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Here are some basic rules to help setup a successful B2B email marketing campaign for maximizing the ROI. To sum it up, email marketing isn’t rocket science, but its not that straightforward either. The important factor to remember when building your email list is to give your target market an invaluable offer in exchange for their contact information. You see, with inbound marketing, you are attracting a specific group of people who are already looking for what you have using platforms such as social media, content marketing (blogging, article marketing), and video marketing, to name a few.
Below are five “bait” ideas you can use to increase your opt-in conversions for your email marketing. Another suggestion is offering an extended training series on how you do something in your business that will help shorten your markets’ learning curve OR solves a problem within your niche.
When you share information that could potentially come with a price tag (yet, you’re giving it away for free), there’s an increased likelihood that when it’s time for you to promote a special, they will jump on it. This idea is similar to the eBook, yet with a specific purpose.  Reflect on the important decisions your prospect must consider prior to making a final buying commitment.
I am constantly impressed by Design By Friday’s creativity, especially because in my computer software business, the artwork has to convey messages that are abstract. Target Audience and Messaging – Get your audience profile bang on, who is that your are really targeting – Get to know their interests and possible actions. Define your metrics upfront – Follow the industry standards, but by all means set your own benchmarks if required.
Automate and Analyze – Use marketing automation solutions to automate your campaigns this automatically gives you access to reporting dashboards to analyze results. If you are not effectively using email marketing as a tool, then no matter how great a company your are or how great your product is, you are like to stand still not make much progress.

When you show up during their search, you want to be ready by giving value and sharing a gift. If you have a topic that exceeds 600+ words, consider converting that into an eBook instead.  Diteba Research Laboratories implemented this idea and soon they saw a 3x increase in conversion rate. Why not record one that will be useful for your target audience and give that as your offer? This could be in the form of videos (highly suggested) or just an email series your leads will receive for their first 5 days. Perhaps as a marketer you could share “the 6 most important things to do in your next blog post” checklist. Five effective tips that will help improve your email marketing conversion rates while generating quality leads for your business. Email marketing campaigns are actually very important components of every B2B companies marketing strategy.
Design the messaging to suit the TA, customize it to your target audience preference – remember emails are not for mere communication but conversations and messaging. While the usual metrics are important, but go beyond the usual and explore all possible information available. Deploy your campaign at different times, tweak your communications, change your CTAs slightly.
Most automation platforms or solutions present results in formats which are understandable to everyone in very quick time too. The only way to pull your audience into your email marketing campaign is to provide them with an offer, or free gift, they can use that will solve a problem.
You can share immense value in just a few pages that starts the relationship building process with your new subscriber through an email marketing campaign strategy.

Because if your free stuff was good, just imagine the type of value you’re offering with the paid. Put this information into a step by step guide that showcases your company’s awareness and understanding of the issues, while offering the solution.
Sticking to an email marketing campaign strategy will help you attracts potential clients in to view more of your content. A large percentage of marketers will say that email marketing delivers a good ROI, and most CMOs will say ROI should be primary measurement of effectiveness. Look at ways to starting a dialogue and engage your target audience with relevant and meaningful content.
Check subject lines to avoid landing in the spam folder of your recipient, proof read your copy to avoid typos and spam triggers. The importance of analyzing your campaign effective is obvious as it helps you ascertain if your campaign is indeed achieving any ROI. Do not run a one off campaign and let the relationship with your prospects fall apart post that. But, what email marketing also does is solidify relationships and forge new ones and they also help gather data. In spite of its importance, many marketers still continue to make basic mistakes or fail in their campaigns effectiveness – more often than not it is only a basic lapse in planning.

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