and-outs of capture cards, read on. Obviously, having a game capture card will enable you to sidestep much of this hassle and give you more versatility when managing your gameplay footage.

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